Wednesday, May 27, 2009

7 and a half weeks out

I will say this - it is a good thing that the powerlifting meet was a couple of weeks ago, for I have no ability nor even the interest in pushing heavy weights right now.... those little chrome Barbie dumbbells are looking mighty heavy these days....reps, reps, reps....sigh.......

I'm starting to crave salty things.... I might even lick the salt shaker out if given the chance. Visions of chips and salsa dance through my head constantly! That's about all I want, except for a big ol' Golden Margarita to go with them.... but no salt on the margarita, please. And make it fishbowl size.

This is me wearing my APT boy shorts! You can purchase a pair or two at:

:) Back to basic black next time though - I promise.

I am hanging in the 161 - 162 range. I'm relatively pleased with the progress. My abs, the little buggers, usually don't come in until the last moment. Sure, they are there, but they usually don't POP until the very end. Maybe they will come out sooner this time...we shall wait and see. Although you cant tell by this backside pic, my beloved Xmas tree is showing :).
I am going to hang blinking lights on it this year - lol.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delaware Power Classic

the 4th annual APA Delaware Power Classic was FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!!! As always, held at The Training Center in New Castle DE, on Saturday, May 10, 2009.

First the lifters - when I started lifting 4 years ago RAW was the underdog to geared lifting. Now it is growing wider acceptance and I couldn't be more thrilled. Most of my lifters were raw. Ben Brand SHW hit a 2150 RAW total!!! 820/630/700 - and it all looked way too easy.

Scott Yard did his second ever raw meet (after being one of the top ranked gearedlifters for a few years running)and totalled and incredible 1980 at 275. We had several world records set on this day. So many good lifters participated, whether there were records set or not... my applause and thank yous to all of them. OK, yes - I lifted...I was not going to, but I had to reclaim my APA 165 raw world bench women's masters record. When else was I going to have the chance to do so???? I dieted my ass off to get to 165 (164.6 to be exact). I put up a 275. Yes that was good enough to win the rocord back ! :) On my way back up in weight when I am fueling UP not DOWN in food, not prepping for a bodybuilding show, and when I'm NOT running the meet (cannot do this anymore!!!!) and when I don't have a strained forearm - I'll up that record poundage again, I promise!

Thank you as always Big Al Fortney for being my designated wrist wrapper. Mark Caserta - I wouldn't have gone through with the benching if it wasn't for your encouragement and help in the warm-up room and platform. and Thank you to Gene and Ame Rychlak, (IPA),who came down from PA out of the goodness of their hearts to help me out at this meet. Two totally awesome people!!! Tone Barbaccio- I love you dude - you are such an assett at my meets, as well as all of the Dynamo Club gang out of Rising Sun MD - Matt Wilson, Greg and Dave Murray, Danny Blankenship, all you other guys whose names I do not know - lol - it is because of you guys that this meet is such the event that it has become. George Wilson - even though you were illin' and could not stay, you know I could NOT do any of this without your support, and you are the best training partner EVER!!! AND last and in no way least but most of all - Len Walker - my do you stay so calm through all of this??? Thank you Len!!! Special thank you to DeBorah Better for staying to help put the gym back together - girl, heal up so you can lift next time!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Kate in black undies...AGAIN!!!!

Oh look - more pictures of Kate in black underwear... These pictures don't look much different from last week's, though there are significant changes. The lighting is different, and makes everything flatter. Really, I'm better!!! Lol - 'twas a rainy day and had to use stronger flash. 10 and a half weeks to go.
Saturday I journeyed up to Wilmington to attend the Animal Barbell Club gathering at a new gymnasium - OSX Fitness. Steve, the owner (Uncle Fester) was most gracious and the facility is great. It is always a pleasure to hang out in a room with a bunch of big, strong and very sweaty men...oh, I mean Animals.... is it possible that Big Al Fortney can look even bigger...???
Looking forward to this Saturday - the 4th annual Delaware Power Classic. It is always a good time, but this one is shaping up to be a killer! I'm doing all the last minute details, and am very amped up - fill yah in on the results in the next posting.