Friday, January 21, 2011


Here is what happens - I like to wait until I have enough to write about and elaborate on, but then I never feel like typing it all out. I suppose" just do it" can pertain to blogism as well as everything else.

Training is still going very going well. Squatting is lagging a bit, at least in my head it is, but I think in the long run it will be just as strong if not stronger than the other lifts, as I have really honed in on where my "zone" is. We have been incorporating so many new exercises in for assistance, such as box squats and Bulgarian split squats among others. I feel all these new exercises in place of all the standard bodybuilding type movements are really beneficial to not only strength, but FEELING where I am supposed to be. I managed a couple of 370's the other day, in belt and knee SLEEVES only.

I managed a great 290 x 2 in the bench the other night. I was quite surprised as I was tired and sleepy as all gimme-heck (whatever that means).

I have been going up to IronSport to have Steve help me analyze and better my deadlift. It just occurred to me the other night, though, as I was rack pulling, what I do NOT do in my deadlift, and that is use hip power. I am all legs and back in the deadlift. If I can incorporate my hips into my deadlift, look out world, but that's a big "if".Teaching old dogs new tricks outside of their comfort zone is not easy....Rack pulls from about two inchesbelow the knee were 590 for 2 sets of 5 last night. Maybe I could pull another one or two, but, and I share this hesitantly, I stop for fear of peeing my pants whilst I am pulling on the big - you can laugh. Women will sympathize.

My son has been coming to the gym with me lately, and that's really cool. I never thought he would want to lift, much less come to the gym with me. He will be 18 next week - that is SCARY!!!!
He is a wonderful young man.
He has a double vein in his bicep just likehis mom, albeit on the opposite side. :)

I am soooooooo happy to not be bodybuilding. I love the heavy stuff.Powerlifting - It's my passion and my essence. It's ME!!