Sunday, December 27, 2009

Enter Stranger

I will tell you what happens. It is that I miss a few postings, and it gets so overwhelming when I think of all of the things I need to catch up on. Then I postpone my blog for "just one more day". 2 months later, here I am.
I will just begin fresh again, and not worry about the old news. Maybe some of it will work its way into my blog here and there.

It is so exciting to be able to squat again! I am still working on learning a new technique, but as of last week I think I finally nailed what works for me. Still climbing back up in the weight, but dedinitely I am getting there. I am still using sleeves only for reminder of leg and knee positioning. Every time I try wraps these days it becomes a disaster. Somehow I will need to reincorporate knee wraps, but for now is without.
One of the adjustments I have to be aware of is keeping the bar positioned in the proper place on my back. I keep wanting to sneak it up higher, which will throw me out of alignment and place the stress on my back ,throw me forward, and disallow the depth I am striving for.

That is a 370 x 3 .
I have been training recently with my friend Rob Haas, who is proving to be a great training partner!

So Happy Holidays.

I was just sitting here thinking that last year I made resolutions for the first time in many years. They didn't workout very well. I am contemplating trying one for this coming year or not.... I haven't decided yet.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 01

Time is just slipping, not even flying.
Training has been absolutely right on track, with the exception of re-twinging my knee (yes I made up that word). My chiro says it feels strong, but the meniscus tells me other things.. :(. I did squat an easy 440 a couple of weeks ago, but then silly me I went and did a set of roman chair squats...not a good idea to do after squatting. So I'm resting my knee.
I had to change my foot placement because of the knee pain, but, lo and behold, putting my feet back the way they used to be proves to give me more stability, hence more TORQUE! So I benched a 300 the other night, on a tired and lazy night. Went up good, but GW says I am still sinking wayyyyy to deep in my chest. So he says to do one more. OK, I'm game, let me go to the ladies room first. Whilst I am gone he sneaks 5 more pounds on the bar, 305. Didnt tell me.
I concentrated on touching and not sinking the bar, and it went up easy as pie,mooth as silk, pretty as a bench can be.... coulda woulda done another rep, but I'm saving my energy for..... :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aches and Pains

Squatting update -
I put up a very good 410 the other day, no knee wraps! My knee was a bit angry with me, but not too terrible My chiropractor said it felt really good when I went in for my weekly visit, so I'm not going to get too worried about it, not yet anyway. I just can't get bounce out of the wraps because I deescend way too slow. They actually hinder my performance at this point.
I benched 300 for 2 reps last night. It was a bad performance day, at that. I was all stiff and tight from this terrible front of bad weather that has moved in, along with being in the car all day and going to my Uncle Bill's funeral (we miss you Uncle Bill! ). So 300 for 2 is more than I could have hoped for.
My body is certainly reminding me of the difference between powerlifting and bodybuilding. I am sore, I ache, I am stiff....and I can't wait to go back for another dose, lol!!!

I would like to say congratulations to Scott Yard as he has just accepted the position of APA Pennsylvania Chairperson. It is good to know that my comrades are so competent and accomplished!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Iron Sport Gym

Nothing about training is even worth elaborating on this week, except for the fact that I was able to visit with Steve Pulcinella at Iron Sport Gym in Glenolden PA on Friday. I was able to train with Steve and his workout partner, Frank for some deadlifting and back training. My deadlifting sucked. That's all i can say about it, but Steve is awesome and so is the gym. I'd sell my soul to train at a gym like that on a regular basis, I swear I would.

Steve really caters to the serious Iron Athlete - whether it be Powerlifting, Strongman, Bodybuilding, and is one of the very few places anywhere in the USA where you can go to train in Olympic lifting.
If you live anywhere within reasonable driving's distance to IronSport, it is worth the journey - pure Iron Heaven. :)
Steve knows his stuff, too, if you need some training advice or help with any of the Iron sports.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


I am always playing catch up here -

I was away at Tank's last week. I did manage to squat up at the Breakfast Club again in New London CT on Sunday. I was feeling extremely tight in the hips and legs from all the driving I did on the trip up and the next day driving us to and fro. I didn't expect much of a workout , but I did manage an EASY 395, could have and should have done 2 reps, and I squatted again without wraps. I'm actually liking the no wrapping. Let's see how far I can get without them....

Tank got to shoot in a commercial that will air during the Superbowl! It's a NutriSystem commercial with Dan Marino and Lawrence taylor and some other notable football players in it.

I did an interview with lst week. It bores the heck out of me, but if you are interested, the link is . It is about an hour long. Louis Velasquez is a really groovy guy - that word. Why does no one use that word any more???

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know - MIA again, I have been. It gets difficult for me to get excited about posting and elaborating on my training when my training isn't exciting me. I have been so slow to recover from the Masters prep - I sure did throw myself through the wringer for that. I have felt my strength brewing and twitching within - but I just haven't been able to get to it! Usually I go in , do one set, and I am tuckered out...
I deadlifted 320 x 10 the other night. I felt more reps in me, but it was just like, man, I'm done, and that was that.
Stupidly I squatted again on Sunday. I know better than to squat so soon after deadlifting, but I am just so darned excited to be able to do it again! I put 320 on my back and I could feel my hips scream NO!!! at me. But I sucked it up and did 8, then 370 for 3, which is no better than last week, but I will consider the overhelming soreness in my hips. That was all I could do.
Switch gears to tonight! Oh, I feel regenerated all of a sudden. I give credit mostly to my mp3 player, and the loud metal playing in my ear helping me to amp up. Our gym plays this awful not even disco music, and you cant gear yourself up to lift big iron with that playing. Soomeone said tomight that it makes him want to go home and lay his clothes out on the
Anyhoo, the loud head banging music gave me the groove, and I used it. Benches- 260 x 7, and then an EASY 300 x 1, though I wanted to do another but GW didnt know so he pulled the bar back to help me rack it. Yes indeed, I am almost back!
I found my strength again!!! I need to be careful to keep it.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Recent Summary

OK - been awhile, so let me try to catch younz up in a nutshell.

Training has been good for the most part. The Masters prep really took its toll on my strength this time, and I am still easing back into it, but I am getting there - ALMOST back to where I was. I am still only 160 lbs, abs still in, still have striations in some places, but smoothing out and I need to to perform well.

I haven't deadlifted but very lightly one week since the show. My bench was up to 230 for 7 or 8 the other night - ok, we'll take that. Going to go a bit harder this week on the bench :).

I AM SQUATTING AGAIN!!! I started with the bar on week #1, graduated to 135 the next week, then 225, then 275, and have been at 315 for the past 3 weeks. Each week I add a rep. Today I did 320 for 5(no wraps) was so fucking hot in the gym this morning- don't think that the air conditioning was on in the back room at all. Everyone was melting, it was horrible. I even got dizzy on my last set because I could not breathe. I did one rep at 370, would have attempted another, but just couldn't muster the air. That's ok, next time... then we did some speed trainng with the blue some help with this stuff.
My IT band has been so quiet and so good. My right knee, however is off and on problematic, but I amazed how well it holds out for the squatting. I do go to the chiropractor for knee adjustments every other week now. It is getting better.

Tank and I went to Miami a couple of weeks ago for Lisa Gaylord's Fitness Blitz weekend. What a whirlwind trip! Thanks and many hugs to Lisa and Erin Milchman for allowing us to be part of this event, and allowing us to meet so many wonderful and special people whilst we were there.
Both Lisa and Erin are like Energizer Bunnies and they kept us busy but we had so much fun!

I then spent another week in Connecticut with Tank :) I don't think we stopped moving the entire week. I'm still exhausted. We went to a taping of Deal or No Deal while I was there. Thank God I have callouses on my hands already. My hands hurt from clapping so much through 3 tapings of the show.

Tank took me to the Breakfast Club in New London again last week when I was in CT. Those guys are great! They gave me nail bending lessons, and I bent both of my first attempts, probably much to thier surprise! Nail bending is my new hobby :)

I miss you Tank when we aren't together! xoxox

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I'm alive - really I am. So much going on, lots to elaborate on. Usually when so much happens I get overwhelmed and keep putting things off, such as I am doing now...
and I am putting off this post until tomorrow - HAH!!! Just checking in to say I have not evaporated.
Stay tuned -
photo by Women's Physique World
Masters Nationals 2009

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dancing and Bending

I just returned from a magical, mystical week in Mystic CT. I went to visit my Tank :)

Here we are at our first foray into ballroom is confirmed - I am a klutz! But what a blast we had!

We danced at the Fred Astaire Studio in Mystic.
What a wonderfully warm group of people and oh, how they can dance! Above is Vadim, one of the owners. He and his dance partner gave Tank and I a special private dance performance. It was like magic watching them glide across the dancefloor. They did a Viennesse Waltz that was simply lovely. They will be competing in a week or two - I wish them much luck, they already have the talent!

The other picture, of course is Tank - that is about the only way I can get "light on my feet", lol...

Tank took me to a place they called the Breakfast Club in New London, CT at the home of a fellow named Joe Mugavino. Joe and a group of fellows and gals do not only strongman training there, but also do some specializing in grip strength training. This was most fascinating ! I got all warm and fuzzy watching Joe Retkowski do some nail bending. Joe took what they call a "red nail" 5/16 ", and bent the darned thing like it was a straw. I was extremely impressed. Now I have this hankering to bend things.....

Check that bent nail out!

Above is Tank playing with an Atlas Stone.

I am EASING back into training, so as to avoid injuries and setbacks. It will take several weeks to come back to my normal strength levels, but it is necessary to hold back.

I'm still ripped, but I'm not trying to be. I'm eating all kinds of food, indulging in things I dont usually even consider shoving into my mouth. I honestly think that my body was so depleted that it is soaking whatever it can up to nourish itself, leaving nothing as waste, nor fat. I'm sure sooner or later I'll be plump again.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rest and Recovery period and my Results of Masters Nationals

What a whirlwind of a weekend in Pittsburgh!!!! I loved just about every minute of the adventure.

This is going to be somewhat of a lengthy posting today. I am feeling quite happy and blessed these days, not just because I placed well in the show, but because I have such special and wonderful people in my life to help get me through it! I want to take some time to thank some of them, who for without thier friendship, support, encouragement, I would not be in this good place I am in right now.

It was a long road to the Masters this year(in case you DON"T know I placed 3rd in the Over 45 HVW - out of 18 competitors). I started wayyyy back in the end of February on my diet to make it down to the 181's for the IPA power meet, had a whole week to recover ( absolutely NOT enough time) before starting the official diet for the Masters. I lost 41 pounds - weighed in at 148. OMG do I feel the wrath. And no, I shouldn't have benched at the DPC on May 10th, but I HAD to have that 165 lb. raw bench record back.. I was like a blood thirsty dog. If I had tried to do that even a week later I bet I would not have made it. My strength just PLUMMETED back around that point.. It WILL take a while to recover, and I am going to adhere to the mandatory rest. Slow and steady....really, REALLY!!!!

I feel we nailed my conditioning ALMOST to perfection....won't say the one minor thing that may have chiseled me in one extra iota, but yes, nearly perfect. My prep guy knows of what I

And for that near perfect conditioning I thank my prep coach, who believed in me and said that I could hold my own up on that stage, and worked with me through my hypoglycemic adversities and insomniatic psychosis....and my regular psychosis too.... hah!

He has become a true and treasured friend. Even before his agreement to coach me through to this show I knew I had met not only a brilliant individual, but a very giving soul and heck, a really funny guy! (Botox for the laugh lines are in order for NEXT year)

My training partner - George Wilson, who ALWAYS puts my trainng needs and concerns first in the gym. That is because he really CARES. He is the best trainng partner one could ever wish for, and one of the best friends one could ever wish for too. Beth Beitzel, his girlfriend, I give many thanks to as well.

My son, Slater, who just puts up with his mom's passion of "lifting heavy random bars with big round circles on the ends." The poor kid has barely had any homecooked nutritious meals for months...(ok, ok - I just used the diet as an excuse - I hate to cook - HAH!) He is a good kid with tons of musical and artistic talent. I encourage and foster his endeavors, as music is his true essence and passion.Thank you God for blessing me with my son.

Jody Hudson, my friend and business partner, who we lost very suddenly this past November. I miss him terribly. I did see the sign you sent me on the drive to Pittsburgh. I know what it meant. I know you were watching. I know you are proud. Thank you for putting up with my obsessive shennanigans for all those years. Thank you for giving me the time and space.

Jack Osborne, owner of the Training Center in New Castle DE - a fantastic bodybuilder in his own right. Jack has done so much for me over the past 5 years, supporting me in both my bodybuilding AND powerlifting endeavors. I hope to see Jack back up on the stage at the Masters next year once again.

The gang at Midway Fitness, and also the gang at The Firm Fitness Center, both in Rehoboth Beach DE. Always supportive and encouraging. Small compliments on down days always go far to pick me up on hard days in the gym. Marti Spiker -owner of Midway, and Paul Timmons, owner of the Firm - my forever gratitude for your support in both my bodybuilding and powerlifting endeavors. I can be a maniac in the gym, but I try to be a considerate maniac.

Rob Haas - what can I say different that means thank you ..? Yah've been there cheering me on even before I met you. Now, go catch me some more fresh tuna steaks, please, because I can eat them with teriyaki sauce now that I'm not dieting.... BIG MAJOR HUGS to you!

Tony Paradiso - I whined to you alot the past few months, I'm sorry..but you knew where I was coming from. You helped me ALOT on all of those bad days I whined to you. Now I can eat pudding again :)

Bill Jentz , who I thank for his honesty and unique friendship over the past few years. You ALWAYS make me feel like a winner!

Joel Goldberg, always for his kind support , but also for telling me I had absolutely no potential to be a bodybuilder - where do you think some of the extra fire and drive came from big guy????? Hmmm??????

Michele Thorington, a beautiful woman whom I just met and roomed with for 4 days during this event.So kind and helpful,not just to me but to everyone. She competed in the Over 35 and Over 45 Figure Class E. She didnt place as well as she should have, really...she looked great. Really she did. But she will keep her head up and drive forward and use her gut next time and steal the show! I think we shall remain great friends for a long time to come.

Dilbert, you know why I thank you... It all turned out ok though in the end. I am so grateful for your kindness.

And most recently the most wonderful man I know - Christopher Annino - TANK - who has enriched my life, my heart, my soul in so many ways. The ONLY person who has ever been able to get me to relax!!! LOL. I wore an extra layer of confidence and self-esteem because of you Chris. Even though you couldn't be there physically, I still held you with me throughout the entire event You can only be described by me as simply the best man that there is on this earth.

Masters Nationals 2010 - I will be there!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 days out

Yes - I have purposely been elusive.

We are winding down on the home stretch here. I think this entire process has been 20 weeks, and we are closing in on losing 37 pounds! Holy Bageless mornings !!!!

The only thing that has been hard in this process has been the lack of sleep. That is nothing new for me, as many of you know, but after 6 - 8 weeks without proper rest, anyone who has ever been sleep deprived can tell you - you will do just about ANYTHING to get sleep. And that would usually include getting up to eat something to help me sleep, but NOPE, haven't succumbed to that evil the entire time. At times I have wondered if I was going to make it - but I have, and I will. Perserverance!

Somehow I rested last night. I'm not sure how to act! It feels like I have been reborn! Aaaahhhh!!!

C'mon - admit it - that is one BEEFY BUTT !!!!

I'm almost all packed, and am anxious to go. I will be rooming with a figure competitor named Michele Thorington from Michigan. We have only started to get to know each other but I adore her already! I cannot wait to meet her in person. I hear she is looking ready to do some serious damge to the other women in her class. I know her fire and drive are right on point!! Go Michele!!

I haven't let out publicly who I have worked with for this prep, and I am still not going to. I will say this, however, he has been an EXTREME pleasure to work with, and I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity not only to work with such a knowleadgeable, funny, intelligent soul, but he has become a dear friend to me. I treasure my friends.

Congratulations to Christopher Annino , who directed a film called The Picture Bowl, which will be shown at the 10th Anniversary Women & Girls Fund Film Festival at the Garde Arts Center in CT on August 06, at 7 pm. Chris, I am so proud of you ! You are the best!

I am going to go practice posing now while I have the energy and good spirits to do so.
See you in Pittsburgh!

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 weeks out

I am talking to a new webmaster and hope to have a new website sometime within the coming months. I know my old site has run its course, and never has worked properly with the like of Firefox and some other browsers. Bear with me.

Here is my new little girl - Cap'n Jazz. She's about 10 weeks old.
She's just a lil' sweetie, she is.

I want to get some things straight here - I am not "chasing" anybody at this competition.
I'm worried only about me. Period. And you know what - I'm not even "worried" about me.
I'm going in looking the way I want to, the way I think I look best. And I WILL be prepared to show my best package, the Kate package. I've still got 3 weeks of work to do, but I'm doing it.
I promise.

I have no idea what I'm looking at here - it was still early in the a.m. I think my eyes hadn't rolled back out of thier sockets yet. : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Weeks Out

This is the group of amazing athletes I was able to meet and watch whilst acting as judge at the Special Olympics of Delaware Powerlifting on June 13th. This was the second year I have taken part in SODE, and again I was very honored to be asked and able to partake in the activities. These guys gave us thier hearts as well as thier athletic talents. Well done ALL !!!!

OK, I'm cranky and I'm tired, but mostly from lack of sleep. If I could only get up and drink a glass of milk or eat a light carbohydrate laden snack I'm sure I could sleep a whole lot better. I admit, I am pure misery on feet these days.

There is nothing I crave so much as 6 straight hours of sleep. Nothing. Not a thing. Nope.

Less than 4 weeks to go and by this time I usually have a very decent base tan, but as the sun seems to have burnt out several months back I'm going to have to just step up the tanning bed frequency. The weather simply has sucked all year.

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 weeks

I had a photoshoot with David Koster of Portraits In The Sand the other day. We went up to Gordon's Pond State Beach, here on the north end of Rehoboth Beach in lovely slower lower Delaware. It was around 5:30 pm, and a beautiful, magical, mystical fog rolled in just in time for the photo session. How can you ever plan for something like that to happen??

David is an amazingly talented photographer, and a super nice guy!

Here are my weekly black undies pictures at 5 and a half weeks out -

Check out the striations starting to come in on the lower lats

:) :) :)

So you liked playing 20 questions with Kate?

I'll give you 10 more to mull over -

1. Favorite flower - I think that dandelions get a bad rap. I also love purple irises.

2. Favorite smell - that would be the smell of wet concrete after a rain shower.... lilacs smell pretty good too.

3. One physical trait that you would change if you could - like I'm going to point that out to the public ???!!! If you don't notice it, good!!!

4. Where did you go on your first date ? 7th grade dance.

5. Sunrise or sunset - I am rarely up for the event, but each sunrise gives the promise of new hope and the opportunity to create anew.

6. Favorite season - summer - hot and humid, yessss!!!!

7. Favorite artist - I have two: Maxfield Parish, and Abraxas Hudson.

8. Favorite place to shop - Salvation Army.

9. Who you miss the most - Wendy, my childhood best friend - it is MY fault for not staying in touch like I should, and Jody , my business partner and friend, who taught me more useful and important things in life than I ever realized whilst here on earth.

10. How do you start your day - every day before I get out of bed, I try to think of 3 things that I am grateful for. Those things can be anything, but knowing that there is something to be grateful for helps start the day on a positive note. Then I make a beeline to the coffeemaker.

Friday, June 05, 2009

6 and a Half Weeks to go

I was feeling like a basket case because I couldnt sleep for a couple of weeks (imagine THAT! ). But now I am rested and back to being ornery. I feel rather good now. I have changed my training so now I am only doing one big body part per workout, or one, maybe two smaller body parts.

Yes, that makes an incredible difference in energy recovery for now.

I am very pleased with my progress, and the best is yet to come!

Someone suggested I play "20 Questions with Kate" here.

Let's see if I can come up with 10 questions...

1.Favorite color - changes periodically. Right now I go for "energy colors" - yellow, orange, red.

2. Favorite food - frozen birthday cake - has to have plenty of icing.

3. What cd is in your car cd player right now? I believe it is the new Static - X - Cult of Static.

4. How do you like to relax - with a big ol' glass of wine...ok, 2 glasses....

5. Do you have any pets - no...but we are supposed to be getting a kitty cat tomorrow! :)

6. Favorite Muppet - Grover

7.What kind of car do you drive - 2006 Jeep Liberty.

8. Favorite sport - Powerlifting....duhhhh....(and Pro Bull Riding, of course )

9. Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla

10. favorite comedian - whatever happened to Chris Elliot ????

OK - that's enough. We don't want to get too personal with me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

7 and a half weeks out

I will say this - it is a good thing that the powerlifting meet was a couple of weeks ago, for I have no ability nor even the interest in pushing heavy weights right now.... those little chrome Barbie dumbbells are looking mighty heavy these days....reps, reps, reps....sigh.......

I'm starting to crave salty things.... I might even lick the salt shaker out if given the chance. Visions of chips and salsa dance through my head constantly! That's about all I want, except for a big ol' Golden Margarita to go with them.... but no salt on the margarita, please. And make it fishbowl size.

This is me wearing my APT boy shorts! You can purchase a pair or two at:

:) Back to basic black next time though - I promise.

I am hanging in the 161 - 162 range. I'm relatively pleased with the progress. My abs, the little buggers, usually don't come in until the last moment. Sure, they are there, but they usually don't POP until the very end. Maybe they will come out sooner this time...we shall wait and see. Although you cant tell by this backside pic, my beloved Xmas tree is showing :).
I am going to hang blinking lights on it this year - lol.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Delaware Power Classic

the 4th annual APA Delaware Power Classic was FANTASTICALLY AWESOME!!!! As always, held at The Training Center in New Castle DE, on Saturday, May 10, 2009.

First the lifters - when I started lifting 4 years ago RAW was the underdog to geared lifting. Now it is growing wider acceptance and I couldn't be more thrilled. Most of my lifters were raw. Ben Brand SHW hit a 2150 RAW total!!! 820/630/700 - and it all looked way too easy.

Scott Yard did his second ever raw meet (after being one of the top ranked gearedlifters for a few years running)and totalled and incredible 1980 at 275. We had several world records set on this day. So many good lifters participated, whether there were records set or not... my applause and thank yous to all of them. OK, yes - I lifted...I was not going to, but I had to reclaim my APA 165 raw world bench women's masters record. When else was I going to have the chance to do so???? I dieted my ass off to get to 165 (164.6 to be exact). I put up a 275. Yes that was good enough to win the rocord back ! :) On my way back up in weight when I am fueling UP not DOWN in food, not prepping for a bodybuilding show, and when I'm NOT running the meet (cannot do this anymore!!!!) and when I don't have a strained forearm - I'll up that record poundage again, I promise!

Thank you as always Big Al Fortney for being my designated wrist wrapper. Mark Caserta - I wouldn't have gone through with the benching if it wasn't for your encouragement and help in the warm-up room and platform. and Thank you to Gene and Ame Rychlak, (IPA),who came down from PA out of the goodness of their hearts to help me out at this meet. Two totally awesome people!!! Tone Barbaccio- I love you dude - you are such an assett at my meets, as well as all of the Dynamo Club gang out of Rising Sun MD - Matt Wilson, Greg and Dave Murray, Danny Blankenship, all you other guys whose names I do not know - lol - it is because of you guys that this meet is such the event that it has become. George Wilson - even though you were illin' and could not stay, you know I could NOT do any of this without your support, and you are the best training partner EVER!!! AND last and in no way least but most of all - Len Walker - my do you stay so calm through all of this??? Thank you Len!!! Special thank you to DeBorah Better for staying to help put the gym back together - girl, heal up so you can lift next time!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Kate in black undies...AGAIN!!!!

Oh look - more pictures of Kate in black underwear... These pictures don't look much different from last week's, though there are significant changes. The lighting is different, and makes everything flatter. Really, I'm better!!! Lol - 'twas a rainy day and had to use stronger flash. 10 and a half weeks to go.
Saturday I journeyed up to Wilmington to attend the Animal Barbell Club gathering at a new gymnasium - OSX Fitness. Steve, the owner (Uncle Fester) was most gracious and the facility is great. It is always a pleasure to hang out in a room with a bunch of big, strong and very sweaty men...oh, I mean Animals.... is it possible that Big Al Fortney can look even bigger...???
Looking forward to this Saturday - the 4th annual Delaware Power Classic. It is always a good time, but this one is shaping up to be a killer! I'm doing all the last minute details, and am very amped up - fill yah in on the results in the next posting.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

11 and a half weeks

This blog is getting boring - same old thing, pictures of Kate in her black skivvies.
And speaking of those pictures of me in my skivvies, here they are!
Progress is noticeable, but as we are coming in on the 11 week mark, we are going to be making some changes so things will be happening quicker and details will start popping. It feels so good to have a waistline again. Monday when these photos were taken I was still hanging around 172 ish - but this morning, Wednesday, I'm at 170 ish... Ish!!!
My left arm is a bit strained, so the left bicep isnt flexing as well as it usually is. I wish people would stop asking me how big my arms are...does it friggin' MATTER what they measure? Fat people have large measurements too...
I am soooTIRED!!!! I keep saying that, but it is so true. I really, really don't think I ever physically recovered from that bus trip from Hell. Can't stop to recover now, though I am taking a rest week this week. I usually do take a rest week, or at least a few days off every 8 weeks or so. If I didn't, I would be dead.... I have to start training lighter and less intensely for the rest of these 11 weeks or I will surely die....I just can't seem to get HEAVY off of my mind.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

12 and a half weeks

172 in these pictures - same weight as last week, yet a tad leaner.
By the way, I am only 5'4. I am always told I look taller in photos, but really, I'm not a tall gal.
I was going to go into this show, the Masters, on a somewhat quiet note, but seems as if the world is watching me (Hi SiouxCountry! - lol )
Oh, that's right - we are talking about me....quiet, yeah, right...actually I don't have a whole lot to say tonight, so I'll leave off with the pictures and post later this week. I promise I will find something to rant or whine about!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

13 and a half -

13 and a half weeks to go. Time to start posting progress pictures. Here I am in my skivvies. I weighed in at 172 even yesterday morning. And yes, I know that my gluteus
are, well, quite large. Or is that gluteuses???
I have really been concentrating on NOT bringing my gluteus medius into leg movements, but it is still growing...that is for sure.

My knee is holding up well! My IT band has not been noticeable all week!! What do I complain about today???? lol - NOTHING!!!! Well, I can whine about how my strength is plummeting, because of the diet, but the diet is actually going quite well. I am not hungry at any given time of the day. In fact, I still have trouble eating all that I am required to eat. Lord knows how I was able to compete in a full power meet 6 weeks out from the 2006 Nationals. That was nuts. How did I do that, I wonder... how did my strength hold up? What was I running on back then - I want some of that back - lol....
It had been a few weeks since I had a really good leg session, but Saturday left my legs screaming and very sore for several days. Aaaaahhhh... I am so tempted to run under the freaking squat bar because my legs feel so good, but I must hold back, I must resist temptation.
I have alot going on in my life right now - good things. I am happy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

The training is bodybuilding - reps and sets.... kind of bores me not hoisting BIG iron and reaching for those maxes...but I do what I have to do. There are no great poundages, no great pumps. I'm not sure what to write about...

FANTASTIC news - I left on the last posting on a low note about the knee. I had a feeling it wasn't tendons or such, and I had a feeling what I needed was chiropractic services - I was correct. Seems my knee was "off track". I have been going to a new chiropractor for the past two weeks, and my knee feels just fine now. This coming leg day will tell me how much progress we have made. The other really fantastic thing of note is that for the first time in a year and a half I sit here with a left IT band that is giving me no indications of being problematic. Our bodies act holistically and respond as such too. Chiro said he wasn't surprised that the IT problem is less pronounced . I'm not going to run into the gym and squat this weekend, by any means, but I am now definitely, positively sure that I will be under that squat bar again!

Speaking of squatting - My friend Beth Beitzel was squatting the other day "just for fun" she said, as squatting isn't usually on her training agenda.

She did 10 or 12 nice deep 225's, so GW and I decided to wrap up her knees and get her to do a few at 275. She had no problem with 6 nicely parallel and a couple deeper. No belt!!!

She's one of those naturally "mesomorphic" and strong types, though she is always trying to be skinnier and won't admit her strength. She looks great, always does, and is strong! Go Beth!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

15 and a half weeks

- to go.
I started my Masters Nationals preparation "food manipulation" on Monday. Most people would call if a diet. Typically for me 16 weeks is a bit on the lengthy side to be on a contest diet, but as my knee is having troubles at the moment, and going for my walks is out of the question (psuedo-cardio), I am "fine" with having a lengthier diet.
I started right on 180 this weekend - I think it was 176.8 this morning. Of course, I was up to 187 at one point in February, and got down to 179 for the powerlifting meet. I dieted to about 182, but my nerves ate up about 3 pounds. In fact, I would go so far as to wager that I weighed about 177 on meet day. I went to my parents house after weigh-ins Friday night. I was ready to raid thier refrigerator and food cabinets. But, Alas! The cupboards were bare. So lack of proper fueling and nervousness certainly ate up a couple of additional useful pounds. Then I stabilized through last week, but I do admit - I should have eaten it up a bit more for recovery purposes. For now, it is too late.

Projection is to weigh in at around 155 ish for July 17.

Let's not focus on the knee yet, please. Keep me on the up and lighter side here :) . I'll expound on that later. It is ALWAYS something with me. Yes, it sure is....My IT band is still problematic, but so much better than 5 or 6 months ago. Hooray !

By the way, even though I tremendously sucked, the two lifts I did two weekends ago are currently IPA Womens 181 Raw World Records :) .... I really don't think it is compensation for having personally sucked, but, hey, yeah, I'll take them, be happy, and move on.

Monday, March 23, 2009

IPA DE State Championships

On a high note, congratulations to Tony Paradiso who won the Montreal CFBB Heavyweight division on Saturday. Tony's got the body of an Italian god, with lines and symmetry and legs (and arms and everything else) to die for. Well earned and well deserved Tony!!!

On a low note... I competed in the IPA DE State Championships on Saturday. That 300 is still eluding me. What the F*** is my problem? I can do it, and do it well, at the gym, for reps, and then I get to the platform and I fall apart. I got my opener of 270, easy as anything I have ever done, felt like a feather (see video attached). It isnt even so much the number anymore that bothers me - it is the performance under pressure, or I should say the non-performance under pressure. My plan was to do a 270 - 300 - 315.

My friend Scott Kuzma, who is a tremendous raw bencher, says there is no need to worry and over analyze - it is all predetermined in some way or another. So why aren't the benching gods allowing me my due?

So in light of the poor benching, and I was exremely tired (one of those toss and turn before the meets sleepless nights ) I brought my deadlift numbers down. I actually had GW pick my numbers and I held my ears when they announced the lift, so I didnt know what they were. I had pre -planned a 410 - 450 - 470. After bringing them down I did a 375, 400, 430 and a 440 on the fourth. I should have left the numbers higher - I definitely could have pulled the 450, and I am pretty certain I could have yanked a 470 all the way through too (see video of 440 attached).

So I sucked, as I usually do when I compete in powerlifting, but the meet was good. It was held at the Training Center, same place as the (notorious) Delaware Power Classic :). I finally met Gene Rychlak and his wife Ame. Super people. it was a pleasure to help them out a little with the meet. Regardless of federations, raw or geared, drug free or not, all lifters should remember the goal - successful lifting!!! Let's all lift together, not apart!!!

And congratulations to Phil 5150 who pulled a whopping 500 raw at his first meet !!!

Monday, March 16, 2009


I am the busiest person I know who doesnt make any anyone can work a standard 40 hour work week and get anything else done is beyond me...
Could be why I am a poor beggar girl these days.
I am about to embark on yet another career soon. Stay tuned on that. Time to prove how good I am as a sales pro.
Yes, yes, I said sales. Stay tuned for details.

So lessseeee... my leggies are coming along shape as well as size wise these days. However, they are what they are...They were built for power and strength, not beauty. Though some might see them as beautiful... As long as I stay on top of my therapy they feel good. If I slack off for even a couple of days the pain comes back to haunt me. So its the ballin' o' the periformis for me.

Was oh so tired every training day last week - still beat up from that danged traveling, I was. Incredible how much SITTING can tear me apart!!!! But holy hell, I was torn apart for a long period of time.

Wednesday benching was ok, not great, but ok - did two sets of 280 for 4, and a nice static with 410 for 20 seconds, but I was certain I could have done better had I not felt like I had been mistaken for a wet dish rag and and used to mop up the dirty floor. Love those statics. They really make your triceps feel like hamhocks.

My energy reserves were finally coming around Sunday, for legs. We had a killer workout. I do believe there was never a better leg apparatus created than a Nautilus Duo-Squat machine. Pair those with the gool old fashioned sissy squat, and you have some mighty big thighs about to burst into life.

Alas, there is to be no training this week... :)

But Kate, why not???


Happy Birthday Jody - wherever you are!!!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Have you ever seen the movie Trains Planes and Automobiles? I lived a mini version of that last past weekend...

It was finally time for me to meet with my new contest prepper. I had to take a long journey out of town. It was bad enought that I was going to have to travel almost 10 hours one way to begin with on Friday, then turn around and come back on Sunday... I took a bus, having little funds these days to spare on extras. Bus travel is really not so bad, really much more comfortable than a plane if you ask me. I drove an hour and a half to the bus station in Wilmington, then took a 2 hour ride to NY. The bus made it fine to NY, then I had an hour layover before I caught my next bus to my destination. It was to be a little over four hour journey from NY, had the bus been on time....

Traveling about 2 hours from NY, a large truck clipped the right hand mirror on the front of the bus. The bus driver immediately pulled over to the shoulder of the road. She called in for a mechanic, then pulled the bus off the highway to a desolate parking lot in front of an old warehouse in a dark and lonely part of some town. The mechanic couldnt fix it on the spot. We sat in this bus for over 5 and a half hours before a relief bus came!!! Want to talk about a group of antsy people! Rolled in to destination at 10:40 instead of 5:20.... omg

So, on the return trip - no problem traveling by bus. I got into my car figured I'd be home after an hour and a half more of traveling by car. Ten minutes after I started driving, it started snowing. The more I drove, the more it snowed. Blinding conditions, and simply petrifying at points. It took me an extra hour and a half to get home.

All in all, I believe that the trip will have been worth it in the long run - come July I will be all that and then some. La De Da...

Needless to say, all last week I was physically beat up from that ungawdly trip. Sore and tight, it will take me some time to loosen myself back up again, even after a week and a half I am still feeling the wrath of Greyhound.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shaved -

Rule #1 -
NEVER purchase razors from the dollar store.They will tear you up, for certain! I should have just forked over the skin off of my legs instead of the dollar when I bought them. It looked like there was a murder in my shower this morning. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Today's leg day was perfect. Nothing of great significance to note, but the training was good, hard and effective, from thigh, to hamstring, to calf. I was pleased the with full look of my thighs and calves when we were finished.

Tuesday was a great chest night. Started with my new base - 250 x 8. Popped up 280 x 5, and 300 x 2. favorite part - a 425 static hold for 14 seconds. Think - BIG bench , BIGGER bench, BIGGEST bench. :)

Came in a little disinterested on Thursday, but knew we HAD to deadlift. Set #1 - yanked on 320 for 12....needless to say that pretty much took care of set #2 or any more after that. I was totally wiped out after that. I am still NOT a rep oriented kind of gal.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Movin' On Up

This week has been more or less maintenance type workouts. A "down" week, as I like to call them. I did, however change one key ingredient - upped my baseline (start set) bench from the 230 to 250. I had planned (planning for quite some time, I must add!) that on the day I hit 230 x 12 - I would up the weight on my beginning set to 235 or 240. I couldn't decide if I wanted the additional 5 or 10 pounds , so I asked GW for his input. He said to put 10 pounds on. He handed me a 10 pound plate and I put it on the end of the bar. I didn't even realize until I was done all 3 sets that DUHHHHH!!!! 10 pounds on each side of the bar added to 230 is 250, not 240.
3 sets, 7, 8 and 5.

"Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength. Move on."...Henry Rollins

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Power Goddess has returned

I don't know exactly what is going on, but what is going on is good, very good!

I still have major head congestion, and the rib is still sore, but Power Goddess has returned in spite of all that and she is hankerin' to move some weight around.

Tuesday night, bench night. I had relegated myself to the fact that it might be a night of very poor performance, but YIKES!!!! I finally pushed out my dozen reps with 230 - all paused of course!! The 280 x 4, and then the picture perfect 300. I contemplated hitting a second rep on that 300, but racked it instead. The first one was so pretty and perfect I didn't want to ruin the memory of it. Who the heck cares what else we did - the benching was orgasmic and that's all I want to remember!

Tonight - deadlifts. The congestion was really muddling me up, but I pulled pretty darned well.

410 x 3. And on a bar with absolutely no knurling left on it to boot. I thought we would have a video but I had the darned video camera set on still camera mode. So here is the pic of rep #1 -

(nice face). By the way, in case any one wonders, I deadlift conventional style. Again, who cares what else we did - the deadlifting was all that mattered!

I am quite positive that all of the therapy I have been doing for my legs and hips and the magnetic therapy is what is bringing Power Goddess back around. Everything feels loose and RECOVERED.
I was down to 182 lbs. today,but that gives me good feeling about being able to compete in the 181 class without much effort to make weight!...
Hmmmm...does that statement mean what you think it does??? Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Trained legs today, and my rib stayed put. It still is askew, mind ye, but it was a pretty intense workout and I am still intact. I made sure to keep my belt closed snug around my waist for every set. ..Nautilus leg press, sissy squats, seated leg curls, seated calves, cybex squat toe presses.

And just cuz he is, I am going to say GW is the best workout partner ever!

I have been a Steelers fan ever since I was a young lass. If I remember correctly, I picked them because I liked thier colors the best!


Saturday, January 31, 2009

Magnetic Pull

You would THINK that since I have been lying around RESTING (resting my proverbial ass off - and that is ALOT of resting!!!!) this past week + that I would have found some time to post in this here blog of mine. That is what one would think, anyway.... I have had too much frustration cursing within to want to touch upon anything that has to do with training, since I have had to abstain. Why, you ask? Couple a bronchial infection with a misaligned rib. Not a pleasant combination. The deep down hacking and coughing severely aggravated what may have been a minor irritation and transformed that into a major annoyance.

My dearly beloved chiropractor has been practicing his trade upon me every day. Progress is ever so slowly being made. And thanks to all of the therapeutic stretching and other tedious, painful but miracuously helpful things I have been subjecting myself to, dear Chiro has been having a much easier time getting things in me to relax and move about. :) :) :)

As a last resort remedy and mostly to appease a client of mine whi is a devout magnetic therapy enthusiast, I slapped a big old magnetic upon my leg one day. Diane suggested I try it, and so to make it that I would not lie to her when I told her I had tried it, I used a megnet that she had kindly given me for my back when I was having back pain ( it didn't work well for the back).

The voodoo Gods have are setting me free! I am, to say the least, flabbergasted, astounded, awed, amazed, thankful, happy.... I can now squat with body weight only all the way butt-to-floor without pain and strain for the first time in over a year! No, I am not ready to squat again, but I will be, I WILL be.... Doubt if ye must, as I once did, but I believe in the benefits of magnetic therapy!

Let me throw in a visual as I have been lax in providing photos lately. This was two weeks ago sissy squating. Do I look tankesque or what?

I am down to a mere 185 today, had been all the way up to 187 + for a few days last week.

Whose going to win the Superbowl??? The STEELERS!!!!!!!!