Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hang in There

My website is still in process of transition. I imagine it will be a few more days until the kinks get all worked out. The Members' Section is almost ready to launch, too! So yunz all hang in there (you Pittsburgh area people know that word).

I didn't make any postings last week becuase my site has been down, although you can
access my blog from www.DE-APF.com.

Last week B wasn't around, but I didn't really have to venture out all alone. Monday I did train alone, but I went down to Rehoboth Gold's, and my darling Jump Rope helped me out whilst I squatted. I call him Jump Rope because before I knew his name I noted that he always began his training sessions by jumping rope for 5 or 10 minutes. Jump Rope is about 5'5, 150 pounds, and strong as Heck!!!! If he spent some time training with us, or anyone for that matter, learning technique, he'd be incredible, naturally. Jump Rope volunteered to wrap my knees for squatting after I told him I never wrapped my own knees before...so I STILL haven't ever wrapped my own knees. Isn't that scary? I've wrapped B's twice - once in practice and once in the gym. At least I can wrap my own wrists... still the princess. I AM capable of really putting forth and working hard on my own, and I did just that. I didn't squat terribly heavy, 365 for 5, just enough to keep in practice. Lots of tension and pain...it was good, but I did miss B.

Wednesday George Wilson came to work out with us, but as I was solo, he kind of just wound up helping me out, which was really sweet of him. George has won many powerlifting events. He won the Delaware Senior Olympics last year, with a 450 bench, I believe. George is 55 or 56, but he looks great. And he's handsome. I benched 275 for 5 pauses, then 315 for 1 pause... could have done 2, but we planned a 335 pause, unnfortunately - nope. I tried to put myself in George's mode, didn't work. I did get it halfway up. I guess the rotation, or forgetting the rotation, was the problem here. He helped me out for the rest of chest, then exited.
I finished with delts, and tri's, and got a big swole on!

Friday Bill Jentz (Women's Physique World) came to town. He was on his way to Ocean City, MD, so he stopped in to train with me on the way down...mostly he followed me around and videoed me. He did try some dumbell rowing, and some barbell curling. It was so much fun. I like Bill very much. I deadlifted, nothing remarkable, up to 395, which came up notedly easy, I should have put 20 more pounds on the bar, it still would have been easy. I seem to be stuck at doing one heavy rep on the deadlift though, easy or not easy, then I get tired and peter out. Moved on to dumbell rows. Bill thought 150 for 12 was exceptional...I thought it was eveyday dumbell rowing. I'm hoping to get up to The Training Center this Friday and rep with the 180's...it's hard to find a gym with big dumbells - what gives? Strong people need their nourishment, too. Bill repped a 135 for 5 in the barbell curl. We went to DogfishHead and had steak and wine and ale.

Last night, Monday night, B returned! We "backed off'"...because it's my "back off" week...We remembered to do hamstrings first, which I forgot to do last week.
My hip was so jammed up. I went to the chiropractor, but he couldn't budge me much - thank God B knows a bit about the human structure. he grabbed on me, pushed on me, manuevered me and mangled me. He managed to unjam me enough so I am not in constant pain at this time.
My right hip just jams up on me, and my whole right side gets pained, from my neck down to my toes. Ever since I slipped a disc five years ago, it's been trouble and pain. The chiropractor wants to unjam the spine, but B says unless the hip is aligned, the back isn't goingt to work it out. B is right so often it is scary. I am glad he is back. Though I had a good week and enjoyed my time with fresh faces, I missed him.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Power Benching!!!

I was on fire! Since I didn't bench on Saturday, and last week was an abbreviated workout, heck, I sure should have been ready to bench press. My forearms were sore from Monday (the only thing I can figure was from wrapping "B's knees", so I figured if I bombed there was my excuse.

I warmed up relatively quickly last night. I was in a relaxed mode, too ( I used the "R" word!) . 275 was my first set. I did it very determinidly (is that a word?). Since my forearms were sore, I had to really focus on tightening my chest, and that made all of the difference in the world. I forgot to put my wraps on, and B stopped me short of expending my energy. I did four pauses. He saw my mode and popped three wheels (I love saying that!) on each side, and told me that I was going to pause. This was my goal for my meet in April. Was I ready for this so soon? Heck yeah! Not one, but two PAUSE reps at 315! I even impressed myself. So what then, on my next set??? 335, of course. Not pause reps, but touch and go, becuse, heck, it is a whole bunch of weight. Two reps,all mine...

So, the question is, can I bring that to a meet without choking? My technique is much better than last year, so much better, maybe not completely flawless, but certainly golden technique these days, if I do say so myself. I even have a small arch going on. OK, truth be told, it's the magic shoes. Shoes can make a heck of a difference, yes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rediscovering hams

Up until several months ago, we always trained our hamstrings first on leg day. I'm not even sure when we dropped the habit. Even before performing big squats, hamstrings always came first. I always found that this helped me feel supported - to know that my legs were actually down there to hold me up. Even if we fried them with 3 or 4 all out sets of leg curls or whatever, "feeling" the hammies always seemed to help me in the squat.
Somehow we fell out of the practice and I even forgot that we did that. I have been wondering what the heck has been going on in my squat, and as soon as Broderick suggested we start doing the hammies first again, I knew that was it. We started doing this again last night. I did not squat, I leg pressed, but yes indeed! That was the ticket -
We went to The Training Center, hadn't been there in about a month. It feels good to be back. Leg training anywhere else just is not the same. Leg presses up to 1290 for 3...knees to chest, none of those partial movements some people call reps.
I have to find myself a powerlifting meet to do within the next month. I'm not even going to "prep" for one, just go do one, to make up for missing Henri Skiba's meet on Saturday.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

missed it

The Jersey Iron meet - I was all packed by Friday morning, I was ready to roll. Sometimes things just don't work out the way you had planned. A misfortunate incident occurred -
It wasn't me that it happened to. I am fine. Broderick had an MRI on Friday. Apparently he is severely allergic to whatever the stuff is that they give you before the MRI. He was violently ill.
Had we any inkling that I would have missed the meet, I would have driven myself up on Friday, but by Saturday morning it was all but too late. I can't drive long distances and perform without resting my back - y'all have to remember I have an "angry" back. That's the short version of the story.
I really wanted to compete in Henri Skiba's meet, because he is a truly super guy with a heart as big as the sun. I hope his meet was successful, and I have the opportunity once again to compete in a meet that he produces.

OK, so enough whining and wimpering. What can I do but plug on for the next one....

I did go to the gym, and deadlift. I pulled 400 very easily, which makes me believe that I could have pulled 420 in meet conditions. I took my time yesterday, trained hard but was laid back about it, rather than my usual tense self. Maybe it was because I was in a bummed mood that I did not have my usual mode going. But, I will be all that much better for the next meet...no injuries, lots of rest, loads of enthusiasm. I'll be there.

Friday, January 12, 2007

bloggy posting

I AM still working on getting the Member's Section up and running

My eyes are bugging out from staring at the computer editing pictures Hopefully it will be ready next week!

The red dress shoot was last weekend. It was unusually warm - 75 degrees give or take. A perfect day for the beach! The scenery is Cape Henlopen point. Photographer - Jody Hudson, my real estate partner, who is also one of the best landscape photographers! We tested his new Canon digital camera.

-Monday I had planned to do a short, no squat leg routine, due to the meet coming up, but as the day wore on, I got antsier and a feeling of "must get under the bar" swept over me. I heeded to my from the gut calling. I grabbed my squat boots, and I squatted. I did much better than I had planned, but I'm still not squatting Saturday. My guess is I might get 425 , but I'm not chancing it. My squat psyche does not have time to re-gear for this one, and I want a higher number than that, anyhoooo. I'll save the squatting for the Delaware Power Classic, on April 21.

I will be benching this weekend. I don't normally do a bench session so close to a meet, but there was no choice, unless I skipped it all together, which may be the way to go, but I haven't figured that out yet. Tradition has it that I screw up the last bench workout before my meet. I just do, why, I don't know. I didn't totally screw up this one, but it was, rigid, for lack of a better word.
I should be playing with a raw 300+ meet bench, I am playing with that at the gym but I'm just hoping that I get the 275 at the meet . If I screw up and don't get a 275, then I need to do some major adjustments, to not only my training, but to my thought processing.

Will I deadlift this weekend? I'll decide when I weigh-in.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


It feels really great walking around in flip flops and a tank top in January. It doesn't feel really great having the flu. It does feel really great knowing that the reason I had a mediocre training session last night was the fact that I have the flu, and not that I am burnt out or overtrained or just plain ol' weak. What a warped method of thinking.
It was in the mid-70's here today. Donned a new red sleeveless mini dress and went for a photo session down on the beach. The lighting was as warm as the air was. I was cramping up all over the place whilst posing, however, and that's about the time the FLU feeling finally slammed me.

If you read my journal even semi-regularly, you know I get just about everything that is making its way through the populace. Seems my son bestowed his illness upon me....grrrrrrooooan. I feel like sludge.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday January 04 2007

I am frantically working on getting the Members Section of my website ready. It is bunches of work!!! I have had many requests from fans already, so I am have high hopes that it will be a succesful venture. I've got tons of unreleased photos, unreleased video clips, etc. etc. just waiting. I am excited. If anyone has suggestions for me, please e-mail me. I'm getting alot of requests for my foot shots, too - I have awesome feet, if I do say so myself.

My son has been sick this week. I had the thermometer out the other day after taking his temerature. Just for the heck of it (and because I've been feeling bad) I took mine, and lo and behold, my temperature was a degree and a half higher than base temp. So, I've been sick, and not as burnt out as I thought. I swear I get so used to feeling bad that when I am sick, I do not know it. Here is a picture of "the boy" at Christmas, Slater. 13 years old, the "Magic" age, for a few more weeks, until he turns the "Super Magic" age of 14..

Benches last night. I was about 10% - 15% off normalcy, but close enough not to gripe about it. And I haven't been taking vitamins, either. I confirmed one thing last evening - The rotation of the wrist is my key in pushing the bar back and up. We also determined that the heavier the bar is, the better my technique gets. Perhaps it is the thought of being crushed underneath of it if I don't get it back to the rack that enhances my performance??!! 275 for three pauses were so/so. B put 315 on the bar, for a PAUSE REP, said he'd help me get it off of my chest - plan being that a 275 or 290 after 315 was going to feel so much lighter. OK, that makes sense. He helped me, but only an eeny bitsy bit - as I stated, my technique gets better the heavier the bar. SOooooooooo, my plan is to get the 315 raw at a meet before another woman does else does. And if someone gets it before me, I'll have to work on the 325!! : ) As you can see, as my muscles get bigger, my hair gets bigger too. Bill Jentz of Women's Physique World, has voted my mop "Most Muscular Hair"!!!

Monday, January 01, 2007

Wishing you all a powerful New Year

2007 - my oh my time is flying by...don't be looking for me to post any new year's resolutions. I make daily resolutions.Today is no different to me than say, yesterday or the day before or...I reflect and analyze continuously, and try to make myself not only better on the outside, but the inside as well every day(well, MOST days). OK, OK, my resolution is to make at least one person smile every day. Now THAT is powerful! Think about that next time you make someone smile.
Let's go back to Wednesday. I had someone different spotting me, my dear friend "Big" Bill...he kindly stuck around and spotted me as I was alone that evening. It had been a whole week since I had trained anything at all. Either I was super Kate that night, or Bill helped me on the spotting. I would like to assume the former, as Bill is quite an accomplished bencher (recently benched bodyweight for 39 reps. He weighs 280.), and he knows how to spot. So let's just say that I did the 275 for six pauses and 295 for four pauses and be done with that.

Sunday I knew I wasn't physically prepared for squatting, but mentally I HAD to. I was either going to squat, or I wasn't going to squat, but I had to find out. One and a half days after training back, even without deadlifting, is much too soon to train legs. The Hammer Strength rack is totally wierd to me. it's the first time squatting in it. We went to the back rack, as the front just threw me off completely. B can stand up and get out with no problem. It's just not quite right for me. Normally if I'm mentally tired, I can just let my physical self take over. When I am physically tired, I can get my mental being to take over. Yesterday, I was mentally AND physically tired, and I just couldn't get it going. BURNT OUT??? As B said I looked, I also felt "rusty". WTF???
385 may as well have been 500. I did two singles with it. Then 275 for 10. I have truly lost my squatting groove, and I need to find it. Now, all told, my knee held up very well. It hurt when B wrapped it, oooh, it did hurt. And it was impossible to walk to the chalk box once wrapped. But, the down and up motion of squatting did not hamper it, at least apparently. We then did two sets of slooooooww leg presses, and some slooowww leg curls. That was it. Oh, and some calves. How depressing....
Highest probability is that I will only bench and deadlift come January 13...but if y'all know me, and if you read this journal you might guess, that I could change my mind at any given time. It all depends if the groove finds its way back home to me. I miss it desperately.