Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of 2010

It is the end of a trying year, for sure.
First of all, I must have deleted one of my previous posts by mistake, it has disappeared.

Rick Phillips -
July 20, 1960 - November 23, 2010.
I miss you. I love you.
I will see you on the other side, at sunset.

Ok me - trying to get my strength on. Seems to be taking MUCH longer to bounce back this time. I did do dome squats 350 x 3 the other day. Feels like the oomph is in the legs, but not quite in the core and back. I'm still sore as all heck. It is Wednesday and we trained gams on Sunday....geeeezzzzz.

Held the weight on the benches down to 230 last night. Only did sets of 6.
Followed by weighted dips ( love them) and medicine ball plyo- push ups. Those things simultaneously suck and rock at the same time.
Corner presses for shoulders, close grip benches, and then push-downs.

GW has come back to join Rob and myself in the gym. We are the 3 musclateers again!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Back to Training

I took off Monday and Tuesday. I have been feeling worn out, burnt out spun out, wigged out, wired out, and just plain out and out tired....
I suppose that Rick's death, a 15 week diet that resulted in me looking like a walking anatomy chart, and a case of cellultits would be enough to do that on top of everyday doings....
Went back to the gym to deadlift last night. Trying to do a more power oriented style of training rather than the typical cross of bb and power I am accustomed to.

wanted to go to a set of 3 reps with 370 to finish with , but hah! silly me. One felt like 500 lbs here.

Good mornings.
We weren't sure where to begin or end up with these, as we never have done them before in our training. We went
185 x I forget
I love Good Mornings.

One arm rope pulls. 3 sets each arm. (Rope is hanging from floor to ceiling. Start with you laying on supine on floor)

Face away from the cable pull down machine and do a kind of lat pullover (we'll find a name for it)

Reverse grip pullups

That's it.
Good Stuff!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deadlifting at IronSport Gym

Went up to IronSport Gym to train deads with Steve Pulcinella the other day. First time I ever trained with resistance bands, save for a few box squats in the past.

I must say, I liked them, and felt the carry over immediately. I can't remember what color they were - maybe blue???

I couldn't tell you what he did, but I did 3 sets of 315 with bands, then 3 singles -
365, 385, then 405.
Then did 3 sets of bentover barbell rows -
3 sets of pullovers, 90 lb dumbell.

If I don't overdo it,as I have a habit of, I project my strength to come back sometime within the next few months.Walking arounf looking like death on a stick for a few months takes its toll, and that it hath done to me.