Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back in the Zone

Today is the day I have been yearning now for a long, long, looong time - I am back in "the zone"...for powerlifting.
It's not as simple as saying, ok - I'm no longer the bodybuilder I'll be a powerlifter.
I spent a year concentrating on bb, then I had 4 weeks + of contest prep - losing 17 pounds...yes, too much in such a short period of time. I had to let my body recoup. And to top that off, all the friggin' typical daily stress has been compounded lately. Without detail, being a Realtor is harder than normal these days for sooo many reasons. I also produced the power meet, even though I love doing that, there were stress factors there - certain unecessary hurdles but I did happen to jump overall. Then the worst part - I had a severe bout of insomnia for almost three weeks. I've slept for three nights in a row now without "aid", and I gather it will take a couple of more nights before I feel "corrected" again. Nothing is worse than sleep deprivation, and unfortunaately I have suffered way too much of it during the course of my life. It is debilitating.

I did deadlift the other night, and it went well, nothing to complain about. I was still hanging at 159 - 160
lbs. weight wise, and pulled a 315 for 10. Not my absolute best, but that WILL come back and more.
Today was squats - and I was in the zone. My strength was good, though my technique was/is a little rusty, or maybe I should say my steadiness under the bar is a little off. My depth is hitting better than ever. I did 315 x 7 and 335 x4 twice...still not getting the last rep in, as I typically don't, but I'm ok with that. And I have a great workout partner - GW - he keeps me motivated and he also lets me gloat or rant when I need to...Thanks, George!
The BEST news is: NO LEG PAIN TODAY!!!! I'm determined to stay around 160 for my high-end weight forevermore. I can't perform when i am bigger, and it hurts to boot. Besides, I don't feel comfortable bigger. I'm still eating relatively clean, and am still quite lean. I like this look and how I feel physically.

That's it in a nutshell - will be more detailed as time goes on. So good to be back in the swing of things... I just adore hoisting big iron around, really, I do.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sleepless in Delaware

No, I haven't been updating my journal much - there just hasn't been much training going on here.
I took this week off as a de-load week, and I have been suffering through insomnia this week. I swear I'd rather have the flu. I suffer through this horrible plague off and on, it's been an ongoing curse throughout all my life.
But I am hopeful to be able to start elaborating on my training once again next week.
The bodybuilding workouts weren't all that much fun to pick apart and talk about. It seems I have not had a good powerful training session in months -

My powerlifting meet, the APA Delaware Power Classic went off in style last weekend. There were about 25 lifters, all with high spirits and energy and great lifting! The crew that helped me out were invaluable - priceless - golden! And of course the crew at The Training Center - my eternal gratitude.
Again, I was blessed. I also have to thank my sponsors - APT Prowriststraps, Species Nutrition, At Large Nutrition, and House of Pain. I believe everyone had a blast - I sure did!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where is Kate????

OK- the longer I put this off the harder it here is my announcement. I've wrestled with this on and off for quite some time, but the past few weeks I just had to come to grips with this -

I am NOT doing the Masters Nationals this year. There are, in reality, several reasons, but let's just go with the most important one - my heart wasn't into it. My heart is on the lifting platform. I spent the last year focusing primarily on bodybuilding. I went 4 1/2 weeks into official contest prep mode, lost 17 pounds, ordered my suits, picked a song to pose to - but it just wasn't happening deep in my soul....
I made the final decision a week ago, but thought that I would be probably be changing my mind, (again) or at least feel regretful in some way. But no- I feel less so much less burdended. I feel I made the absolute right decision. I feel very HAPPY, almost ecstatic I made this decision. It is like finding an old friend you have missed for awhile because you had to go away. Powerlifting is a whole different mind set than bodybuilding. One I am more mentally suited for, and more physically suited for, indeed.

I do have some ground to make up for from following a different plan over the past year, but I'll get it back - I guarantee you. I am not considering this a waste of time. I have learned many things over the past year, mentally as well as physicaly. There have been some lows, but my spirit prevails and I squeeze out what I can to take a lesson out of everything to continue on to better things. Of course there were some highs, too!

I still have some whittling back down in size to do because of the Compartment Syndrome in my legs - it has lessened to a certain degree now that I weigh 160. The searing pain is gone, but as last night's squatting proved - there is still a major tightness, very uncomfortable, still soreness,running along my outer thighs. You may see me back in the 148's next year. Whatever the case - you will see me on the platform. And I believe I know when the next time will be already ----but I'll wait a few more weeks before announcing that.

Delaware Power Classic is this coming Saturday - I am so psyched up! It is going to be another great event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic group of people coming together to lift, to help spot/load, judge, everything looks just right for a good day at The Training Center to heave around some iron. Or, as my son Slater puts it, picking up heavy random bars with big circles on the end.