Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Flu

We figured out why I was having some problems drying out for the Masters - I was in the beginning stages of this horrible stomach flu that is now kicking my butt!!! Oh my God, do I feel retched. We were passing the tight fluttery stomach and constipation off to nerves and stress, but no, it was and is definitely the stomach flu. I guess if I'm going to get sick it's best to get it when I am on mandatory rest duty anyway. This will make sure that I do rest and stay out of the gym. Good thing I was able to stave off the major wrath of it until now, and good thing I didn't plan to go on to the USA, where I hear Michelle Neill is kicking butt - go girl!!!
Powerlifting USA- July edition. Thanks Scott Taylor, APA president, for saying such nice things about me. The picture on page 83 is me making a very sour face for having missed my benches - I only got my opening lifts that day. 'twas not a good day for me that day on the platform. I had big plans, but it wasnot to be that day. Plus, I would never wear a blue belt with a purple singlet!!!! The lever on my belt broke moments before the meet began, and I had to borrow my friends belt, who was lifting that day, but it was one hole size too large.
Also the write up on page 88 on the APF Delaware Power Classic (my meet) looks great! I am so proud of the evolution of that meet.
The 2006 Women's Top 20 lists are posted in the July issue, also. In the 165 class I made 13th highest squat, 15th highest Total, just missed making the bench and dead lists by 4 and 5 pounds respectively.
In the 148's I tied 11th in the squat, 9th in the bench, 14th in the dead and 9th Total.
But remember boys and girls, I'm on the lists mixed in with geared lifters, some wearing up to 5 layers of canvas, whilst I performed my lifts raw - I don't see where any raw lifters are placed ahead of any of my lifts, they are all geared lifts, except Julie Scanlon's 275 raw bench. To be fair, they did omit her raw NERB Total, probably just by mistake of 425 sq, 305 bench, and 420 dead. Julie Scanlon is awesome, and I'll give her credit anytime, after all she is one of the best, a very nice lady, and one of my favorite female powerlifters.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Awards Ceremony

Here is the ceremony presentation for the 2007 NPC Masters Nationals Tom Nine Screwed Award, presented to me by photographers Gene X and James Cook!
It's never felt so good to be screwed!!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

After the Show Crash and Burn

I knew as soon as I stopped moving I would be hurting, and I am. I'm still in the "running on empty" stage. I'd kill myself doing back to back shows as some of the women are going straight into the USA. I am physically fried...of course, I was moving into that state for quite awhile before the show. I am now feeling the physical wrath of moving so fast for so long.

OK, the was a well run event, and it is a great venue to have an event such as that.
My opinion on the placings....hmmm...yes, there were a few "WTF" placings in the show, and obviously in my division. I just simply can't elaborate because I don't feel it is right for me to say what might be construed as mean or humiliating things about people in a public forum such as this. Pictures can be found on and . If you go to GeneX Magazine, you can read that I actually did receive an unofficial award, presened to me by some of the photographers - The first "Tom Nine Screwed Award". Most of us will always think that we should have placed higher in a competition (unless, of course, we win). I went in with the attitude knowing that the judges would probably ignore me like they usually do, so I was able to focus on other things, such as having a good time. However, it feels really good to know that I was appreciated by the photographers, the fans, other competitors. I have been told by many that 3-5 was realistic, and even a few 2nds, but I won't try to give myself too much in the way of undeserved glory. I regard the photographers' opinions pretty highly, as they go to all of the big shows and work with most of the top women. To have the honor of the TNS award I accept with my head held up very high and proud. However, I will gladly pass it along to someone else next time!!!!

My dear friend Jack Osborne only made it to tenth in the Men's Over 40 Heavyweights. But it was great to see Jack set foot up onstage again! He had some health problems over the past couple of years (almost died twice!). It was even a very last minute decision for him to compete. I hope he focuses on training for the show again next year, because he can be a major force to contend with in the line up! It was great to spend a little time with he and his wife, Chrissy. They own the Training Center in New Castle, Delaware.
I've spoken to quite a few who thought Laurie Larson should have placed higher, too.
I really like her. On Sunday she had road atlas veins poking through all over her legs. If she can bring the Sunday look she had to the Saturday show next time,
You would think it would have been really easy to find a good steak around the Pittsburgh area, but it took three restaurant tries before I found one, and then it was just OK. But during the restaurant hopping we were able to bump into Marlene Churchill-Wolverton and her husband, Freddy. They sat down with B and I and we really enjoyed spending some time with them. I really like her look, and was happy to see her place in the top 5.
I enjoyed working with all of the photographers - Bill Jentz, John Napfliotis, James Cook, Gene X, Tom Nine, Annie Rivvieccio, and Dan Ray. I especially liked Dan Ray's creativity. They all bring something to the table, and they all added an element of enjoyment to my trip.
Of course, I wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for B - Broderick Chavez, the Evil Genius.
He has had me step onstage every show he has prepped me for in exactly the shape we predetermine. (too bad we can't predetermine the judges actions). He encourages me, helps me - he got his weekend workout following me around during all of the photoshoots with all of my bags and apparatus- has helped my confidence grow to where I actually believe in myself.
Thank you, Evil Genius -
Time to hang up the posing suit until next year. I will be in powerlifter mode again starting next week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Masters Nationals weekend

I arrived back home about two hours ago, and heck, am I literally drained down to zero battery power! I started at about 700 mph at the beginning of last week getting ready for the trip, escalated up to around 1500 mph when we arrived in Pittsburgh, and just kept amping up from there!

We had a BLAST! Pittsburgh is even better now than I remember it when I lived and went to school there back in 1981.

Anyhooooo - I have alot to say and tell, but I am literally depleted, worn out, drained, exhausted... I'll get to a longer post perhaps tomorrow.
I just wanted to congratulate Debbie Bramwell one more time on her well deserved accomplishment in winning her pro card. I told her directly, and I truly believe no one will be a better positive representative for the sport of bodybuilding than she. She is just a true gem of a person, and she would be a shining star in anything she choses to do, not just bodybuilding.

My first national contest was the 2005 USA, and I just happened to be placed in line and on stage next to Debbie. I had only been training for a year and a half total, and many times the thought of "what the Hell am I thinking being here on stage with these seasoned competitors?"crossed my mind, but Debbie was a big factor in making me feel more relaxed and made the experience for me so much more positive. I saw her do the same thing for a sweet pretty figure girl doing her first show this weekend. What a heart!
Then there is Debbie's physique! I was honored to be the one to oil her up for pre-judging, and YES! those glutes are as hard as they look! She puts her heart and soul into the sport. I wish her well in every future competiton she does, and I also wish her well in everything else she does!
A beautiful lady - inside and out!
Oh - me, I placed 7th out of 12 competitors... I'm really not sure if the judges just ignore me, or I actually confuse them. I'll elaborate in the next post.
ALSO - I hope Michelle Neill gets her due at the USA next weekend. She was in tremendous shape...I looked at her, looked at Debbie, and decided I wasn't even going to do my own comparisons. I only got to talk to Michelle a couple of times briefly, but she seems to be such a genuinely sweet, nice and extremely pretty lady - and my God, what conditioning! Knock em' dead next week, Michelle!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I have but a few moments to spare this morning before I go into whirlwind mode once again. I've been whirling all week, wow, so many things to do to prep for a bodybuilding show!

My friend Lisa Scott (Lisa Lindsay to many ) came over the night before I left and finished up some terrific outfits for my photoshoots! Thank you forever, Lisa - so talented and creative.

It was a lovely drive to get here. Takes about 6 hours through very scenic countryside.
We arrived in Pittsburgh about 3:30 and had to leave the hotel at 4:30 to go to weigh-ins.

Weigh-ins rans smoothly and quickly, thank goodness. I spent some time talking with Debbie Baker from Dallas, who seems like a wonderful and very genuine lady!

I hear the awesome Jack Osborne is competing!!!! I did not see him last night, however. Jack is a dear friend, however I have never seen him compete. He has had some health problems in the past few yesr, but I hear he is in A1 shape for this show. I can't wait to see him!

Debbie Bramwell looks incredible, as she usually does!

I weighed in at 150 - 2-3 pounds less than originally anticipated. B thinks I'll be stepping onstage around 154.

Took some photos yesterday - here is a group of girls, I don't even know where they are from.
They all came running out of Hard Rock Cafe to get their picture taken with me! They were so cute!

I was wishing I was as hard as this woman!

OK, gotta getta move on!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Posing Practice

Pictures from posing practice this morning. My routine - I'm pretty happy with it. I said in a prior post that I wasn't creative, but that's not necessarily true. However,I can be a clumsy oaf, so I have to tone down any movement that might give me a chance to trip over my own feet....really.

My hair is looking its most muscular self these days, dontcha think? Yes it's my own real ball of fur atop my head.

My left arm always wants to stick out further and higher than my right. I think that comes from years of the hip and spine being misaligned....either that or I'm just friggin' crooked. Now all you people who will be at the Masters will be looking at my arm to see if it is sticking out crooked or not.
I hope it is not, but it probably will be

11 weeks is a long time.
But only 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I had to go back on my diet again yesterday - I was eating ALOT at the beginning of the week.
I thought I'd post a few progress pics that weren't of the standard norm!

Taken 2 weeks and 2 days out from the Masters - one of my more prominant bodyparts!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some thoughts on my physique...

I had a good time running around stark naked in the woods with two men the other day!! Here is Kevin Fleming shooting me. It was on the verge of a downpour all afternoon, however we were able to escape the wrath of the storms, which were pretty wicked in surrounding areas. I had to spray a host of bug spray to keep the 'skeeters and horseflies off of me! The aroma of OFF mixed with ProTan is definitely not a sweet one.

The low diffuse lighting lent itself to the mood...we got alot of FANTASTIC images, and I can't wait to post some of them in my Members Section! Very artsy, and very naked! :)

We went into the studio the next morning, and shot some more.
Here is my two cents worth about my physique - when I don't flex, yes, there is muscle, but I do not wear it in a "muscular" fashion...sometimes it is not until I flex where some people actually realize that I have as much muscel. My physique is structured so that I could probably weigh in at 200 pounds and still not look as "muscular" as some women at 150. It is a curvy, athletic, feminine physique. Probably one of the more "marketable" physiques. However, onstage, I think that the judges will once again "miss" me, because of that fact. I can flex and hold my own, but they do their very first initial assessments from the quarter turns, and I'm not sure I look muscular enough. My arms are smaller in proportion to my torso than most national level female bodybuilders, not that I think that is bad, I think it looks more proportionate and more "feminine", but it is not what the judges are used to seeing, or liking. Heck, all dieted down right now unpumped they measure 15 and a half! My abs are of a different breed than most - they aren't the big, overdeveloped turtle shell looking abs that the judges are used to seeing and rewarding. Of course, I like mine, and I'm not changing them. It makes my waist look smaller. Then they'll look at my back and probably say it is "overdeveloped"...HAH!!! My legs have size to them, but because of the "athletic" shape to them, they don't appear as big as some legs, but they are.

To sum this up - I doubt that the judges will ever place me high. So be it. If I could change it, and heck, we all know that I could change it if I really, really wanted to, but I won't. Because, after all, I am female, I am a woman, and I think I have a perfect blend of what I perceive women's bodybuilding to be. But my opinion doesn't count on stage.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I trained legs on a Sunday, yesterday, due to the fact that I have a photoshoot on Tuesday, and we are doing a "run through" prior to the show, for the shoot, and training them yesterday was the only solution, unless I didn't do them at all...that was not an option!
These pics were shot immediately after training legs, so I was not as sharp as prior to, and I was pretty much on the verge of falling over, having used up all of my energy reserves, mind you!!

The Nautilus Duo Squat is currently my favorite leg movement. We are still doing pre-exaustion because I'm still weak as a kitten (purrrrrr).
Tuesday I have a photo shoot with two photographers at the same time!!! One of them being the world famous Kevin Fleming. He has won numerous awards worldwide, covers of Newsweek, National Geographic, etc., people pay multiple thousands of dollars for his work, so having the opportunity to spend several hours having him shoot lil' ol me is an honor!
Yes, a "run through". I will be tightening up and hardening up considerably these next two weeks. I have to eat a ton of food these next few days - I was 150 yesterday, that being my lowest as I still expect to weigh in around 152-153. I am halfway tempted to break out the Little Debbies, but I will save those until after the show. I did buy myself a box of Zebra Cakes to take with me - they are packed already (the only thing that is thus far!!!)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

2 weeks

Let's get it over with!!!! :) Yes, I'm ready - I'm lean enough, now it is just the finer details to be worked out.

I really don't feel like I'm training unless I am training at heavy weight maxes, but I guess my training is still effective, because my traps are very sore today., and I couldn't give you a clue as to why they are so sore, except maybe that there isn't enough recovery food being ingested.

I did eat "normally" a couple of days this week, but my "normal" eating is always so clean it would make you sick. I'm hanging in the 151 +/- range, and will most likely increase a few pounds in the next coming weeks if our plan pans out properly, and I would certainly bet the bank that it will.

The Evil Genius actually froths at the mouth as he sits and calculates and analyzes and maps out my plan. He's extreme, but hey, I am at this stage of the game because of him. I always say - I'm the carpenter, but he is the architect. I just follow blue prints well.

Because you asked for them - I did find a couple of blade throwing pictures. They are obviously a few years old, because - look how skinny I am!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Good thing I am on a diet, or I might be complaining that I was sitting here all alone with nary a place to go for the holiday - no BBQ's, no Happy Hours...actually, my downstairs neighbors have a garage that they have turned into a Tiki Bar - they have the grill for bbq fired up, they always have an open invitation for all of the neighbors. It's open, and they are serving! It's way cool.
I may go to the movies. There are loads of fireworks around here, but heck - the crowds!!! I live in a resort, and summer holidays are atrocious! Perhaps a scary movie at the theater is in order...I haven't been to a scary movie in ages. Alone, of course... :( :( :( I should go to the one theater that doesn't serve popcorn, because if I smell the popcorn, it is all over!!!
Actually, I am at my lean point today, I do believe, so I'm eating regular today. I have to carefully consider getting any leaner than this, as that will take away from the roundness and fullness that I have worked so hard these past 6 months to create. I am already feeling stick-like, and I think that staying the course at this point, and just manipulating the water out of my system is the way to go for me to step on stage. I don't feel big and muscular at all. I feel very curvy, and feminine, and ok, I admit, quite sexy...(did I say that?) ooohhhh...

My strength is still down, but that's ok, as long as I can acknowledge that it is from lack of fuel and this long drawn out diet that seems like it is never going to end...I've been on it forever, or so it seems....

Sometimes I get asked what else I do for fun... not that there is much time for other activities, but sometimes I do get out and go target shooting with my busines partner / friend Jody, who is THE firearms expert and enthusiast. I have a 9mm (German Makarov) and a 45 (Bersa sub compact). Me thinks its time for some target practice. I'm a pretty darned good shot, if I do say so myself. I also like to practice throwing knives, but I pretty much suck at that. I have a small compilation of knives and swords, the focus mostly on interesting switchblades. Big shiny blades mesmerize me...HAH! I don't have any very recent pictures of me shooting, but here are two from about three years ago -