Thursday, December 28, 2006


The outlook is grim for squatting at the meet in a few weeks. I still can't straighten my leg, or flex my quad. The worst is when I go down the stairs, not up, but down. My quad cramps up terribly all over the place, especially the vastus medialis. Living on the third floor of a condo complex has become quite a problem. Christmas night I was taking out the trash and POW! It hit me. I got stuck on the stairs, couldn't move, couldn't stand, couldn't sit, and i couldn't get it to work itself out. This lasted a few minutes, and it seemed eternal. It was a mighty horrible experience.
I decided to go for a walk tonight, I haven't been for a walk since I injured myself. I did have a strange gait, not my usual. I only had one small cramping over about a two mile trek. It either helped to work the problem out, or I messed it up further. I should be able to tell in the morning.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


I found this picture on one of the more popular women's bodybuilding at weigh-ins at the Nationals. Yep, this is 16th place boys and girls.....hmmmm

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve...Santa said I was bad again this year... :( :( No presents for me under the tree again.
Some people stop and say thanks at this time of year - I try to start EVERY day by thinking of three things (at least) that I am thankful for. This practice helps me put my life into perspective, and sometimes, when I wake up crusty and crabby and mean, it helps soften my edges.
Until yesterday, I hadn't trained since Monday, when I strained my knee. A time out period has been calling me and I have been ignoring it (like a fool.) Yesterday was Saturday - not my normal back day, but mentally I was ready again, and since I was overdue for some deadlifting, had been about five weeks, I think, I trained. My knee is healing, and thankfully it doesn't affect the deads.

I hate to go into detail about my deadlifting. For some reason expounding on deadlifting makes me feel jinxed??? I will say, however, that my new shoes are MAGIC shoes, and the deadlifting was some of the most "effortless" I have done to date. I think I finally figured out how to deadlift. :) :) Now, if I can figure out how to stop the bar from ripping my legs open right above the knees, I'll be satisfied. Good God, that hurts! The blood does provide for a highly dramatic flair, however.
I won't be training again until Wednesday, so my bench ought to be groovin'! :) :) :)
Talk to you then - and have a POWERFUL and happy Christmas!!!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

pity the injured

Heres' a really good rule to follow - If you have adjustable pins on the safety bar portion of your squat rack, always set them high enough so if you bomb at the bottom, you can free yourself without getting stuck...otherwise you might INJURE yourself. My upper back was just simply exhausted, I couldn't get up, and got stuck - hence, the tendons in my right knee are a-hurtin'. I may have messed up my chances of doing a full power competition in January. Maybe not, but probably.

Sunday, December 17, 2006


I forgot to mention that the other night I switched benching shoes again. I tried out my motorcycle boots, heels rather than flats. Lo and behold, I will have to try again to reconfirm, but I do believe I have found my new official benching shoes!They make me feel more "elevated", even when laying down, hence, the feeling of elevating my chest to the bar is more natural.
I just bought some new flat footwear for deadlifting last night. I will be trying those out come next Friday. I'm wondering if there is anybody out there as concerned with their footwear (ok...entire wardrobe) for their lifting as I am? I will point out, in my defense, that I have nerve damage in the balls of both feet, and footwear for everyday wear has to pass the support and comfort test. Then, if you ever get a chance to look at my arches - these are what I called "high-heeled" feet. My arches are so high that it makes the curvature at the top of my feet elevated, hence alot of shoes don't fit along the top...I am always aware of my feet.

Friday was back and it always is. I was still beat up from Wednesday's gold star workout, hence I did some higher reps for a change, not for every set, but for much of the session. I am still sore today, but I don't feel like I was in a train wreck, just sore from training. My left wrist and elbow are a bit distressed, probably from Wednesday, I'll keep them monitored. I couldn't do dumbell curls, they aggravated the elbow/bicep.

Christmas is next week - I'm all done my shopping, I've got my condominium decorated, but I need a little spark to light my Christmas spirit this year...any one got a match?

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Last night was a touchstone of training sessions! I was groovin' and so was B. Benching - 315 for three really great reps, and 1 with just a teeny weeny bit o' help from B, so 315 x 3-3/4's...and pauses 275 x 152 lbs. Then we just busted ourselves on incline dumbell presses, incline flyes, btn Hammer shoulder press machine, seated Hammer laterals, seated dip machine (I did more reps than B on these with same weight !!HAH) I can't remember the other tricep movement, I can only remember that my chest, delts, triceps were swolt toast to the max!!! Taking the video clips of the benches really helps me to analyze the technique, so they were so much better than they have ever been.

I'm still at 152, there is a chance I may go back down to the 148's for the Jersey Iron meet, but I will probably stay in the 165's, even if I am closer to 148. I think my body has had enough dieting for a while. I have to be good to my body, for it has been through the ringer, and back, and again so many times this past year. This week I've been all jammed up, been to the chiro twice and had B unjam my hip yesteday. I'm icing it as I type this.

We started back at the Firm Monday night - feels like home there, all warm and cozy!! B was feeling good in his squat suit, except for that nasty blood that kept spurting out of his nose and leaving puddly spots on the floor ...good thing Paul, the owner, likes us...I think he considers us good, free entertainment - better than clowns!

B's incredible gams....

So what does it look like to have your calf cramp up in the middle of having your picture taken?

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

coming back around

I'm here, just going through my ignoring posting on my blog phase again.
Friday was back and biceps night, and I'm just now, today -Wednesday getting over that.
The back is feeling recovered, however, the lower biceps STILL have that deep down soreness.
Maybe I should rephrase that and say still feeling the PAIN!!! Perhaps I was more "over the edge" from the competition last month than I thought!
I only did five total sets for biceps...just shows you - you do NOT need 10 to 20 sets of biceps (or triceps, or anything else for that matter) if you do them with all you've got to give them. Go ahead, argue with my biceps - --B started doing some slow reppin' with me on the biceps, and he was feeling the aftermath for a couple of days himself. HAHAHA!!!

Monday - back to squatting!! I love it I love it I love it. My back has been traumatized from so much long distance traveling and driving lately. That really takes its toll on my back. Each and every rep the other night I could hear the spine popping as I descended, and in my video clips you can see the fatigue, but I did what I could anyway. 405 x 3 and 425 x 1( me weighing in at 150). Then I did a set at 315 with NO knee wraps for 7. Slow hacks, then Len pulled out his big purple rubber band and we did lying leg curls with the band. WOW! Those hit me in a new place - up high and out. Methinks me liked those! Then onto stiff legged dumbell deadlifts. I do those differently than most people, more like what some call a "flat backed" deadlift. I really keep the legs stiff. Hits the glute - ham tie in much better...gosh, I really need to build my butt up don't I ( LOL) .
All in all, a pretty darned fantastic workout. 425 at 150lbs. at the bottom of my strength curve - I'll take it. I almost put that bar back after the sixth rep, but I stuck it out after rethinking and did the seventh. NOW I know what "that pukey feeling" is ... and you know, I liked it. We are going to have to invest in a puke bucket, I suppose (ooo, gross)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Post leg day

We are still trekking up to the Training Center for leg training on Mondays. B is still analyzing his T-Rex squat suit. I think he is going to trash the wide stance. He is right, I believe, in going back to the narrower stance. Len Walker joined us last night. Len didn't actually train "with" us, as he uses bands and chains and boxes etc...and we do not, but he is just so much fun and highly energetic and the nicest guy in the entire world. There can be nothing but positive energy emitted from feeding off of people like Len - He will be joining us semi-regularly. YAY!

I am still only squatting every other week. Last night I leg pressed. 1090 x 8, 1180 x 6, 1240 x 2...heavy, and I am feeling the quads today! Then onto ssslllloooowww leg extensions, two sets of two, and one regular set. Four sets of one legged Hammer leg curls - two ssslllooowww and two regular, and four sets of calves on the hacks. I still look ripped and veiny and my calves looked extra swolt last night. It is so hard to leave this look behind, but I have to put at least a few pounds on to push heavier see ya, I'm going to go eat a peanut butter slathered protein bar. Oink -

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Today is Thanksgiving. Most people LOVE this day - they get an excuse to feast on large quantities of high fat foods...I abhor the thought! I really do NOT like gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, I HATE pie...I never, never in my life liked butter...
My sister-in-law got angry with me a couple of years ago when I brought my own plain baked potato and broccoli to her house on Thanksgiving. Did she want me to starve???? I'm going to Ma and Pa' house this afternoon. I guess I'll stop at the store on the way and buy some baked potatoes and broccoli...

I don't know what was going on last night at the gym. Somewhere along the line I have retained my strength! Not that I am complaining. It could be lack of expectations, and being relaxed about my performance (oh no! Kate used the "R" word!) At 149 .5 on the scale. As of lasy evening,I have started doing ALL of my benching with 2 second pauses on the chest. No mo' "touch 'n go". Lo and behold - I very much like this. Last night 245 x 3 , 265 x 2, and 275 for one. I think that the pause only way of benching is the way to go for me.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

WPW shoot

Yesterday was my photo shoot with Bill and John of Women's Physique World - We went up to a beautiful old house, from the 1700's, in Phoenixville PA. Their friend Charles has this "spare house" on the property with an amazing home gym in it. The shoot was thoroughly enjoyable, the guys are a pure pleasure to work with. Posing is such hard work for four straight hours, but I don't mind when I am being made comfortable and treated like a lil' princess...(ok, not so little).
I am about SICKof the smell of Pro-Tan these days...

Monday was squat night. We went up to The Training Center, Brad Vargason dropped in to see us. He's about as whacked as Broderick is, no wonder they get along... Under the circumstances, being totally depleted for the show and it was only 1 week later, and I was still on a diet (photo shoot the next day - had to look semi-decent) still 148 pounds, I did fine. 405 x 2 is acceptable at this point. My main focus Monday was not wimping out on the one rep I never do but always "could have". And I stayed with them all. I did my slow hacks, four sets of leg curls, some calves, and outta there! I am encouraged - once FOOD becomes a regular part of my regimen again, I am sure the plans I have will be realized this year. On the way home from Phoenixville last night, we stopped at Barnes and Noble. I got a piece of Ginger Spice cake, and a LARGE Chocolate Chunk cookie.
Then when I got home, I could not let Little Debbie feel neglected, so two packages of Holiday cakes with milk before bed! Oink....

Saturday, November 18, 2006

January 13

January 13, 2007 - that is the date of the Jersey Iron Powerlifting Competition. It will be my next powerlifting meet, full power. It is being produced by my dear friend Henri Skiba in Carteret NJ. It is eight weeks away - heck, yes that is plenty of time.
Last night was the first night back in the gym since before the Nationals. My body was tired, oh so very, very tired -but mentally, I was right there. Mentally, I was on top of it. We began deadlifting off of a plate, since my weakest point in the deadlift is right off of the floor. B has had aversions to actually trying this method for quite some time now, but all of a sudden he thinks that this could be beneficial. I have been wanting to try this for quite some time - it either works, or it doesn't. Mechanically, they felt as perfect as they could possibly be. I am also re-setting between every rep, rather than straight on repping. I bloodied BOTH knees last night, and my left shin! aahhh - life is good....

Friday, November 17, 2006

RAW is recognized!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on this morning:

The APF Is Going Raw

Submitted by jon on November 17, 2006 - 6:47am.
Mike Sweeney announces that the APF/WPC and its tested divisions AAPF/AWPC are moving closer toward offering full raw lifting. In the past, meet directors were allowed to offer raw lifting at meets but records were not kept. Their new policy gives state chairmen the go ahead to create raw divisions and keep raw state records if they choose. Sweeney characterizes the move a test and suggests that if interest develops, raw lifting will become a larger part of the federation, although without moving from its core of equipped lifting.

Now that is the BEST birthday present I could ask for!!!!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Here is what "16"th place looks like, boys and girls -

I'm tired of talking about it, tired of thinking about it ...I am looking forward to squatting heavy and deadlifting again without worrying about scabbing up my knees and shins.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Home again Home again

jiggetty jig.........

As I stated, the judges are either going to like me, or not. Apparently not - apparently I "suffer" from not looking muscular enough in my relaxed stances, but when I flex I carry too much detailed and conditioned muscle for their liking. I like it, and apparently alot of other people like it - but not the judges. My placing - very top of the "16"th pile, EXACTLY the same as last year. My opinion is that realistically I should have come in somewhere between 8th and 13th. There are a few other women I thought should have placed higher, too - Gerri Deach and Pam Franklin in particular, I could say so many things here, but I won't. However, if anyone reading this saw the show or sees the competition comparisons and pre-judging pictures cares to drop me a line and give me an honest assessment, constructive critisism welcome. please do via e-mail at

I had a blast meeting and posing for Annie Rivvieccio. She is a doll. I had a shoot with Eric Lemke and totally enjoyed working with him, also. Of course, Tom Nine - a pure pleaure.
I have some pictures to post and more to relay, but I am still in a state of physical exhaustion.
Even typing is wearing me out -

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Clyde Carr Photographer

I had a photoshoot with Clyde Carr yesterday - posted some new pix on my site. Ladies, if you ever get the chance to shoot with Clyde Carr go for it. He is an awesome photographer, and an awesome guy. I have known Clyde for a couple of years now, and he is just a big sweetheart. My friend Lisa Scott makes most of the dresses and posing suits I wear in the pictures on my site, and I am taking a bunch with me for the photoshoots in Miami.
I will have a link to her designs on my site ASAP.
She is so very talented and creative! You can reach her at, or e-mail me. She'll make just about anything you want, and make it good!

We are just about off to Miami- I will try to update my journal while we are there. My darling counterpart B is going with me - my babysitter! LOL, funny, but oh, so true! He is the one who truly has the hard job.
I have done everything in my power that I could do (save for all of those extra reps in the squat that I always wimp out on). I have trained my guts out, I have dieted hard without cheating once, I have posed, I have prayed - I am confident that I am going in the best I can be. The judges either like me or they don't - but at this point, I like what I am bringing. Send me some positive energy on Saturday morning, pleeeeezzz!!

Squat Fever

So I am standing behind B spotting him while he squatted last night, and all I can think about is getting back under that bar myself. That's all I can think about. I'm supposed to be thinking about the upcoming show this weekend. I was almost frothing at the mouth watching him squat.
He's still learining his squat suit, having been a raw lifter almost his entire lifting life. The 220 squat record is now 1030. B has that in him, and more. Just a matter of time - a short time at that. Anybody hear 1100? Broderick Chavez - remember that name. Also remember that name when you see my conditioning at the Nationals, for he is my guru!
I hate this week because I can't train, dammit!!!

Coming in on the low side of the heavyweights will either prove to be an complete advantage, or a complete disadvantage - not sure which yet. I have no idea how I will compare to the other women...bigger women, but I do know this. I have a tremendously pleasing shape, I have dense muscle, I have a small waist, I have good stuff. Wait until I hit the rear double biceps! I am an unknown, which will be a disadvantage. It is so very nice to not be talked about and analyzed like they are doing to the other well knowns, but sometimes I do wish they would acknowledge me. I hope that happens on Saturday - that they will acknowledge my prescence.
Whatever happens Saturday I will have won my own battle, my own challenges to myself, and realized a feat not many will ever have the opportunity to realize. This used to be what I thought was a far fetched dream of mine. In my heart and subconsious mind I always knew I could do it. Yes I'm nervous, and I am still shy about it, but I CAN do it.
Wherever I place at the Nationals, my immeditae goals are still on the power lifting platform. I need to change my attitude going under the bar. B says he is going to teach me how to bring the meaness out. I've been doing hypnotherapy but that hasn't touched upon the meaness factor.
I think that is all that is hindering me at this point - letting the fear override the meaness.
Once I conquer that, all my possibilities and probabilities become real!

Monday, November 06, 2006

I know I don't look happy in this front relaxed picture, but it is the only still B took on Saturday. I was 147, and an even drier 146.5 on Sunday.
Right on target, and my legs are FINALLY starting to dry out.
The hamstring picture is proof that my hamstrings actually do start in the rear of my knees. I don't think I can recall ever seeing anybody with hammies this low before. This is where I believe I get lots of power to squat big iron from -

I didn't get to IHOP on Saturday as planned, but did get there yesterday! I ate my stack of harvest grains and half of B's, then took Slater out to dinner and had peanuts and sodium enriched rice, so I'm not quite as dry today! I will be good today and be back on track tomorrow.

Monday is usually leg day, but to give them proper rest before the show I went in and trained them yesterday. No squats!!(BOO). Just some good ol' fashioned blood pumping training.
Saddest thing is, I can't squat again for two more weeks...WOE is me. The weather has been glorious, so I went for an extra walk this weekend - only two miles. I know there are doubters who don't believe me when I say I do no cardio, but hey, I don't do any cardio.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


A head cold! Nothing is worse than a head cold. Sseriously, I would rather have the flu than a head cold. Nothing is worse than not being able to breathe. Air is underrated. Somebody has stuffed corks into my sinus cavitiesI am sure. Can't sleep, can't taste my food...aaargghh!
I was feeling good until this. Well, better now than next week. It's hard to train without a breath for each rep - it's rep, rep GASP, rep rep GASP

My strength is still hanging, just a little down, and I'm more apt to wimp out and not do the extra rep because I can blame it on the diet...that's bad. I have still been repping with 400+ squats, and reps last nightwith 285 on the bench. And I'm 147 and a half to 148 and a half on a daily basis for the past two weeks. Every day I do get more vascular and striated. B says my legs are just water balloons, and they will look fine on stage. My hamstrings are really long, actually end in the back of my knees, so some of that apparent "bulge" that other girls show isn't quite that apparent because of that fact... the apparent "sweep" to the quads doesn't show either because my muscle attaches into the knee, not above like most people's. B always says I could have been one of the top sprinters in the world because of my build.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Two weeks out

Bad lighting for pictures-

Sunday, October 29, 2006


~sitting here watching my posing videos from upper body, I swear I have not a complaint, I can kill them all with my back,really nice horseshoes, great bicep peaks, striated chest,....HOWEVER I am just plain ol' frustrated when I watch my legs...What does a girl have to do to get the definition to come in?!!! Woe the F#*! is me -
My hamstrings aren't so bad, but my quadriceps, I swear they do this on purpose.

One day of replenishing - I had IHOP harvest grain pancakes and porkchops yesterday - with scrambled egg whites. My favorite meal in the entire world!!! The only thing that could have made it better would have been if I had three more pancakes on my plate. Back on the diet today - I was at 150 this morning. I gained two pounds this week.

I got my hair extensions this morning....they are ok, I wanted to have long hair for years on end, but had to put up with hair stylist after hair stylist who thought I should be Shirley Temple reincarnated. My friend Lisa Scott and her daughter Tashia put them in. Lisa is beautiful and a very talented singer, and she also made the great bikini and dress in the pictures posted a few days ago.
I can't get this blogger to uplaod the pictures from yesterday, so those will have to wait.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Oh My - I see I am being "revealed"...
Hello, World!
Yes, I'll be at the Nationals, a heavyweight, albeit one of the smaller big girls...I will be there at my best!
Now I'll reveal a little secret that will make other competitors truly hate me - I don't do any "cardio" - typically, year round I walk two or three times per week, about two miles a stretch. A couple of weeks ago I upped the walking to five days a week, three or four miles a stretch, and it proved to be detrimental to me - it stressed and smoothed my quads out considerably, so now I have to cut back again. :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

2 and a half weeks to Miami

....I think I am I supposed to be excited about the upcoming competition? ?? Sorry, I haven't quite hit that stride yet.
I have set up a photoshoot with Annie Rivvieccio while I am in Miami - THAT excites me!!! I had a shoot with the awesome and ever so loveable Clyde Carr this past Sunday - he is very talented, and a great friend. The pictures here are by Clyde- we went to Cape Henlopen State Park, and you just can't get much prettier scenery anywhere. Iwould not call myself a "good" model, but we did get a ton of beautiful shots.

My weight is hovering around 148. The diet is kicking my butt here and there - last Friday I almost passed out at the gym due to lack of sugars...Strength is down a little - energy gets sapped VERY quicly. My quads are still my frustration.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Last week my total was 1040, raw - of course!-weighed in at 147.25... :( :( :( :( - 'nuff said about that!

Less than five weeks to the Nationals..what in the world am I doing?!!!
Anyhoo- Tom Nine, highly renowned woman's physique photographer actually drove up here from VA Beach to shoot ME yesterday...Spent 5 hours with him on Cape Henlopen Beach, Lewes Beach and then to Gold's Gym...flexing all day in a majorly dehydrated lean state is HARD! I really do feel more physically exhausted today and beat up than the day after any of my powerlifting meets...then I pulled out my lower right lat today and can barely move without spewing out some choice expleted deletives... I'm laying back on the ol' heating pad right now, this SUX!!! I must be doing something right, though - Tom suggested we get together in Miami!
I am HONORED...I felt kind of goofy, as I always do, flexing and posing - it's the part I least like about this "sport" called bodybuilding. I just like to train and lift heavy weights, and yes I like looking really good and in shape.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

First State Power Frenzy

OK, I did fall apart -it all came apart at the last minute, but you know what? It's fine - I helped produce a powerlifting meet, where so many good people were able to realize the fruition of there cumulative efforts, I gave people the opportunity to feel satisfied, and to be proud of themselves, and to get excited and to help others do the same...yes I'm fine...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Haven't fallen apart yet -

-but I have come close!!!
I was down to 152 yesterday...looking a bit flat again, as I always do after a couple of weeks of dieting, but looking quite lean. I believe that I have gained a bit of size during my diet. I have to be at 148 next Saturday for the First State Power Frenzy. I'm in a better frame of mind than any of the other powerlifting meets I have lifted in thus far. I strongly believe that hypnotherapy has played a major role in helping me achieve that. I don't question my ability as I used to - I used to think that maybe all of my achievements were a fluke, and it was all going to stop one day the moment I had a bad lift. Heck, now I know that I was made to do this. At least until I fall apart!!!LOL
I had to train alone yesterday - I took Friday off as an extra day of rest, which I desperately needed, and then doing the deadlifts exactly a week out from the meet made more sense to me. I also wanted to put myself in the gym at an earlier time of day, to throw my body off now, instead of shocking it on the day of the meet, which is what usually happens. I want to be "ON "this time , more than I can articulate. I haven't been able to put it all together yet, and I so want to prove to MYSELF that I can this on a grand scale.
I don't ever hear other women complain about this, but I will, as I am learning to have no shame - are there other women out there who feel that leaking sensation while pulling hard on the deadlift? Yes, peeing their pants sensation - 385 came up relatively easy, then as i pulled, I actually had momentum slow as the wave of that sensation came over me, and I had to use energy to override that before I could continue on the ascent of the pull. I'm not sure it would bother me so much in a meet if I wet my pants, but I had the rest of my workout to complete, and I didn't want to wear peed pants for another hour at the gym!
AND for the meet GOALS = I hate putting these goals in writing, but I find that it is a necessary "evil".
Squat - I have mastered 465, and the leg strength was there to do another rep, I believe. I just think that learning to hold that weight on my shoulders for more time is my battle. Let's say 470.
Bench - the key piece to this for me is staying tight in the chest as I bring my body to the bar.
I just mentally learned this and was unable to practice this properly the other night on scheduled training session due to all kinds of disasters...hopefully I can master this on meet day. 275 is a reasonable goal...if I could learn to stay tight and not choke in anticipation, a 295 - 300 could happen, it WILL happen soon, but this time???
Deadlift - My goal is 400, B thinks 425 is a reasonable goal. (I will be sure to wear an undergarment pad on the deadlifts - I'd LOL after making that remark but it is really not funny)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

first the pictures from last week - 8 weeks to the Nationals.

Monday was a fantastic night up at the Training Center - always a better atmosphere = very conducive to heavy lifting there. SQUATS:
B put his squat suit on for the second time, and hit a 935! He had to unrack it 3 times off the monolift because the weight was crushing him down, he couldn't get the bar up over the lip, and had to lower the setting. All that energy spent and it still was a walk in the park for him(ok, so he walks hard!)
I weighed in at 155 on Monday - hit 405 for four reps. I wanted to go to 445, because I knew that I had done that before, mentally I was preparing for that. While B wrapped my knees Al Fortney snuck over to the bar and slapped 20 more pounds on the bar. I did not know until I was done that I squatted 465...I did it though, and I did it well. That computes to exactly 3x bodyweight...I'm still all giddy and full of myself for that one!!!
It's Thursday and my legs are still lead-like...I am blaminmg the hacks on that one. I am making good friends with that particular hack squat...and slow as I do them I need to be friends with it.
Last night, normally chest delts, tri's, was a DISASTER!!!! For both of us - B was fighting that awful bench shirt thing again. He was in incredible pain, and found out later last night after a trip to the emergency room that he had a busted ear drum, and an infection. He doesn't give in to pain often, when he does you KNOW that there must be a problem.
He wrestled with a couple of sets, then wisely quit.
Me? Well, due to a "low recovery week", I was still beat up from Monday's session. I had five and a half hours sleep the night prior, and I wasn't used to that either - it was the most sleep I'd had in one stretch in weeks, and weeks, and weeks....sleep is beneficial, but when your body is not used to it, mine anyway, it just wants to wallow in the relaxed state once it finally gets some. After yanking on B's shirt while stuffing him in it, my forearms, elbows and even my biceps were already fatigued and sore by the time I got under the bar. I picked off 225 x 8, but they were not what I would call "groove reps". My next attempt B was in his shirt, and a hand-off in a bench shirt just isn't optimal - he "pushed" it out wobbly and I had it wobbly, and it just sucked, then I waited until he took the shirt off, but things were just sucky all over. 255 pause was ok, but I couldn't lock out on 265 pause because my forearms were so incredibly fatigued. So the atmosphere just continued to deteriorate, and I knew that continuing on was pointless, and probably detrimental. So I called it quits, too.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday morning

We started our weekly mission of traveling up to the Training Center to train last night. It is a fantastic, old school, hardcore gym - we love it. Jack, the owner, is so good to us by letting us come in whenever we can to train. FIRST - B tried on his new T REX squat suit. He went up to 845, and had absolutely NO PROBLEM with it...still about an inch and a half to legal depth, that will take a little more weight - maybe a hundred pounds. He was certainly born to squat!
Second- My leg bruise is distinctly darker, but I had no problems with it training legs last night. In fact, it was the other leg that felt like it was pulling last night. I leg pressed, and I love TTC's leg press. I did three sets, I did ? x 15, ? x15, and 1010 x 12....I hate high reps, but it was good to be able to do them considering my f'd up condition these past few weeks, and the mysterious bruise. I actually felt strong yesterday, and I miss squatting when I watch B, but doing them every other week is surely saving much wear and tear on my body.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Here is the newest injury -
The bruise starts at the back of my leg and wraps to the's about 8 inches long, 3 inches wide. There is still a big knot there. It is not painful...thank God. I felt an odd sensation in that spot during warmups for deadlifts when I squatted down. I was so worn out, was only going to deadlift, not do any other back motions...this sleep thing still is hampering me, wearing me way down. Sleep is NOT overated. I keep waking between sleep cycles, and staying awake. It is slowly improving, but I've still long strides, and many hours of sleep to make up. Anyhooooo, I did one at 365, no energy there to get another. It came up fast and easy, but by mid-point I was out of energy. Wisely, I stopped. I didn't think anything else of that spot until a couple of hours later when I stood up and felt a strange sort of pull...not really a pain. I touched it and felt a knot. Later that evening I spotted a small bruise and by yesterday morning - VOILA!!! B thinks it is some torn fibers...Let me not dwell on this for fear of depression.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Too much

Two nights of training back to back is definitely too much. Grrrrrrrroooooannnnn!!! We missed Monday because I had an unexpected root canal, hence Tuesday and Wednesday together... What a fine way to spend a Labor Day. Actually, during the root canal isn't so bad - I can't feel it while it's being performed, and my endodologist is adorable and funny and's afterwards, when the pain hits. The absolute worst part is the antibiotics - I abhor taking them, they make me feel snippy and tired and tense. I'm already snippy and tired and tense!!!Ever since the experiment gone awry last week, I have been a downright mess.
Insomnia has been plagueing me to top all of that off. It's bad when you go in public and have to hang on to countertops and such so you don't sway or fall over....Going in last night to do legs should have been a much more frightening thought than it was...and it WAS a frightening thought. Going under the squat bar with 400+ pounds when you have no equilibrium, a numb brain, get dizzy when you move too quickly, and your eyes are burning and feel like they are sliding down your face is very frightening. HOWEVER, I said to myself that if I just relaxed, and was careful, and instinctively used the knowledge and abilities that I have spent two years learning, I would be ok. My strength was not 100%, maybe 90 to 95%, but when I am forced to be in that mode my technique becomes not quite meticulous, but very good. It has to be.
It was actually a damned good workout. I did hit 425, betcha 445 would have happened. I didn't have OOMPH, though...oomph is where reps happen, without it, the energy to do more than a couple just peters me out.

I did sleep straight through last night more than I have in probably almost two weeks. I think 5 to 5 and a half hours...but with just one night of sleep after being wired out for so long - that's when my eyes roll to the back of my head and don't want to come out until perhaps one more night of uninterrupted sleep.
I moved into an "on beyond exhausted' stage this evening. All kinds of pains and tightness and an empty drained feeling in most every muscle belly in my body. It's not good - I need to eat and rest, and rest, and sleep, and replenish before bad things happen.
However, I can still bench 315 on a bad day, at 154 lbs.. It was a slow, long ascent, but I did foot slipped out from under me, methinks the tread on my tennie is worn and I just pushed so hard that it slipped from under me...wierd. I don't like that. We did alot of pure work tonight, I feel trained, but drained.
I look good!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Lazy Sunday Morning

They came yesterday! B's new toys - a T Rex Squat suit and a pair of briefs, and a Phenom bench shirt. What in the world?!!! Mr. Raw in gear????!!!! Yeppers, prepping for the October 14 Iron Asylum meet. B shall have no problem learning his new outfits, and shattering the current world record squat total for 220 lbs., which is now at 1025 held by Chuck Vogelpohl.
Hi B...are you reading this? You don't need me to tell you that you will do it. Forces are with you if you let them. Please let them.
I, on the other hand, will continue to lift raw, as I find that stuff cumbersome and annoying not only to wear, but it's a nuisance to put on.

I did not lift with B on Friday evening. I was still plagued by low blood pressure, and/or whatever was eating me up. I went in yesterday afternoon. A friggin' rainy Labor Day weekend in Rehoboth Beach. It took nearly an hour to drive the six miles to the gym. Then it was so grossly humid in there...and no towels to wipe my sweaty brow! It was also crowded. I was still somewhat washed out, but strong as I could be. I don't like working out alone, or should I say without B? I also hate stopping to pose in the mirror when I'm alone...I feel very egotistic.

I changed my diet up this morning. Instead of oatmeal with egg whites and protein powder as my first meal, I am switching to a protein bar with peanut butter. I think the sugars in the bar will stream into my system quicker and maybe I'll be less sluggish in the a.m. I really have been suffering with that problem - yesterday with clients and feeling like I was going to fall out of my chair any moment was not good.

I go through being excited about the Nationals, to wondering why the heck I am doing it....bodybuilding is a shallow, egotistical, not even a "sport"'s all about chemical warfare up there on the stage. I guess I don't want to be lying on my deathbed saying "I could have, should have" I'll do it and get it the heck out of my system. Then, back to powerlifting!!! But I get accosted by so many people at the power meets who say "You are a bodybuilder." I want to smack them, but then I suppose it is a compliment on my physique?? OK, sure.......

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday August 31

I am suffering from low blood pressure today....just a little experiment going the wrong way. I'll eat some salt, I'll live, but what a horrible feeling.
Weight = 153 -154. Time to maintain the weight for a bit. It is hard to transition back to eating after I get into diet mode. I like that machine like feeling of being regimented.
Still strong - Last night B put me to the test. First set of benches was 275 for four. No problem. Next up for me - 325...FLAWLESS!!! That's double body weight plus. Touch and go, sure, but heck, it was flawless. Somewhere between getting super frustrated with trying to find the right technique, losing the groove totally, finding it again, and hypnotherapy (yes, I am a believer) I reinvented my bench press back to where the groove wants to be naturally. It works.
GOAL SET = September 30, competition somewhere between 275 and 300. At 148...raw (of course).
Sometimes I get so sick of bodybuilding. I look at pictures on tv and online and in the magazines...I get bored. I do it because I'm good at it...because all in all, I think I have an appealling physique to both hardcore bodybuilders and to mainstream people. If the NPC is truly looking for what they I am. How ready for the Nationals am I? We will see...I don't know, but I'm stepping up and stepping out...

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hi Ho Hi Ho

It's off to Miami I go...NPC NAtionals November 10th!
It has taken me a month to whittle down from 170 to 154. I have to level off on this diet now. My projected competition weigh-in is 145. I will also be competing at the First State Power Frenzy September 30 - yes, my own meet, frenzied is one of my favorite states of being. I'll be a 148 pounder this time.
ANyhoooo- I am much pleased at my physique. My legs have taken on a beautiful shape, I can no longer be afraid to show them! 400+ pound squats almost every week and now additional brutal work (ahhh, secret methods) have really transformed them.
I've made the hotel reservations, the flight reservations, and just walked back from the post office with my $150 entry fee. The judges should take note of me this year, or something's wrong...
My strength is holding up! I attribute this to the fact that I feel better both physically and mentally at a lighter bodyfat percentage. Last night I put up 295 for three reps on the bench - all mine, all perfect form. Last week we did throw on 315 and I did it perfectly, too.
Monday I hit 405 for two reps, nicely. Power Goddess lives.

Monday, August 07, 2006

What about July 29

It was a bit much to hope that I could have pulled it off, and I did NOT pull it off. I was not in acute PAIN, it pulled, it was on fire mental and physical signals did not jibe...Oh, I sucked.
B wasn't up to his usual great self wither. Only (!!!) a 650 squat (raw, of course).

Oh, I sucked.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

a little hope....

I've been to the voodoo chiropractor, the hypnotherapist and tomorrow back to the chiropractor. I've been taking voodoo pills, wearing the chiropractic belt, icing my back every three hours (at least trying to)... everyone thinks I'll perform beautifully on Saturday...I hope my lower back gets the message! I try to squat down, without weight, of course, and I feel it, I definitely feel it.... I did bench on Tuesday evening. It went OK, considering everything that has gone awry. I did a 255 pause, but it felt way off, way way off....... I can choose doubt or trust. I have got to trust....

Sunday, July 23, 2006


I've been hanging in bed for two days, except for the1 hour fifteen minute 10 mile round trip drive I took to pick up Slater - summer traffic at the beach, it suxxxxxx. Talk about making miserable more miserable!
This situation suxxxxxxxxxx, too.
I have to make a trip to the doctor in the morning. I definitely feel infected, way deep in the inner ear canals. There are discolored big, swollen circles under my eyes. Antibiotics are sure to be prescribed. Then this back...I would say that if I didn't have the respiratory problem ont op of the back, that the back might be healed (enough) for me to go through with the meet next weekend, but the illness on top of it just too much for me to even think about right now. I could cry.
I hate antiobiotics, usually more than the illness.
Why I can't just get myself together for one friggin' event just boggles my mind. I am surely jinxed.

Friday, July 21, 2006

And Then The Walls Came Tumbling Down

All the signs were there if I had only read them properly. I was "empty head" tired today - I even took a nap, which I usually can only do when I'm big time sick, and my calves felt "empty tight" today... we warmed up on deadlifts, didn't feel bad, didn't feel "off', until I went to the bathroom after my 315 warmup - I felt some stabbing and pulling at the upper back of my thigh - enought to make me stop walking and notice it, and quickly question pursuing the workout.
However, I came back, started to pull on the 365 and BAM! The lower back nerves just started pulling every which way but loose. Holy %$#?!*$ Moving was excruciating for a little while. Jump RopeJohn, bless his heart, ran out to his car and got me some Motrin. At least I manged to become ambulatory when that kicked in, but Hell...this is not good...not good at all...
How will this pan out for next weekend? :( :( :( :( waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!
I did manage to get 3 sets of machine biceps in as well as 3 sets pullups...
This sucks, oh this sucks, it sucks it also hurts! I had to drive 6 miles home then climb up to the third floor...oh yes, this sucks.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Big Boys Club

I am now an official memeber of the Big Boys Club!! I put up a (nice) 315 last night!!! In a sick state, of course. 275 x 4 went very well, so B left three plates on after stripping off some of his weight, and said ,"Go into this like you are going to do it." So, I did just that. My, what a giddy feeling. Then 225 x 6 two-second pauses...good ones. Then we backed off the volume and just did 3 sets of smith inclines, 3 sets Hammer press for shoulders, 3 sets dips, 3 sets pushdowns.

Maybe success is contagious - my friend Justine Dohring won the DE State overall bodybuilding show Saturday, my friend Paul Timmons on Monday became the first person ever to swim from Cape May NJ to Cape Henlopen DE (15 miles in 7 hours 15 THAT boggles my comprehension. He simply AWES me). I put up a 315 bench- now remember, just wraps on the wrist - no bench shirt for me. (and don't forget the 445 squat). Keep it up Kate, don't NOT doubt.

Monday, July 17, 2006


405 x 4, 445 x 1... :) :) :) :) my bests always come on the nights I am overly tired or sick... go figure. Maybe I am creating extra energy for lifting through the extra push I have to give myself when I am in that state. Dunno, all I know is I am all full of myself tonight. :) :) :)
My weight has been hovering between 168 and 170.

I am more impressed today by my friend Paul Timmons who today became the first person to swim solo across the Delaware Bay between Cape May NJ and Cape Henlopen DE. It took him 15 miles in 7 hours and 15 THAT is jaw dropping awesome!!!
440 on a squat takes about a minute from unrack to down and up to re rack.... Paul rocks!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

How Kate Got Her Groove Back

Everything is looking groooovy again for my bench- Thank you, God! I was getting seriously down about that. But I talked Broderick into training back at The Firm last night, on a real bench with a real bar (Gold's benches and bars SUCK big ones)....lo and behold! My groove was right there where I had left it. I hit 265 for four, then 295 for two, then 225 for five real pauses -

Maybe I'll still have it next week....darn right I will! Maybe I'll be used to having a groove again.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday July 08 2:14 pm

Obviously, I suck at journal keeping...Let me backtrack to Wednesday evening, today being Saturday. We were contacted by the father of a powerlifter, a Special Olympian, who is currently training for our meet in September, the First State Power Frenzy. Jon is 24, he weighs 208 according to dad (Hank). Benched 350 at the Delaware Special Olympics this year. Anyhoo, Jon saw the pictures and videos of us posted on our site, and wanted to meet us and train with us while they were down this past week (they own a condo here at the beach). I invited him to come train with us Wednesday for bench night. What an inspiration! I could have been down crying about the digression of my bench (elaboration in a second) but how could I be anything but uplifted when in the prescence of such an angel? I think Jon benched 315 for 6 or 7 that night. He followed our whole routine to the letter. So strong, and so much more yet to be realized. I am humbled, I am honored, thank you Jon, for coming to train with me!

Now, the troubling part, I have lost my groove, I don't know where to find it. If I leave it alone, will it come home, wagging its tail behind it? Sure 275 for two is good for a woman my size, but let us consider a few mere months ago I was pushing 305 for two....

Last night,

Dealifts -365 for three, miss on a 385 (HMMPH!), 315 for 10...Elena Seiple was there helping my friend Justine with her posing routine (Justine looks grrrrrrrrrreat - next week I am sure she'll be crowned Ms. DE State). Elena gave me her "two cents" ...after I missed the 385.
I'll give the technique a go...letcha know next week.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I owe it to myself to keep this journal running...4 weeks out from the APA Virginia State, my wonderful friend Len Walker is producing this meet. B is going to compete, too! YAY!!!

Mondays, as always - leg night. It's the second night in my UB's (Universal Boots). I do believe that they are magic shoes. I feel so "grounded" in them. (And, most importanly, I look good in them! HAH!!!) Camellia Luprete from Texas designed these shoes. She impressed me, the shoes really impress me. We're putting the link to her site on Check them out.
This time around I am getting the proper amount of leg work in - last meet it was a mess with me getting sick , and B getting sick, and missing so much leg work. My squats are coming along nicely (we'll talk about benching and deads later).
I did a set of 405 for 3, then 405 for two, then 315 for 5 with NO knee wraps...on to three sets of hack squats, three of curls, and four of standing calves. I LOVE LOVE LOVE hack squats, but we have been training in gyms with poor excuses for hack squats for almost two years. Different gym now, decent hack squat, makes me happy. Last week I was forced to do front squats....after a set of 355 for 7 and 385 for 5. Torture, it was.

My hips and lower back are so tight and sore right now. It really is harder the older you get. I have to finally admit that. However, I will keep rebelling and pushing through it - all in the name of big bars and heavy random heavy circles....(quoting my son)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, May 15m 2006. 1:37 pm.

I'm back in writing mode. How did the meet go? It was a party!!! We have gotten such TREMENDOUS response from lifters and spectators alike. I want our meets to be the ones that everybody wants to lift in. I love powerlifting, I love the lifters, I want them to have a good time, have fun, be happy, it is conducive to great lifting!!
I totalled a 1080 a 425 but missed my 455 squat, that was ok, got a 255 but missed my 275 bench, that was NOT ok, pulled a 400 deadlift - with some might left over, mind you. For being 45 years old, running a meet at the same time I was lifting, and only getting an hour and twenty minutes of sleep (Jack Daniels induced at that), I'd say that was MORE than decent. I am the Power Goddess...Rate me PG. (And I got to wear my leopard singlet!!!)
I am scrapping the bodybuilding plans until I total a 1200 RAW...that can occur at my next meet, if I can pick up a dictionary somewhere with the word RELAX in it. End of July, perhaps??? Will I be able to stand myself with a 12% bodyfat level during summer months??I'll have to.
I went to the chiro today, because I was so painfully jammed up all weekend. I always get bad on Fridays, and have to suffer through to Monday. My right forearm is screwed, I couldn't even pick up the 30lb. dumbell on Friday. What gives with that? Hopefully the adjustment will help, but I believe part of it is "Computer Forearm"
Legs happen tonight. I have no perception as to how things will go, so I'll let it flow and let you know...

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday April 26 11:45 a.m.

Last night was it for training until the meet this Saturday. B could not make it to the gym, so I had Bill "babysit" me...Thank you Bill, you are a real trooper, and very motivating, too! Bill has ENORMOUS triceps. He was benching last night, too. He has a rotator cuff injury, and has to back off a little.
Big Princess Baby even wrapped her own wrists...whatever is this world coming to?

I was missing some of that "oomph" again. I can only imagine that it means that my body needs a rest - hence the reason I needed to get in there last night and not wait until tonight.
Benching -I did some 2 second pauses. Three reps at 185, 1 at 205. I had to decide where to cut it off at. Bill helped me decide that cutting off at 225 for 1 was best. It was decent. In my head I know that something was missing, but to the outside world it appeared good. I am not so sure that last night I could have handled my normal 275 with a 2 second pause. 250, for sure, but again, somwhere other than in myself lied the "oomph". 2 sets tricep dumbell extensions, 2 sets lateral raises and I was out of there....
I'm at 165. perfect. Now just hold it all together for Saturday, get that 1027+ total RAW, and I remain the Power Goddess...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

april 25, 2006 Tuesday 12:33 pm

Nerves sucked out my energy yesterday...really...I was a bundle o' nerves up until squat time, thinking about this meet upcoming and how I want it to be a great success, not just a success, but a GREAT success. I manged a 405 squat, wielding the bar around gets easier each time, but I was just missing that "oomph"... it was, however, probably one of the best squats I've ever done form wise, and depth wise - the guys told me it was real deep....(hamstrings).

My deadlift was the best deadlift I ever did, was only 355, but it came off the floor fast, and I kept the pace and form the whole way up... 2 squats, 2 deadlifts, couple of sets of hamstring curls and I was out of there.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Saturday April 22, 2006 10:57 a.m.

I didn't have the "wherewithall" to post after Wednesday...(I'm really not sure what "wherewithall" is, are you? But it sounds appropriate). I've been haunted since Monday evening with my old back injury - I slipped a disc in my mid-spine about 4 years ago. I would honestly have to say it was about the worst it has been since I started back to the gym 2 1/2 years ago.
Somehow I mangled it Monday night (AFTER the gym). I have been somewhat worried, but my gut keeps saying to go forward, so I have trooped onward in my lifting quests. I went to the chiropractor twice this week and he hates it when I come in sometimes, for I just will not unjam. It's probably the most physical work he gets all week! I did NOT deadlift last night,and I slept on my bed to loosen my back up - VOILA. Today I feel renewed. Thank you God.

Wednesday I did 2 second pause reps on the bench- 2 at 185, 2 at 205, 2 at 225, 2 at 255, and 1 at 275.
The 275 was the easiest, probably because at that point I was in the groove. I betcha I could have done a 285 or 290...but we will never know, will we?

Did back and biceps last night, no deadlifting. Traps - shrugs with bar, keeping the reps in the 15 - 20 range. I went up to 5 - 45lb. plates on the t-bar row machine we have. I love where this machine hits my back. Remember, a life without WINGSPAN is no life for me!!! Pulldowns with v bar was the only other back excercise I did. Then Hammer Curls - I went up to 60 b. dumbells for 3. My gawd...heavy. Then negative rep pull-ups for an ugly end to a relatively productive workout. I really believe that the working out helped stretch out that tightness in my back, and loosened it up alot. POWER GODDESS is revving back up!!!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday April 17, 2006 7:49 pm

OK boys and girls, I am REALLY FULL OF MYSELF right now. Just got done legs~I did a 425 squat, walking it back out of the racks, going well past deep enough, and no whining, no security spotters on the side, either!!..oh, and just to remind y'all if you are reading this - belt and knee wraps only. UNEQUUIPPED.
The 500 unrack last week really helped me get control of the 425 this week. Yeppers...It was shaky but I had control. The secret, boys and girls, is going deep enough to put the hamstrings into play to power you up. A squat is not a squat without the hamstring power.
B really put it into the right perspective, when comparing equipped lifting with unequipped lifting. It's rare to see someone equipped do a real squat, it is a competitive lift, but not a squat.
I won't go there....I respect equipped lifting for what it is, I just prefer not to, because I CAN, and I can do it well.

Secret to my diet revealed : right after working out, to replace the glycogen in the muscles - 2 glasses of wine. Year round, day in, day out, bulking up, dieting down...always, 2 glasses of wine...unless I'm having a bourbon. Lately I have been preceding the wine with Creatine(MuscleTech to be exact), but that is mostly because I need the calories. I'm at 166. I have to lose a pound for the meet - I will cut back on my daily Little Debbie cakes.

Monday April 17, 2006 8:03 am

Yesterday was Easter. I spent a good portion of the day trying to iron our real estate problems...some holiday. I don't think people realize how much STRESS is involved in this occupation.

I wanted to stop and give thanks to my awesome (overused word, but it fits in this situation) training partner and GURU of strength Broderick Chavez.If it were not for him taking me under his wing almost a year and a half ago, I would not be the strong and happy lifter that I am today. If you have never seen Broderick Chavez squat, you are missing one of the greatest squatters ever. Of course, that's not all he is...He's also been the "architect" for my bodybuilding, and the reason I am able to amp myself up in the gym on any given day. He has had to convince me of alot of things, one of them being that I really am stronger than I realized, and he ticks me off sometimes because he is usually right ( so I can eat peanut butter evryday and not get fat).
I could go on and on and on, but to put it simply B, Thank you from the bottom of my heart and muscle bellies!!!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday April 14 2006 7:53 pm

What was pounded into my thick noggin one more time tonite was having a day off between training seesions in a MUST, not a choice. Since we had to push legs off a day, hence chest pushed off until last night, then straight into tonight with no rest for back...tonight I was just physical toast - burnt out tired...not mentally, thank goodness, - 'twas all that saved the effort I had.
Last night, benching went well. I did 2 second pauses. First set 205 - effortless, next set 225 - still very easy, next set 245...the 245 was the easiest out of the three sets!! I could probably handle a 275 for a two second pause, but we didn't want me to go overbaord ...then I did two work sets at 225, one for 7 and one for 5, I think.
Proceeded to smith inclines, then Hammer Strength machine presses...We did delts very quickly tonite...oh the big plump burning deltoids!!!! I like the "shoulder stripes" (striations) that are poking out of my delts....Shoulder srtipes are where it is at!!!:Lateral flyes and machine presses - zip, zap- got through them FAST! Then tricep pressdowns.
Tonight we tossed the idea of not doing deadlifts around, but we did them. Too muxh work within too few days... warming up, at 315 I felt kind of out of sync, but not too bad to call it off. B predicted 365 for 3, but I could only muster one today.
He said he could see the lackadaisity in my hamstrings...I don't even remeber if I did another set or not...really, I can't remember. That's how burnt I am.
We cut everything else short, too. So, I predict lots of rest and food this weekend, and I will come back strong come on Monday. I want to feel 500 pounds on my back again, so I can finally learn not to be afraid of 405....

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

April 12 2006 8:09 am

I squatted last night. It was an effort to get under the bar, because of this &*%%$?/@ dry hacking cough and lack of oxygen due to congestion, but I had been waiting for so long to get under there. It HAD to happen.
405 for the first rep was relatively effortless. Even walking back with the weight was no problem. Yeah, I had the weight. At the transition point from rep #1 to rep #2, I actually had control of everything. The leg wobbles may have been there, but I had control. Somewhere on the descent my endurance just left, and I felt the tightness in my body go slack. I thought I was going to go down. But my posse of spotters (my security blanket of men...I am a baby, a princess) demanded that I finish, they were NOT going to ALLOW me to fail on this. Thanks guys. I finished. I did two reps!!As soon as I left the squat racks I had a coughing fit.
That took everything out of me, yet it took nothing...I am stronger than this, I know it. I'm still growing INTO my strength, rather than trying to get stronger.
B wanted me to put 500 on my back and walk out for a count of 5 and then re-rack. I got under the 500, but that weight wasn't going anywhere. I held it, and gosh darn is 500 pound heavy!!!
But my legs were not moving. Maybe if I wasn't sick I would have moved, maybe not, but there is the next goal. I want to squat 500 in November.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

April 11 2006 11:59 am

DMFSOBCS (guess what that stands for)... I was too sick too train last night, way worse than over the weekend. Ugghhh...woe is me, how will I fare at the meet without squat practice??? Tonight is a 50-50 on how it goes. I DID sleep.I slept 9 hours, WAY more than what I am used to. My eyes have rolled into the back of my head and do not want to come back out. I'm in a fog, a bloody fog.........My head is still congested, a bit, my chest has alleviated somewhat. I must trust, as long as I give it what I am capable of, it will be alright. I can choose the path of fear and doubt, or trust that I am capable of performing miracles. I must choose the latter and not waiver.

April 11 2006 11:59 am

DMFSOBCS (guess what that stands for)... I was too sick too train last night, way worse than over the weekend. Ugghhh...woe is me, how will I fare at the meet without squat practice??? Tonight is a 50-50 on how it goes. I DID sleep.I slept 9 hours, WAY more than what I am used to. My eyes have rolled into the back of my head and do not want to come back out. I'm in a fog, a bloody fog.........My head is still congested, a bit, my chest has alleviated somewhat. I must trust, as long as I give it what I am capable of, it will be alright. I can choose the path of fear and doubt, or trust that I am capable of performing miracles. I must choose the latter and not waiver.

Friday, April 07, 2006

April 07 6:51 pm

I really tried to think about this tonight, because I'm sick as a dog again, compounded with lack of sleep. I was thinking earlier I might not even be able to train. But heck, I've trained in these conditions before. What it is when I'm sick, is that my mind and body can't quite fuse into unision, so I'm only able to be in one or the other. I go with the mind, and stuff happens.
I finally gave Broderick his 10 reps at 315 in the deadlift. Then a set of 7. My lungs still hurt an hour and a half later.
We cut the workout short, we are both sick, and I am trying my derndest not to become overtrained. 2 sets deadlifts, two sets of cable rows, 2 sets of pulldowns. My lungs still hurt, and I've got this lovely deep hacking cough to go with that. I've also got "the workout headache", similar to an ice cream headache but it comes from really digging in and performing at the gym.

I hear the Nyquil calling already.

April 07 9:58 am

It seems that I have my best gym days when I'm off kilter - tired, or sick, etc. Last night was no exception. B was back, still feeling the after effects of being sick, and I was feeling the full bloom of being sick. However, we both were totally "in the zone". I can only describe it as when I feel physically off, I expect less of myself so I don't have that stress riding on me. I am able to get into a more detached zone when I'm tired...???? WhatEVER!!
Anyhoo, my first work set began at 250 for 7...hmmm, not too shabby, little princess. So B gives me a choice, either do pause reps, or let's load 305 on the bar and see what you can do with it.
I get all warm and fuzzy thinking about feeling the heavy load, and I opt for the 305. I expected a good whole hearted effort, I'm not really sure that I did expect to get the whole rep, much less a perfect rep, much less two perfectly executed reps......yeah, 305 for 2. The Power Goddess made a great appearance at the gym last night.
I'm still sick today, and I believe that it's mandatory that I deadlift tonight. Somebody pray for me....

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 04 2006 7:25 pm

Well, this week got all screwed up...B is sick, and he didn't make it last nite, so I put my training off until tonite, and he still couldn't make it. I can't squat without him...FEAR....Big Bill was at the gym tonite, and I thought about asking him for spotting, but I have such FEAR of squatting. I'm sure out of anybody Bill is perfectly capable of spotting correctly, but experience in bad spotters coupled with the FEAR I already have of squatting prevented me from pursuing . Hence, I leg pressed. I had good intentions of finally learning to wrap my knees myself on the two heavy sets, but darling Bill volunteered, so I got out of that...PITIFUL, I am PITIFUL!!!!
A competitive powerlifter who can't wrap their own knees (or wrists, for that matter!!!)
Sure I can leg press heavy, but I'm thinking that the lack of squatting prep is definitely going to hinder me. I'll be squatting in the 400's, but I really wanted to hit the high 400's, and now I'm getting rather bummed out about the whole thing. I'm also coming down with this thing that is going around,...Gosh, haven't I been sick enough lately?!!! The entire month of February I was illin'...I'm sucking zinc and C lozenges like they was goin' outa style.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

March 28,2006 1:55 p.m.

I skipped deadlifting on Friday eve, so I could be physicaly ready to squat. Even so, with having squatted only once in the past two months, and that being on the monolift, I was absolutely petrified to get under the racks last night. My hips are still sore, but I really attribute that to sleeping on my bed too often (I usually have to alternate between sleeping on the floor and the bed so certain muscle groups don't get too sore).
For some reason all my muscle bellies were big and full and very TIGHT, so tight that I think that it may have hindered my performance a bit. The only thing I can think of that was different the past few days is that I started to include milk in my diet again, which I loooove!
Anyhoo, first set was 335 x 6, felt very managable, but again, the tightness was aggravating, especially in my calves when walking out with the weight.
I was scared silly to walk out with the 405, since it had been sooo long since I had done this. We grabbed two of the guys, Sean and George, to stand on the sides of me, to make princess feel extra safe and sound. Going down and coming up were realtively easy, not effortless for sure,after all, it is a load, but not a problem. They tried to make go down for another rep, I'm sure the strength was there, but the nervous sytem wasn't quite ready. My adamant "NO" was probably heard for miles. I vowed next week that I'd do it, so mental preparation has already begun.
What goes through my head after I leave the rack and prepare to go down? It goes like this:
sit back and lead with the hips, keep tight, get all the way down, there it is - hamstrings, power up, keep going, stay tight, get it. B and I talked about the different thought processes we use when we squat. He says he coils down and pops up like a spring. I rely on the power of my hamstrings to get me up. If you have never seen my hamstrings -they start behind knees, which I firmly believe give me extra pushing power out of the hole. This must be true because I really haven't learned to use the knee wraps to "spring" up yet. When I do...look out!!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

March 23 7:50 am

Sometimes our bodies surprise us with a reverse "matter over mind". Not that I had any negativity going in to last night's training session, but yesterday my mind was hanging a little on the burnt fringe, not having slept well, and being plain out disappointed in how beat up my body has been since last Friday- not being able to squat and this old nagging right side of back injury is screaming at me. I might give my friend Justine some credit in my motivation last night. I had coffee with her yesterday, hadn't seen her for way too long. The girl is prepping for her first BB contest, the DE State, and her fire and enthusiasm she emits is catching. I went straight from her to the gym. What a Maniac (yes, you Justine!).
It was bench night. I hit 245 for six, I was a little too high on the bench and hit the racks a couple of times - messed up my groove. I then hit 275 for three, which I have done before, but not as well as I did them last night. the weight was all mine last night. For some reason my body just naturally put me up on my toes last night, instead of being flat on the floor, and by jiminy!!! It worked! I then picked off 225 for seven, which is usually what I do fresh. Yes, I am pleased.
My weight was 167. My goal for the meet = 300.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

March 21, 2006 2:03 pm

Last night was a bit of a disappointment. I dragged B up to The Training Center (TTC) so I could jump on the monolift. As I feared would be the case, I'm still overly mangled from Friday's deadlifting. Changing up my deadlift technique caused my hip flexors, and upper outer glute area to experience stress as they have not before. Hence, stepping under the squat bar, just warming up with 315, I went down and my front hip area just buckled from being tired, still sore and not able to support me. I have to look at the positive, however - I did finally get the deadlift down, and I was able to play with Jack's new hack squat, which I would not have done otherwise. My ability to recuperate between sessions seems to be low these days. Age?

As far as squatting goes...I have only squatted once in 6 or 7 weeks, that was two weeks ago. It was a good session, but seems to me I shoud be squatting alot more if I want to nail this meet.
I could have managed two or three reps at 405, though I only did one - I have this fear factor that I still can't overcome with the squat. I hold back at least a rep or so on all my sets. (B reads this he'll make me override that...)
I only have 4 or 5 more squatting sessions before the meet. How will I fare? My GOAL is 460 for this meet. If we can keep me from overREACHING, and overTRAINING, I'll do it.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

March 19 2006 - Sunday 2:02 pm

Six weeks to go. I'm preparing for the Delaware Power Classic (MY meet), fullpower, lifting raw, unequipped, just me. I'm starting this blog as a log to record the journey, thinking somebody else just may be interested in seeing what it's like to prepare for a powerlifting meet.

My only hought today is MY GAWD!!! I am sore today in places I didn't know existed. Friday evening I finally learned how to deadlift PROPERLY. It's all in pushing the shoulders back.
I hope I heal enough for tomorrow's squats.