Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, May 15m 2006. 1:37 pm.

I'm back in writing mode. How did the meet go? It was a party!!! We have gotten such TREMENDOUS response from lifters and spectators alike. I want our meets to be the ones that everybody wants to lift in. I love powerlifting, I love the lifters, I want them to have a good time, have fun, be happy, it is conducive to great lifting!!
I totalled a 1080 a 425 but missed my 455 squat, that was ok, got a 255 but missed my 275 bench, that was NOT ok, pulled a 400 deadlift - with some might left over, mind you. For being 45 years old, running a meet at the same time I was lifting, and only getting an hour and twenty minutes of sleep (Jack Daniels induced at that), I'd say that was MORE than decent. I am the Power Goddess...Rate me PG. (And I got to wear my leopard singlet!!!)
I am scrapping the bodybuilding plans until I total a 1200 RAW...that can occur at my next meet, if I can pick up a dictionary somewhere with the word RELAX in it. End of July, perhaps??? Will I be able to stand myself with a 12% bodyfat level during summer months??I'll have to.
I went to the chiro today, because I was so painfully jammed up all weekend. I always get bad on Fridays, and have to suffer through to Monday. My right forearm is screwed, I couldn't even pick up the 30lb. dumbell on Friday. What gives with that? Hopefully the adjustment will help, but I believe part of it is "Computer Forearm"
Legs happen tonight. I have no perception as to how things will go, so I'll let it flow and let you know...