Thursday, November 29, 2007


My legs have been feeling less pain from my problems as of the late, so I decided to test the waters and leg press Monday evening. I thought about trying to squat, but it was a better idea to me that I was not in jeopardy of falling over or being crushed on my feet if things did not go well. I first pre-exhausted with 3 sets of leg extensions, so I did not have to use such big poundage. I did my first set with 500 something, for 20 reps...ok, moved up to 600 something for 15...again, fine. I went up to 750 for 10, no wraps or anything, nice knees in my face deep...granted, Monday night I had to take a handful of Ibuprofen at bedtime because my problem areas were throbbing like the dickens ( what is "the dickens" ? ), but I am pleased to report that I indeed have made some improvement. It was "uncomfortable", but leg presses are uncomfortable anyway, are they not? I'm not expecting miracles, because I am going to moving up to 180. The fascia is sure to give me more problems as I grow again, but I was happy to be able do some good old fashioned big work for my legs again. B tried to tell me that the world doesn't exactly revolve around big weights, but hey, he's wrong - HAH!!!

Last night I was feeling worn out tired. I'm still running around trying to clean the old condo (hopefully it is done TODAY), not finished unpacking here and it is getting gritty dirty from lack of cleaning and heck, the yard is carpeted with leaves I haven't had time to rake, my computer work is wayyyy backlogged.... Oh, back on track - anyhooo, I've been running ragged lately and tossing and turning alot instead of sleeping well, from all of this overwhelming stress, so I am dog-tired (are dogs really that tired?). However, when I get on a certan level of tiredness, not overwhelmingly exhausted, but tired, I don't have the enrgy to pay attention to things that are happening around me, or anything else but what I am doing at that moment - which is lift that weight and do it well. Last night was one of those tired but focused and zoned in nights. It had been a long time since I benched over 275. I did 295 for two GOOD paused reps. And that was after two good work sets beforehand. Everything else went well. I obtained a big round hard pump, and I am not sore this morning. I weighed in at 174 yesterday. The pictures I have been posting as of the late are camera phone pics, so they don't show the good detail like the veins sticking out on my deltoids (but why do they show the dark tired circles under my eyes?).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post Turkey Post

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I am probably the only person you know who loses weight every Thanksgiving, because I just don't like that kind of food! Comfort food - nope, don't go for it. I like turkey. But nix on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, string bean casseroles, I cannot stand sweet potatoes, I do not like pie, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than eat gravy - ooo!!! I had a plate with turkey, a little bit of stuffing, I did like my sister-in-law's spinach salad, a bit of plain broccoli. And NO, I never cared for any of those foods, never. A couple of years ago my sister-in-law got irritated because I brought my own plain baked potato and broccoli to dinner. This time they had broccoli with cheese sauce, but were wise enough to make some sans the cheese for me. What can I say??
My nephew made it home from Iraq for the dinner. He is a marine. Wow - he's grown into such a handsome responsible young man!

I have been fighting something for the past few days. I skipped training on Friday altogether. I couldn't help myself and went in for an abbreviated session yesterday. 6 sets for back, 3 for biceps. I felt strong, but got winded very easily. Last night I felt the wrath of the training, unfortunately, but today I'm on the upswing again.

I want to give extra props and aces to ALAN THOMAS of Not only does he make the best lifting wraps and straps (APT pro ) in the entire world, but he is such a great guy (and handsome too) ! Thank you for all of your support, Alan!!!! Love ya!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm moved - albeit I will be living out of boxes and amidst debris for awhiile to come! I love my new house. I do not know where I fit all of this "stuff" in such a small space before...I really would like to spend the rest of my life NOT accumulating "stuff". It does not help having a 14 year old pack rat.

I was feeling kind of out of sorts yesterday physically, I even had a fever! But we all know that when I first come down with something, I usually have great workouts. Yesterday was no exception. I love doing very heavy incline dumbell presses. I did my second set with 100's for 10 and then a set with the 120's for 5. When powerlifting I do incline presses, but can't go that heavy because heavy benching wear me out first. I was able to fry myself out very well, so by the time I got through chest, shoulders, then to triceps, I could barely dip. I could only muster 10, and that is half of my usual set. And I'm not so sore today - just nice and "heavy tight."

I'm still hanging at 173. I guess I've just about "grown into" this weight and it is time to move up now...B did mention that I am leaner now at this weight than I had been, probably about 11% bodyfat or so. Even though I did chest yesterday, he snapped a photo of my back. I'm sure I don't need to point this out, but check out the gluteus medius span! I probably get scored down for that, but you know what, I'm proud of it. There are a heck of alot of women bodybuilders (men, too, I'm sure) out there who have no gluteus medius development, nor lower back for that matter. Judges don't seem to even like it very much on women. Short of cutting them off, it is what I got - big round globe sized glutes!

Happy Thanskgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Away I go...

The hired guys are coming to get my big furniture items tomorrow.. I am so looking forward to that! However, I still have to clean this place, and my new place needs to be unpacked and arranged.... moving is certainly the stressful event that they say it is. It has seemed to be a perpetual experience.

I put the bar on my back tonight and tried squatting with it, but I still have the pain problem on the sides of my legs. It has lessend considerably, though I don't know if that is from time or from just not doing the things that really irritate it. So no squatting yet :( I can do "duck" squats on the smith machine, and the Nautilus Duo Squat really agrees with me, which I will go on record as saying that in my own humble opinion it is one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment ever made.

We picked apart my physique tonight, to decide which bodypart(s) I might need to concentrate on bringing up for the Masters next year. There is one which I shall be concentrating on, but I'm not saying - you all can guess....I will give you two hints - it is NOT my back and it is NOT my glutes. (giggle...)

Last week I did rack pulls again. I used to scoff at the thought of them, but they have certainly grown on me. It might be the fact that I very much like the 605 for several reps that I work up to. Big weights make me warm and fuzzy. Next time I'm going for 650. My fuzzy felt goal is 700. I imagine at 180 I will be able to handle that poundage. :)

I will be cut off from internet for a couple of days, due to moving. So until next time - here I am tonight at 173.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Moving

I'm still here! I'm still old place looks like a trash can, and it is really driving me nuts living like this, but it will all be over soon.

Training is going well, no complaints.

Real estate could be ALOT better, but at least the lull has given me time to move! (looking at the proverbial bright side)

Hey - I finally got my $2100 back yesterday from f*#%$^ Bruce Thompson. I guess his attorney told him there was no way he was going to convince anybody that he was in the right and I was in the wrong, since I had a stack of proof a mile high. Words to everyone - always DOCUMENT!!! It has proved me right and saved my butt numerous times.

I have been collecting lots of rants and raves - people say some of the dumbest things, though sometimes it is just a matter of being "ignorant" when I have time to spend I will go off on some of my loveable tirades. :)

February 16th - APA Delaware Open Iron Fest at the new Firm Fitness Center - stay tuned for details...oh, yours truly is the meet director.

This picture is from the WPW shoot last month in New Castle.
Please excuse the Eddie Munster hair.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been busy moving, and thus far it has been mostly me, with the exception of a few loads of help from my son. I am relatively happy that I have been able to keep my collection of STUFF from growing much larger the past few years that I have lived at this residence, but OMG, my son is a PACK RAT! The movers will come get the big items next week - I am looking forward to the end of this process!
I took a couple of training days off from the gym this past week, but I have been putting in lots of cardiovascular time trekking the stairs... I am surprised, albeit very very glad that my back has been holding up. The stairs aren't straight up and down stairs, so manuevering objects sometimes becomes tricky around the corners.
I am back down to 171, but it is a good hard 171. I'm stabilizing so I'm feeling alot less tankesque and clunky.
Back to packing!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Growing Like a Weed

I think Guilherme Marchi is on fire and just may pull it together this year at the PBR Finals to win that world title...but heck, Justin McBride does know how to pull it together under pressure...and JB Mauney, well if I was 20 years old right now he'd be the one I'd be drooling over.
Today I stepped on the scale, stepped off the scale, stepped on the scale, jiggled myself around just to be sure - 176 1/2! I now officially weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. All my "big" clothes from last year, the ones I didn't wear because they were still too big, well, they are too tight now...I guess I am officially big?

I won't talk about last week's deadlifting, because I did surpass a previous best in reps w/ 365, ok I'm talking about it, but I managed to aggravate my hip flexors in the process. I was feeling very strong, grabbing that bar and yanking it so fast from the floor, but I was also compensating for my legs being so pained, that I actually had to finish it by pushing my hips forward. Yes, I know that's how you are supposed to do a deadlift. However, my technique is usually to whip it back once it gets moving. So, imagine the feeling of straining your lower back, but having that pain in the front!!! Walking, no, make that simply moving my lower body, was a horrendous task on Sunday morning,to say the least.

This evening we did incline dumbells again. This time I did 90's x 12, then did the 120's on my second set - 3 reps came surprisingly easy! I'm sure if I had on my APT BLACK MAMBA WRIST WRAPS that I could've gone for 4, but I didn't. The rest of the workout was prime. I guess the weight is agreeing with me. I felt really good, I felt really strong, even though I was a little worn out from starting the process of moving - remember, I live on the third floor. Words of wisdom - if you plan on moving out someday, don't move to the third floor. My legs and lower back are fried, and I've only taken two car loads thus far!!!
Down then up, then down, then up, and again and again and again! 36 steps each way.

I've still got leg separation and some striations showing in my shoulders at 176. My frame can easily hold 20 pounds more muscle, but I don't think I'm mentally ready to even imagine that.

I've got to get used to this tank like structure I'm wearing now. I feel friggin' huge.