Saturday, November 29, 2008


Words of advice - never, never under any circumstance get a toothache on a holiday weekend...
I'm still a miserable f*** This hit Wendnesday evening, no dentists open until Monday. Mine won't even be back until Tuesday. Why can't they all just get together in localized areas and appoint one dentist to be on call on certain days and weekends....geeeezzzz..
Anyhooo - Eating on Thanksgiving was indeed problematic . Of course I'd chew on the opposite side, but every now and then on the sore side I'd hit tooth against tooth, and pow! There would come the throbbing again. Worked the pain to my advantage however, on Friday. I stopped in at The Training Center to do back and biceps. I was so consumed with pain in the mouth that the pain in training my back was going to be cake. I have always been wary of overloading too high on barbell rows, but as I was in that particular pain induced zone already, I thought what the heck, slap that 300 on the bar. I did 8. HAH! 2 sets. ANd I had to do dumbell rows only because TTC has those dumbells up to 190's. :) :) :)
I still have alittle problem with the teres major with movements where I have to pull down, so obviously pulldowns were a no go.
Hammer Curls with 70's and cable concentration curls.

High School reunion on Friday evening! I forgot how truly wild and crazy I was in high school until we all started reminiscing...HAH! No, I'm not sharing !!! LOL... I do believe I am a whole lot more innocent these days than I was back in those days... LOL!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I am coming back around - seems like I say THAT phrase way too frequently. Life has its setbacks, for sure. Perseverance is vital. I feel pretty good, physically and mentally. I have had to make alot of decisions unexpectedly, but I feel quite comforatable with myself and the directions I aim to move forward in. Away with the show...

GW and I thoroughly trashed our legs Sunday, so well that mine are still screaming, and it is Wednesday. I tested myself with one set of squats with 135 for 10 reps. So far so good! I will try to add weight each time. I am hopeful, but there is still the chance that I may not ever be able to squat again, so hope is my best course. Lunges on the Smith Machine with a box are friggin' killers if you do them properly. We even went as far as high rep sets of 20.

Last night benches. I had been planning to bench on December 06 in a meet, and possibly deadlift, however with the way things have worked out in my life that is not to be. No sweat, there will be more in the future. I was back on track last night, however a little tight in the upper chest and shoulder tie ins. 230 x 10, 260 x 6, 280 x 3. Then static holds - I must have held the 370 for 20 seconds and would haveleft it at that, but felt that it was way too light so I then held a 390 for 10 seconds. Next time is the big 400 for sure...

:). When I get that big weight in my hands, I just get ridiculously giddy. I love it!

I have been a miserable f*** for the past 24 hours due to a throbbing lower left jaw. Of course, it is a holiday and I cant see the dentist today. If anyone has any home tootache remedies PLEASE share. Nothing is working that I can come up with. My dad will get out the cotton balls soaked in whiskey later on today, I'm sure. Whiskey is pretty much the base of the Baird first-aid box. Lol.
Today is Thanksgiving - have a happy, peaceful and blessed day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has been a tough week and a half. I lost my friend and business partner, hence my "job" as well.
If you don't think that kind of stress takes its toll on you physically as well as mentally , think again. I am physically beyond exhausted and mentally drained. So, no gym news, as it has been more like going through the motions just to get through it. I missed a couple of days as well.

My massues commented last week that my right leg was so much more muscular and dense than my left leg. Of course, I had to immediately go home and measure. Sure as shooting, left leg is just a hair under 26", and the right leg is 26 1/4". Now I am self consious and standing with my left leg behind me all of the time! LOL.

My weight is down to 173. It has been hard to concentrate on eating.

So where do I go from here? Hopefully nowhere but upward.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Farewell my friend....

Farewell to my friend and business partner, Jody Hudson.

Jody, I hope you are finally in a place free of pain.
I miss you.
You taught me so much, in so many aspects of life, as you did so many others.
Peace my friend.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here I am

I agree - I've been scarce here lately. I think it is just that sometimes I want to fade away into the woodwork and go about things quietly... oh, I hear the chuckles with that statement, but it is true. However, here I am -

I strained my teres major the other night in the gym. It was more an indirect result of being out of whack from hovering over the computer so much lately. Computer arm, computer neck, computer wrist, computer shoulder... I knew I should have not only stretched everything out before commencing training, but should have seen the chiropractor that morning too. I had absolutely no problem deadlifting - was a little lackadaisacal, but did pull 410, so really no problems there.
Third set of cable rows I felt the pull. Stopped right away. Ended the session right there and then.
Legs were no problem Sunday, of course. Though it is kind of strange how doing Smith machine lunges on a box does not hurt me, as they are technically one legged squats.... but I can't squat????
I did go to the chiropractor Monday ( better late than never). Usually he hates when he has to push on my side to unlock the hips etc, because half the time I don't even move at all. This time, I was much looser, and things moved as they should. A MILESTONE!!! Gives me loads of hope.

GW and I stuck to machines for chest last night, and I focused on keeping any back out of the movements. I did not train shoulders or triceps, however, so as not to pull the pull. I abhor being damaged.

Thank goodness the election is finally over. No matter how anyone voted, we Americans all need to stand together and move forward with a positive state of mind. Times are tough for so many of us now. I am a real estate agent and my pockets are hurting these days. I can only pray that things get better soon....