Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 01

Time is just slipping, not even flying.
Training has been absolutely right on track, with the exception of re-twinging my knee (yes I made up that word). My chiro says it feels strong, but the meniscus tells me other things.. :(. I did squat an easy 440 a couple of weeks ago, but then silly me I went and did a set of roman chair squats...not a good idea to do after squatting. So I'm resting my knee.
I had to change my foot placement because of the knee pain, but, lo and behold, putting my feet back the way they used to be proves to give me more stability, hence more TORQUE! So I benched a 300 the other night, on a tired and lazy night. Went up good, but GW says I am still sinking wayyyyy to deep in my chest. So he says to do one more. OK, I'm game, let me go to the ladies room first. Whilst I am gone he sneaks 5 more pounds on the bar, 305. Didnt tell me.
I concentrated on touching and not sinking the bar, and it went up easy as pie,mooth as silk, pretty as a bench can be.... coulda woulda done another rep, but I'm saving my energy for..... :)