Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ten Years Gone

I am very psyched that Led Zeppelin is touring again. I was lucky enough to see them in Washington DC back in 1977, before John Bonham died, for their Song Remains the Same Tour - one of my favorite Zeppelin songs is Ten Years Gone. They actually played that, which surprised me. Robert Plant sat on a stool to sing it. Yes, I was a Led Zeppelin junkie...What do I like to listen to now? Screamo - yeah! I love Killswitch Engage, All that Remains, As I lay Dying, but I also love Tool, and LIVE, absolutely love LIVE.
There - I talked about something besides training...enough of that.
Back to training.

B tricked me into incline pressing the 125's for 3 good and almost 4 reps...just couldn't get that last bit o' lockout on the last one. I like it when I'm tricked into doing things such as that. I was in such a state that I thought I didn't think I had much in me. I was going to be fine with 90's for the night. (Of course, B tricked me with giving me 100's for the first set instead of the 90's)
Some people believe in themselves and push forth with that belief. I perform better when somebody else believes in me - I can't let them down. That's what really fuels me.

Last night deadlifts - I was so upset - 405 for 2, I didn't have a good grip in my right hand, and it fell out. I was thinking there may have been 4...I did a second set of 2, but damned if those 2 reps shouldn't have been included in my first set. Hmmmph!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Power

I hope everyone had a Powerful holiday in whichever way they could use the power the best.

Did I get my squats in?..well....not exactly but not exactly no, either... I woke up with a killer sinus headache, up under my eyes and in my nose. I know I have allergies to something here, because I spent the night at my parents for Christmas Eve, and I woke up feeling dry and fine. I came back home and within two hours I was stuffed up and felt the pressure under my eyes. I wish I had an idea as to what it is, but until then I thank God for Claritin, Benadryl, and nose spray. Which brings me back to squatting on Monday morning...I had to choose nausea inducing pain in my face, or sluggishness due to taking a few Benadryl, which are the make you drowsy kind, the kind I need to take the edge off of those kind of headaches. I took the Benadryl. I have trained under the guise of Benadryl before, sometimes it kicks my butt, sometimes not. It definitely did kick my butt on Monday morning... BUT, as I was proceeding to commence my last squat session of the year, and determined not to completely blow it, I squatted. I mustered up a 425 x 1, which is not my best, and in not my best head groove or physical groove, but I did it. So I got half of my Christmas wish - and the rest of my workout went well - Smith lunges, slow extensions and curls, and my legs looked huge afterward :) :) Big ol' pillar like slabs of meat hanging from my hips...which reminds me I have to get my nerve manipulations in for the morning. I do them everyday, have to.
I did post the 655 rack pull video clip in my free site video makes me giggle every time I watch it. That was my third set and in a down yeah, I'm going to try for a goal of 3 reps within the next few weeks of training. or maybe go for 675 x 1????

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pull, Baby, Pull !

This was supposed to be my "backing off" week - I have one of those "scheduled" every sixth week...but I still felt relatively fiery, so I didn't back off as much as I should have, though I did refrain from extra tension and forced and dropped reps. I am not sure if I was feeling good last night or it is that I have finally learned to put my hips into the movement when pulling, but I got that 655 rack pull last night! On my second set I got 605 for 5 so, hey, no reason why not to get the bigger one...
~ tell you what - my sinuses were a little stuffy going into the gym last night, but that 655 cleared them right up. :) really! I pull from the rack at the knee. I had B film it, but he sent it to me in the wrong format. I'll post it somewhere when available.

The nerve manipulation is really helping my legs. I did go for a walk the other evening, however, and when I returned - oh, my legs were besides themselves. I had to take ibuprofen to ease the throbbing. How odd that something as passive as a walk would irritate my legs so...??? Hmmm...
My pelvis has been staying in place, which, if you recall past elaborations, was always slipping out of whack when I went for a walk, or driving alot, or participating in daily life activities. I imagine that now I am upright and intact my muscles aren't used to working at these angles and as a result are being unusually taxed....

My Christmas shopping is ALMOST finished. One more gift to buy. :) :) I love giving presents to people.
I want only a 425 x 2 or 450 x1 squat next week, both of which I have performed before in the not too distant past...just not with this leg problem. I am easy to please, I am.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Relaxed at Long Last

I was feeling kind of under the weather (where did THAT expression come from? Aren't we all under the power of the weather?) over the weekend. I know, I am always suffering some kind of maladay - but when you have children, or child in my case, and their friends are always hanging around your house, you are succeptible to everything that goes around. So I didn't train on Friday. I did, however go in to the gym on Saturday. My friend Paul has included me in his doublebodyweight deadlift for reps challenge. He did 20 the other day at 162.5 bodyweight, 325 pounds. I weighed in Saturday at 172.5, down a few pounds from not eating much for a couple of days...if I was going to do it, I could take advantage of "only" having to move 345 lbs. I did a couple of warm ups, but when I loaded the bar to 315 for warm up, I just looked at it and said, no way in H-E- double hockey sticks do I feel like repping today, not for max reps, not for any reps. Reps suck on a normal basis, anyway, but Saturday there was just No Zone for me. So I loaded up to 405 for 3. They were good, but that was pretty much it for deadlifting on Saturday for me.

Last night was legs, and I wasn't planning on squatting, because I had done that two weeks in a row already. The tightness in my legs was very alive, and was actually growing upward along the sides of my legs. Not PAIN, but a very tight discomfort. Starting to get disheartened over the whole matter, I was. I did Nautilus Duo-Squat, but when I loaded up for my heavy set, the stack, my left leg just refused to cooperate because of the discomforting tightness. Have you ever worn a pair of pants that was too tight in the wiatband, then eaten a meal, making your stomach grow and the pants tighter, then go to bend over - very uncomfortable, yes?...kind of the only way I can describe this. I was better doing lighter weight for more reps (ugh - reps).

So anyway, B really stopped and thought about this last night. He had me lay on the bench last night whilst he manipulated the nerve endings in my leg up around the iliac crest. Oh, he used big words and such that I cannot remember. I then jumped (ok, slid) into the whirpool for a bit. AMAZING but true - my legs were finally relaxed. If you had felt them for the past several months, they felt like concrete along the sides, being so tight. I could actually mush them around a bitafter the nerve manipulation is like voodoo magic. So every day, a few times I day, my prescription is to manipulate these nerves in my leg. They are still holding relaxed today - maybe not as perfect as I would like them, but WOW... I am feeling encouraged and enthusiastic again about that 500 raw squat. It is back in my near future.

I'm starting to get excited about the DE Open IronFest and Firm Fitness challenge. I have gotten very good response, almost to the effect that I don't feel the need to market it as hard as I have marketed meets in the past. Fear of TOO MANY copetitors showing up! APT Prowriststraps is once again stepping up to the plate and kindly sponsoring the meet! Alan Thomas is the best! His merchandise is top quality. I am a big fan of the Black Mamba line of wrist and knee wraps. Thank you, Alan!

I was just eating some gummy monkeys, and felt something crunchy inside...just happened to be a big old filling that fell out of my tooth - a big one. Perpetual dental woes.... I guess that will be my excuse for staying away from all of those gooey Christmas sweets!

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I had a decent benching session last night, though I still say I should be lifting heavier weights rather than just "coming back around"...I'm heavier. The weight has not made me all that much stronger,(with a few exceptions)...I do recover better, and my technique seems to be better because the added weight has me more stabilized...but heck, I still think I should be stronger.

I did my first set with 245 rather than the 225 I usually go for. I THINK, and really,I just can't remember, I did 8??? Then up to 275 for 4 Then a very nice 295 (yes, all my bench reps are still paused), then down to 225 for whatever I did - a work set. Then my typical chest, delts, tris -

I did static presses for my triceps in the power rack again last night. They are my newest vote for most misersable exercise. Boards give play - the rack doesn't. It is a dead stop. oooo -

Here are some pics I found that WPW have on their site for sale - I don't have any of these in my galleries (though I have similar shots from the sessions) . Bill Jentz took all of these at the Masters this past July in Pittsburgh at Station Square- their sites are and
AND of course my website is where you can find a skajillions photos and videos of me in my Members' Section... :)

That is me under all of that fuzzy hair(and it wasn't even humid out that day)!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Squats are my obsession.....

OOps - I meant to take a picture for younz tonight...but it slipped my mind. I know you are all visual creatures... seeing is believing now, isn't it???
I weighed in at 178 (!) on Friday, however I am down to a svelte 176 again today...yikes! I was tinkering with the idea of trying to get up to 190 in the next couple of months, but after tonight, I think that I will level off at 180. The compartmentalization issue was prevalent this evening. "twasn't as bad as it has been at times, but it was there. It had been subsiding, but I started to go up in weight again.I squatted once again tonight - yay! Two weeks in a row isn't my norm, but I just HAD to. I did 315 for 10 and was back to my old ways - shirking out of pushing myself through two is so obvious that I do that...I think I just fall out of the zone, I don't know...and 365 for 4 should have been 5 or 6... I decided to do 405 for a couple, because in reality, if it weren't for the crazy problems I have been having, my heavy sets should be 455 for reps. I did 2, but hey, I AM coming back around. One more squat session befiore the end of the year, (because I will not squat next week)...I have GOT to do a 445, at the very least.

Friday I did rack pulls. I almost had a 655, but I just petered out before I straightened all of the way up...BOO on me!!! I am not one to count partial reps of anything...NO - unless it is a full rep, babe, it doesn't count in my book...

I went to a samll WNPF meet over in Seaford DE yesterday. I'm used to seeing crazy APF lifters, so I didn't expect to see anything over the top. Don't get me wrong. I love powerlifting and whether it's geared, raw, natural, juiced, whatever - I respect all of the effort that goes into the lifts. But then there is Bill Lewis - my dear friend Bill. WNPF stands for World NATURAL Power Lifting. He must be about 5'11, weighed in at 291 yesterday. His arms are as big as my legs, I always tell him. He'd be big and muscular without ever picking up a weight, I do think. Anyhoo - he is a big bencher, but had never really deadlifted before, except with toying around with small 315's etc at the gym. He decided to give it a go yesterday for the heck of it, had no idea how much he should go for. Anyhoooo. He picks up 625, raw, drug free, for the first time, like it is a trash bag. Just stands up with it no effort exerted. I am going to try to convince him to train for the deadlift for February. The man could have picked up 750 with little problem yesterday, absolutely yes. A little training...geezz - alot of training...good God!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

- squatted :)

So Monday I tried to squat, and I did!!! :) There is still a tightness and discomfort and a slight bit of pain in the problem areas, but it is not a seering pain. That means progress in the right direction. I squatted different from my norm, however. I am a leg and glute squatter - Monday I became a hip squatter. I needed to throw the emphasis off of the problem areas, which are top and side of the bottom outer quads. I was able to squat deeper more easily with this technique. The squats probably looked beter technically than my usual squats. 315 for 3 sets, and that was fine with me. I was aprehensive about doing any more than that. All around a very good session.
I did smith machine lunges, and I'm happy to report that they did not bother my compartmentalization much either.
No, don't try to tell me it is anything other than that, because it is not.

Last night I was feeling wrath of funerals, driving for hours, and these f ' *^?ing allergies. I still can't figure these allergies out, but they are grating me down. I'm still red, and hot, and have big puffy red eyes, too. It was just a ho hum workout.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

The new Firm

These past few days have been draining, to say the least. First the death of a relative, then the death of an old friend. :(

I am suffering from some kind of SEVERE allergic reaction or poisoning from something. My face, neck and chest are bright red, and a bit flaky. I almost look burnt. I have suspicions, but I haven't been able to nail down what this is coming from. I keep narrowing it down, then it strikes and I have to dismiss my guess yet once again. It has been 4 days, and sometimes it is hellacious. Going out of the house is miserable because I can feel people looking at me. They surely aren't looking at me funny because I'm big and muscular, but because I'm big and muscular and uncomfortably bright and glowing red!

I was able to take my minfd off of things for a little while yesterday. My friend Paul Timmons moved his gym to a new location and I joined in the gang to help out for the afternoon of setting the new space up. I haven't seen most of the guys who train there for quite awhile, so it was good to see everybody. The Firm Fitness Center in Rehoboth Beach. He has over twice the sapce as he had before - Heaven knows where he fit all his equipment in before in the smaller space!!! He even bought a few new pieces.He has the walls painted Bicycle Yellow ( he is a fan of the Tour de France!). It is bright and energizing.
This is where the APA Delaware Open Iron Fest will take place on February 16, 2008. Speaking of that event, it is about time I sat down to market it to the masses. We will have Bench only, deadlift only, Push/Pull, Strict Curl (APA standard, not mine) double bodyweight deadlifts for reps, bodyweight bench for reps, and a tire flip/jump timed. I have a feeling it is going to be a great event!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


My legs have been feeling less pain from my problems as of the late, so I decided to test the waters and leg press Monday evening. I thought about trying to squat, but it was a better idea to me that I was not in jeopardy of falling over or being crushed on my feet if things did not go well. I first pre-exhausted with 3 sets of leg extensions, so I did not have to use such big poundage. I did my first set with 500 something, for 20 reps...ok, moved up to 600 something for 15...again, fine. I went up to 750 for 10, no wraps or anything, nice knees in my face deep...granted, Monday night I had to take a handful of Ibuprofen at bedtime because my problem areas were throbbing like the dickens ( what is "the dickens" ? ), but I am pleased to report that I indeed have made some improvement. It was "uncomfortable", but leg presses are uncomfortable anyway, are they not? I'm not expecting miracles, because I am going to moving up to 180. The fascia is sure to give me more problems as I grow again, but I was happy to be able do some good old fashioned big work for my legs again. B tried to tell me that the world doesn't exactly revolve around big weights, but hey, he's wrong - HAH!!!

Last night I was feeling worn out tired. I'm still running around trying to clean the old condo (hopefully it is done TODAY), not finished unpacking here and it is getting gritty dirty from lack of cleaning and heck, the yard is carpeted with leaves I haven't had time to rake, my computer work is wayyyy backlogged.... Oh, back on track - anyhooo, I've been running ragged lately and tossing and turning alot instead of sleeping well, from all of this overwhelming stress, so I am dog-tired (are dogs really that tired?). However, when I get on a certan level of tiredness, not overwhelmingly exhausted, but tired, I don't have the enrgy to pay attention to things that are happening around me, or anything else but what I am doing at that moment - which is lift that weight and do it well. Last night was one of those tired but focused and zoned in nights. It had been a long time since I benched over 275. I did 295 for two GOOD paused reps. And that was after two good work sets beforehand. Everything else went well. I obtained a big round hard pump, and I am not sore this morning. I weighed in at 174 yesterday. The pictures I have been posting as of the late are camera phone pics, so they don't show the good detail like the veins sticking out on my deltoids (but why do they show the dark tired circles under my eyes?).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Post Turkey Post

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I am probably the only person you know who loses weight every Thanksgiving, because I just don't like that kind of food! Comfort food - nope, don't go for it. I like turkey. But nix on the stuffing, mashed potatoes, string bean casseroles, I cannot stand sweet potatoes, I do not like pie, I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than eat gravy - ooo!!! I had a plate with turkey, a little bit of stuffing, I did like my sister-in-law's spinach salad, a bit of plain broccoli. And NO, I never cared for any of those foods, never. A couple of years ago my sister-in-law got irritated because I brought my own plain baked potato and broccoli to dinner. This time they had broccoli with cheese sauce, but were wise enough to make some sans the cheese for me. What can I say??
My nephew made it home from Iraq for the dinner. He is a marine. Wow - he's grown into such a handsome responsible young man!

I have been fighting something for the past few days. I skipped training on Friday altogether. I couldn't help myself and went in for an abbreviated session yesterday. 6 sets for back, 3 for biceps. I felt strong, but got winded very easily. Last night I felt the wrath of the training, unfortunately, but today I'm on the upswing again.

I want to give extra props and aces to ALAN THOMAS of Not only does he make the best lifting wraps and straps (APT pro ) in the entire world, but he is such a great guy (and handsome too) ! Thank you for all of your support, Alan!!!! Love ya!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm moved - albeit I will be living out of boxes and amidst debris for awhiile to come! I love my new house. I do not know where I fit all of this "stuff" in such a small space before...I really would like to spend the rest of my life NOT accumulating "stuff". It does not help having a 14 year old pack rat.

I was feeling kind of out of sorts yesterday physically, I even had a fever! But we all know that when I first come down with something, I usually have great workouts. Yesterday was no exception. I love doing very heavy incline dumbell presses. I did my second set with 100's for 10 and then a set with the 120's for 5. When powerlifting I do incline presses, but can't go that heavy because heavy benching wear me out first. I was able to fry myself out very well, so by the time I got through chest, shoulders, then to triceps, I could barely dip. I could only muster 10, and that is half of my usual set. And I'm not so sore today - just nice and "heavy tight."

I'm still hanging at 173. I guess I've just about "grown into" this weight and it is time to move up now...B did mention that I am leaner now at this weight than I had been, probably about 11% bodyfat or so. Even though I did chest yesterday, he snapped a photo of my back. I'm sure I don't need to point this out, but check out the gluteus medius span! I probably get scored down for that, but you know what, I'm proud of it. There are a heck of alot of women bodybuilders (men, too, I'm sure) out there who have no gluteus medius development, nor lower back for that matter. Judges don't seem to even like it very much on women. Short of cutting them off, it is what I got - big round globe sized glutes!

Happy Thanskgiving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Away I go...

The hired guys are coming to get my big furniture items tomorrow.. I am so looking forward to that! However, I still have to clean this place, and my new place needs to be unpacked and arranged.... moving is certainly the stressful event that they say it is. It has seemed to be a perpetual experience.

I put the bar on my back tonight and tried squatting with it, but I still have the pain problem on the sides of my legs. It has lessend considerably, though I don't know if that is from time or from just not doing the things that really irritate it. So no squatting yet :( I can do "duck" squats on the smith machine, and the Nautilus Duo Squat really agrees with me, which I will go on record as saying that in my own humble opinion it is one of the most effective pieces of gym equipment ever made.

We picked apart my physique tonight, to decide which bodypart(s) I might need to concentrate on bringing up for the Masters next year. There is one which I shall be concentrating on, but I'm not saying - you all can guess....I will give you two hints - it is NOT my back and it is NOT my glutes. (giggle...)

Last week I did rack pulls again. I used to scoff at the thought of them, but they have certainly grown on me. It might be the fact that I very much like the 605 for several reps that I work up to. Big weights make me warm and fuzzy. Next time I'm going for 650. My fuzzy felt goal is 700. I imagine at 180 I will be able to handle that poundage. :)

I will be cut off from internet for a couple of days, due to moving. So until next time - here I am tonight at 173.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Still Moving

I'm still here! I'm still old place looks like a trash can, and it is really driving me nuts living like this, but it will all be over soon.

Training is going well, no complaints.

Real estate could be ALOT better, but at least the lull has given me time to move! (looking at the proverbial bright side)

Hey - I finally got my $2100 back yesterday from f*#%$^ Bruce Thompson. I guess his attorney told him there was no way he was going to convince anybody that he was in the right and I was in the wrong, since I had a stack of proof a mile high. Words to everyone - always DOCUMENT!!! It has proved me right and saved my butt numerous times.

I have been collecting lots of rants and raves - people say some of the dumbest things, though sometimes it is just a matter of being "ignorant" when I have time to spend I will go off on some of my loveable tirades. :)

February 16th - APA Delaware Open Iron Fest at the new Firm Fitness Center - stay tuned for details...oh, yours truly is the meet director.

This picture is from the WPW shoot last month in New Castle.
Please excuse the Eddie Munster hair.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I have been busy moving, and thus far it has been mostly me, with the exception of a few loads of help from my son. I am relatively happy that I have been able to keep my collection of STUFF from growing much larger the past few years that I have lived at this residence, but OMG, my son is a PACK RAT! The movers will come get the big items next week - I am looking forward to the end of this process!
I took a couple of training days off from the gym this past week, but I have been putting in lots of cardiovascular time trekking the stairs... I am surprised, albeit very very glad that my back has been holding up. The stairs aren't straight up and down stairs, so manuevering objects sometimes becomes tricky around the corners.
I am back down to 171, but it is a good hard 171. I'm stabilizing so I'm feeling alot less tankesque and clunky.
Back to packing!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Growing Like a Weed

I think Guilherme Marchi is on fire and just may pull it together this year at the PBR Finals to win that world title...but heck, Justin McBride does know how to pull it together under pressure...and JB Mauney, well if I was 20 years old right now he'd be the one I'd be drooling over.
Today I stepped on the scale, stepped off the scale, stepped on the scale, jiggled myself around just to be sure - 176 1/2! I now officially weigh more than I have ever weighed in my life. All my "big" clothes from last year, the ones I didn't wear because they were still too big, well, they are too tight now...I guess I am officially big?

I won't talk about last week's deadlifting, because I did surpass a previous best in reps w/ 365, ok I'm talking about it, but I managed to aggravate my hip flexors in the process. I was feeling very strong, grabbing that bar and yanking it so fast from the floor, but I was also compensating for my legs being so pained, that I actually had to finish it by pushing my hips forward. Yes, I know that's how you are supposed to do a deadlift. However, my technique is usually to whip it back once it gets moving. So, imagine the feeling of straining your lower back, but having that pain in the front!!! Walking, no, make that simply moving my lower body, was a horrendous task on Sunday morning,to say the least.

This evening we did incline dumbells again. This time I did 90's x 12, then did the 120's on my second set - 3 reps came surprisingly easy! I'm sure if I had on my APT BLACK MAMBA WRIST WRAPS that I could've gone for 4, but I didn't. The rest of the workout was prime. I guess the weight is agreeing with me. I felt really good, I felt really strong, even though I was a little worn out from starting the process of moving - remember, I live on the third floor. Words of wisdom - if you plan on moving out someday, don't move to the third floor. My legs and lower back are fried, and I've only taken two car loads thus far!!!
Down then up, then down, then up, and again and again and again! 36 steps each way.

I've still got leg separation and some striations showing in my shoulders at 176. My frame can easily hold 20 pounds more muscle, but I don't think I'm mentally ready to even imagine that.

I've got to get used to this tank like structure I'm wearing now. I feel friggin' huge.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Bodybuilding -

'k - decision made. We will hope that time heals the legs. I will tally forth and so I'm throwing my focus on the Masters Nationals 2008. If I am strong, I'll stay strong. If I lose any of this hard earned muscle, well, then, it is lost! I am trying to stabalize my weight for a little while, hanging in the low 170's, hopefully that will be a benefit to the pain in my legs. B has started to stretch me again during and at the end of our sessions, especially my quads. If you have never had someone else stretch you intensley before, I can't even begin to relay how grueling it is. I whine, I moan, I beat on the floor, I come closing to screaming at times, but it is necessary.

I took the bodybuilder mentality to the gym last night, and just trained HARD! I forgot how much fun incline dumbell presses were when you do them first in the routine, not wearing yourself out benching first. 100'sx7 , 110'sx6 , then B and Rory handed me the 120's! Yep, I did them...gawwwwwwd I loved it. Those things are HEAVY!!! Then we moved on to weighted dips on the Nautilus Multi-exercise machine...I don't remember how much weight I did, all I know is that they were very heavy too...and yesssssssssssssss, I loved them - one of my favorite exercises, dips are. It is such a "pure" movement.

We are getting rain here these past few days, and lots of it. We need it. It is a good excuse to not even try to go for a walk! I probably look like I have a big stick up my hiney when I take my walks these days, trying to compensate for my legs being in pain...
PBR Finals start tonight! I admit - I am a PBR fanatic. I just loooove watching all those handsome, gritty cowboys. Those guys are insanely tough. I'm coming back in my next lifetime as a pro bull rider, just so younz all know. I love Justin McBride, and I love JB Mauney. Guilherme Marchi really should have won last year, had it not been for a lousy finals for him, so I'm rooting for him, too. I'm just in awe at all of their tenacity as they get beat up, stepped on, horned, battered, bashed and keep coming back with 100% of what they've got. That's the philosophy I'd like to follow, but I never seem to really give 100% all of the time.
If I ever do - look out world! And just so younz know this too - it grates my nerves every time somebody says they give can't, OK, you just CAN'T, so stop saying it.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Big ol' Curve Ball -

Life is always throwing curve balls, isn't it?

I am at a crossroads. The situation has been coming on over the past few months, I was hoping it would subside, but it has gotten worse. Growing pains, friggin' GROWING PAINS!! We have determined that the acute pain in the outer portion of my legs is due to the fact that my legs have recently grown quite a bit, but the fascia just hasn't kept pace, causing the muscles to be entrapped in a casing that is just too tight at the present time. It has gotten quite painful at times. I can't even squat any more, it hurts so badly when I do. It feels sometimes quite like someone has beaten the sides of my legs with a baseball bat. Stairs are difficult, and even taking my thrice weekly jaunts around the neighborhood have sometimes become too difficult to endure.

Hence, the crossroads - losing weight would surely alleviate the problem. I can stay this wieght and let time heal me...but how much timewill it take??? Do you understand where I am going with this? It is time to make a choice - do I lose weight and alleviate the problem, hence be able to squat freely again, once again be Kate the Powerlifter, or do I stay the growth course, because, by golly, I have been growing like a weed(that's why the problem is occuring), stay Kate the Bodybuilder, but with that choice I would have to put Kate the Powerlifter away? If Kate the Powerlifter stays, then Kate the Bodybuilder surely will fizzle away.

I'm not making this worse than it is. I really do have to decide.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

My nutritionist -

Lately my face has been broken out with blemishes, big ones, and my hair has been plagued with a frizzy squirrly-rat tail like texture(Shut up! More so than usual!) my "nutritionist" ( I have to giggle at that expression. So many bodybuilders have "nutritionists"...PUHLEEEZ!!!) says I have to include more fat in my diet.
I have talked myself over the years into believing that I am actually allergic to the heck do I eat more fat without wanting to slit my wrists after doing so???? Stay tuned for updates on this project!
Today I took a less brutal approach to training than normal, since I had to train back and I had already done big heavy dumbell rowing for the Women's Physique World video taping the other day with chest, etc....It's so amazing how much weight one can handle in the "auxillary" exercises if one does not do heavy deadlifting or rack pulls or rows to begin with. And I could do my biceps and actually "feel" my biceps working without having them feel like they were going to pull off of the bone. I didn't say I liked training like that - I'd much prefer pulling heavy first and feeling battered and shattered before moving on to the rest of the workout. :)
I have to relay this funny remark from one of my gym buddies, Rory - I have really long muscles in my quads and B and he were commenting on how they were really growing and starting to grow over my knees. I said that my quads still need to get bigger and he looked at me all serious and said "if they get any bigger you won't have any knees left". It just struck me as funny... Ok, enough -

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day in the Life of William Penn

I had a video/photoshoot with WPW yesterday up at the Training Center and then we headed over to old New Castle. If you don't know old New Castle in Delaware, it's a little colonial town that has been wonderfully preserved from the times of William Penn and gang, from the old brick buildings to the cobblestone lanes, the first ticket booth from one of the oldest train stations in America still stands here . It was a pleasant sunny day, around 80 with a light breeze wafting up from the bay. However, in the gym it was a toaster oven...I guess they automatically turn the air down come autumn -my gawsh, it was sweltering!!!
I swear I will never don a posing suit in such pasty like cow like condition again! Actually, I do still have a decent tan, from partaking of the tanning bed facilities at Midway Fitness Center, and I'm probably about 12% bodyfat...but oh how the camera lies!!! The scale said 172 when I stepped upon it yesterday.
Bill and John videoed me training through a chest/delt/tricep session, and by Bill's request added in some 170 and 190 pound dumbell rows... it was so friggin' hot, and believe me, I like it hot, but it was nuts hot- it wasn't my best "work", but I guess it will get its point across. Dave Pulcinella happened to be training at the same time we were there - he was covered up for the most part, but what was poking out of his sleeves and pant legs looked pretty awesome. I don't know if he's doing Nationals or not - Al Fortney is. He sneaked in looking pretty cut up through the delt and arms, but sneaked out as fast as he sneaked in, so I didn't get the full Big Al effect.
Oh, back to me - I'm very very sore today. I hadn't posed much since the Master's, I forgot how much work posing is. It couldn't be from the 190 pound rows that I'm sore, nope... hah!!!!

Oh, yes, I know I need to reign in my gluteus medius... it's almost larger than the maximus, which soon could be the minimus if my medius becomes more maximum.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Where have I gone?

Things are just a little out of sorts for me right now - be back soon!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Stayin' Aliiiiiiiiive

I've been absent, but it is only because TWICE I started posts, and TWICE I dropped my wireless mouse and when it hit the floor - like magic, the words all disappeared from the screen. Twice I got frustrated and left postless.
Somewhere between resting my body and eating lots of good food, I CAME ALIVE AGAIN!!!
I've been growing, too. I have managed to turn off the food police that live in my head. I eat lots of sodioum rich foods, Chinese twice a week, and even more sugar than usual (love those gummy monkeys) I'm up to 168 - 6 pounds in two weeks, which was the last time I referenced my weight. And it's all good. I've still got some striations and veins poking out in my thighs and calves. I've never been this big in this condition before....I feel good!
Training is going back in the direction I like it to - that is, with the weights going upward in poundage. Squatted 435 so easily the other night that I almost did a second, but, as we know, I am a wimp. I rarely push through to the last possible rep on my squats...Actually, my sinuses had me so wiped out that day I almost called the training off.
I benched two sets of 245 pause reps last week one x 6 and one x 5.
AND I finally deadlifted again....I went up to 405 again in the deadlift, was it the heavy rack pulls I've been doing that made it come off of the floor so friggin' easily? OR, maybe it was the fact that B wasn't there to watch me. He makes me nervous when I deadlift. My last set was 315x12...I hate those reps!!!!
That's about all I can remember from this past week. I'm still waking up daily with those horibble sinus/migraine type headaches. There is a pond right outside my condo, and it may be the plant life that is growing up around it. I am set to move in about six weeks (only up the road about 2 miles), and hopefully the allergies don't follow, for they have never, ever been this bad.
I am still waivering on the fence about lifting in the national raw unified meet in January...yes, no, I don't know... but I do know that I'm leaning toward doing one in November. Stay tuned on that.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Glue in my Nose

That's Jules Furniss and I at the administrators' table at the Power Frenzy last weekend. She is the bomb! She was part of the tremendous team of people who helped us make the meet a success! THANK YOU JULES!!!

My bench is continuing to coming back around. It is weird to think that something as "simple" as readjusting my feet and wearing higher shoes could be so important, but it seems to be working. I pushed 245 x 6 then 275 x 2 all paused the other night. And foot plates - I put the foot plates back. I'm not tall, even though people tell me that I look tall in photographs - I am only 5'4 1/2".

Last night it was rack pulls - I worked up to 600 :) for three reps! I think one more would have happened had I not had to worry about my bladder bursting down my legs! Not really funny...I often wonder if other women OR men get that bursting feeling when they are pulling (or pushing for that matter)! My whole body, including scalp muscles worked for those. I am curious to see if these do indeed help my deadlift off the floor. I haven't pulled from the floor for several weeks now. Then shrugs, T-Bars, Stiff arm pull downs, incline bicep curls, and "spider curls" - I can't recall the last time I did spider curls!!! I didn't like those, but I don't like doing my biceps, period. What do they have to do with spiders????Then donkey calves. Then into the whirlpool for hot therapy. Why I ignored the whirlpool for years is beyond me, but it helps recuperation in the best way.

I wonder has anyone else been suffering allergies as I have been lately. My nose just closes up lately like someone has poured glue down into my nostrils. And I get a splotchy redness, especially around my throat. I wonder what cavemen thought when they had allergies like that..did they realize it was allergies?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Row Row Row

The second annual First State Power Frenzy is now in the books! It was another great meet.

I'll be doing a write up for Powerlifting USA and will copy and paste it into my blog, so no elaboration until then. I now just want to give my heartfelt thanks again to all of the terrific people who come out to help us. No way in H-E- double hockey sticks would our meets be the success they are without people such as Tone Barbaccio, Jules Furniss, Roadhead Morris, Shawn Lattimer, Joel Killen, and the crew (wish I knew all of their names) from Jersey Iron. Then there is the Iron Bodies Fitness crew out of Oxford, PA - Brad Vargason, Doug Hollis, Danny Blankenship, Matt Wilson etc. (wish I knew all of their names too)And Len Walker - I bow down to to you. Jeff McVicar, Brian Weston, Tommy DiChiara, Hank Stoklosa and Jon Stoklosa, Carl Seeker - You are the bomb!!! My darling son Slater Clampitt and friends Jarett McManus and Michael Rhoades helped with video taping the event and energizing music... I know I'm missing dozens of people here! Nope, could NOT have been the success without any of you. Most of these people show up time after time for us and throw themselves into the trenches without prodding or hesitation for the love of the sport and camaraderie betwixt themselves. And Jack Osborne, owner of The Training Center where we hold our meets - I treasure your generousitiy and enthusiasm more than words can express. Yes, I feel blessed.

Friday, since I was at the Training Center all afternoon and evening for weigh-ins, and it was back day, and since The Training Center does have dumbells in five pound increments up to 190...Heck, what a better way to spend a few moments than pulling on some really heavy dumbells for some dumbell rows! I haven't done anything heavier than 125's for quite some time, due to the fact that is as heavy as Midway's dumbells go (though 130's and 135's are on order:) !! ). Picked out a 170 - I figured a few were possible...10 reps was the result! So B threw down a 190 and said " you might not be able to move this, but try it for your own satisfaction." Hey - four...I did four reps on each side with the 190 pound dumbell...I did post the video of me rowing on the Video Gallery page of my free site. I guess you could say that I appeased myself to satisfaction!

Thursday, September 13, 2007


My benching has come back around full circle. I'm just letting the bar hit where it wants to hit, which is extremely high compared to most benchers, my natural groove, but, well, heck, it is working. Screw the scientific theories.
I am changing my foot placement back to a more natural placement. Apparently it made somewhat of a difference, for last evening I managed 245 x 5 pause reps, with help on #6. So, not quite as spectacular as it used to be, but at least it is not on the downward spiral that it had been.
I do not like benching in flat shoes. I need a heel. Time to dig the Magic Harley boots out again.
Heels make me feel more elevated, even though I am lying on a bench. Feeling "up" helps the bar go "up"...does that make any sense at all?

It seems as if my body has responded kindly to the rest I gave it recently. I never quite got those "shoulder stripes" etched in for the Masters. I am known for having really good "shoulder stripes" (striations). Seems as if my body was retaliating and turning on survival mode by trying to hold onto fat storage and water in most unusual places during my severely over trained, over reached state. But right now -I feel good, I look good (for me to say either one of those statements is a FAR REACH on any given day, much less BOTH!)
I have been very good to myself - I've been hopping in the whirpool at the gym twice a week recently. I have been getting adjusted by B two or three times a week ( and they are grueling adjustments, oh God they are), I have been resting more, relaxing more - yes, I looked the word up, I think I finally know what it means....though I haven't quite gone so far as to by that elusive dictionary with the "R" word in it yet...
I am coming back around, I promise!
FIRST STATE POWER FRENZY is Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned for the lo down !

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Not quite in the "bouncing" state that I seek yet, however I am finally coming back around.

Maybe I should call it my "dribble" state, rather than bounce back state. I did train legs last night with B, and my dear friend Joel made a special guest appearance and trained with us.

It had been a very long time since I trained legs with B. He's still recuperaating from a meniscus tear, and I'm still recuperating from crash-burn, but we both did good. I managed 315 x 12 for a nice set.Those high reps always burn me out, even though I think one or two reps more were in me. (high reps = more than 6)However I did pick off 405 for 2. I have not had that much weight on my back since April. I did forget how much I LOVE having that heavy bar strewn across my shoulders! OOooh!!! :D

I recently changed my squatting shoes (yes, AGAIN). I am now sporting a pair of VANS when I get under the bar. I wore them one night because I didn't feel like dealing with the extensive lacing my UB's require. I didn't expect to like them, but, by cracky, they seem to be Magic shoes! Vans have a bit more grip than Chuck Taylors, and they also have a bit more cushioning on under the foot, not much, but a bit. That and they look good - Hey!

Then it was just work work work for the rest of the session.

I was beginning to think there for awhile that I would never be able to squat heavy again. However, I have renewed faith in myself. I just have to keep myself reigned's coming!!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Remember I said this - I will weigh-in at the Masters Nationals next year at 162, in the best condition of my life. :) You've got 10 and a half months to begin to believe me!

WOW! Do I feel really good right now. Four lengthy intense adjustments this week, a bit o' massage here and there, and some hot whirpool therapy this afternoon, coupled with a few hours on the beach this past week collecting sunshine for no reason other than that, and hanging in the waters of the bay here and there, almost makes me want to really start to explore the meaning of "relax" more often.....I dunno....could I stand to become less wound - I doubt it!! LOL
My hip feels just about normal at this very moment. Though I appreciate all younz who e-mail me and are concerned about my plight, the advice about big weights and wear and tear on my hip ...well, that is not the cause of my pains. Granted, it's not helping it heal, but it is not the direct cause. The times that I feel most aggravated are after walking and driving long distances, not after squatting 400+ pounds in the gym.
B was playing around with my hip and socket the other night, and he made a noteworthy remark. He thinks that I have a chip or divet in my hip socket that is causing the ball joint to catch and throw itself out.
Here is the news that is hard to swallow- after making such a stink for so long that I do not do "cardio", I may actually have to change my habits. If walking is tearing me apart, I have to do something else. I may have to hop on a machine here and there...though bicycling on a stationary bike has always aggravated my hip flexors, and the eliptical jars my lower back - the Step Mill is about the only machine I can hang with. Perahps real stairs for 20 minutes or so, or I may have to drive to the beach where the sand is level near the water and take walks on the sand there. It may not seem such a big deal to those who do hours upon hours of "cardio" a week, but it's a change. I'll do what I need to do.
Maybe I'll try some sprinting on the beach...or some other type of real cardio as opposed to "cardio". I'll keep you posted on that.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I'm still here. Things are coming around. Slowly...oh, how I hate when things go slowly...
but I'll get there.
My physical condition still predicates that I train in upper rep ranges. I'll just think of it as "cycling". Cycling does have its place in training regimens.
I thought I was backing off the other night with the leg training. No squats, as I am "cycling" and my hips hurt anyway. In fact, I had my back/hip adjustment from B and he said that my pelvis was more twisted out of place than he had ever seen it, as well as my spine. Needless to say, that adjustment hurt like H-E- double hockey sticks.

Anyhooo, I did straight on leg pressing. Let me tell you yesterdays trips up and down my three flights of stairs were the most grueling EVER! WTF??? Must be the high reps I'm not used to? I did 20-15-6-15.

The other day, I was listening to a trainer tell his client about the mind having more power than the body, as most of us that train with weights at a high level know that the adage "Mind over Matter" is indeed a true. His conversation got me thinking of this problem, where my mind knows it has superior power to push through over the physical, and is so used to doing so, that it doesn't listen to the physical when the physical is crying out signals that need to be listened to. Balance, it's all about balance in life, isn't it?? EVERYTHING is about balance. Training, eating, relationships -

Off topic, the weather has been SUPERB! How much better can you get than low 80's , abundant sunshine, low humidity? It is now the time of year we locals of the Delaware resort area wait for, after all the tourists go home! We claim our beaches and roads back for awhile.

I got my photographs back from the Masters that were shot by Dan Ray. He was such a pleasure to work with. And his work is fanastic! I'll be putting them up on my Members Section.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

So sorry I've not visited my own blog for over a week now. I have trouble writing anything when I'm not getting excited about the way things are progressing. Nothing of note to post. I'm just plugging along.

I have been very busy as a Realtor lately, and that is a good thing.

I finally got my photos back from Kevin Fleming from our shoot in July before the Masters - here is a sample. The man is just golden with the camera. is his photo blog with recent wildlife and nature photos. He used to work for National Geographic.
I am not sure I am the type of "wildlife" he is used to shooting, but we got some fantastic shots!

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Last night, I go in, do one work-set of deadlifts, 315 x 12, then BAM!!! I'm wasted, ready for a nap!!! That's what I'm going through, still - just lack of VIM, lack of VIGOR....I couldn't even pick the bar up off of the floor for the next set. So then I moved onto rack pulls. Now, when I do rack pulls, or "partials",I do them from beneath the knee. So many people I see move the bar from above the knee, and the bar moves about an inch...WTF??? I'm still getting about a foot of movement here. 565 for 3 or 4...I'll probably get a lot better at these, as I've only done these 2 or 3 times total in my life.
Hammer Machine single arm rows...I don't much care for this machine, but I let B pick my workout last night, as I didn't feel like thinking - just doing. Machine pullovers...blah...then cross swing dumbell curls (I don't know what else to call them). I think B made me do 85's see, I wasn't thinking, so I don't remember all of the details.Then Gawwwd awful preacher curls with a barbell...oooh, I hate any kind of barbell curls. Calves toe raises on whatever that machine is. And a set of hip flexor curls on the lying leg curl. My hip flexorshave been out of synch again, as I haven't worked them for months. Traywick commented whilst watching me squat the other day that I was really wobbly on the descent. That's the sign that my hip flexors need some tending to. So I tended to them.
I'm up to about 156. I should be well into the 160's now. At least I still have some quad striations!!!
Not real good for recovery purposes, however. Weight will start to climb next week, I'm sure, and hopefully so will my energy levels!! :) Believe me this - I AM GETTING REALLY TIRED OF POSTING HOW BURNT OUT I AM!!!
It's been a gray and gloomy week, but the sun is finally shining today. It's supposed to be in the high 90's, and since I do live "at the beach", I think I'll take advantage of the breeze off the bay today, and try to soak up some of the sweltering late August sun. Hopefully the crowds will be a little thinner there today since the kiddies in most places have started school, keeping the tourists at home. Last two times I ventured down to the beach I could not find a parking space and wound up coming home. Boooo.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Alan from APT's Pro Wrist Straps, has agreed to sponsor us for the First State Power Frenzy once again! The man is awesome, he has sponsored us three times thus far. His equipment excels - I always use his lifting straps. I also use his knee wraps and wrist wraps, currently liking the Black Mambas. Thanks APT!!!

the First State Power Frenzy - Saturday September 15, 2007
APF sanctioned
Full Power, Push/Pull, Squat Only, Bench Only, Deadlift Only
Raw and Geared divisions
where: The Training CenterNew Castle, DE 19720
entry form:
meet promoters:Kate Baird
Broderick Chavez - DE state APF chairman
It's a Party!It's a Frenzy!It's Powerlifting!!!

I'm back in the gym. Actually, I was back Monday for squats. Things are on the upswing finally. I don't mean poundage - I mean my physical state. Unless you have been in a severe over extended, over trained state, you won't grasp the extent of what I am trying to convey. I was trashed for so long, I surely came close to unraveling. For the past week or so, I feel "normalized", back in balance... I'd love to hang on to that feeling. The forced rest came at the proper time - shows you that someone indeed must be looking out for me from above. So now I MUST be careful. I'm forcing myself to back down from my usual 900 mph, coasting a little slower. Having to drop the intensity level back a couple of notches.

I currently don't have a specific goal, a meet or contest, to train for right now, and it is best I keep it that way for awhile.Just train for training's sake.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Twiddling Thumbs

I'm just hanging about twiddling my thumbs this week...
My body is showing signs of accepting this forced rest. OK, so I have learned that I need to go out and find a dictionary that has the word "Relax" in it, and place that book somewhere with easy access at all times...

Great news for my Powerlifting meet - the First State Power Frenzy, which is held at the Training Center gym in New Castle DE on September 15th, APF sanctioned, raw and geared divisions.
AT LARGE NUTRITION and TITAN are both stepping up to help sponsor this time, and word is we may have another biggie helping out. and

I honestly have not tried At Large Nutrition's products yet, but I hear that they are superior to much of the stuff that lines the shelves at the vitamin stores these days.
Broderick just received a pair of Titan knee wraps a couple of weeks ago, first time he has tried them, and loves them!
If anybody who is reading this plans to compete in the FSPF, please register as soon as possible! It's hard to know how many trophies and t-shirts and such to order when you don't know how many competitors are planning to lift in the meet!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No training for a few days

I have to say after Monday's training session - "This Will Never Do"...

I am on mandatory respite from the gym again. I didn't even think about that until yesterday, whilst I was in the doctor's office having a small follow up surgery to my surgery in March.
This will work in one of two ways - I'll either benefit from additional rest, for I am having problems bouncing back into prime form from the bodybuilding, or I'll suffer from the additional stress because it was a little more traumatic than I had anticipated.
Am I good at skirting details, or what?

Anyhooo, no training for at least five days - wahhhhhhhhhhh.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Still Breaking In -

I'm still breaking myself back in - I wonder if I'll ever get over this stomach thing. Yes, it's still off and on plaguing me after 3 weeks. I'm barely tipping the scales now at 153 - 154. I just can't seem to get set straight with this weight gaining program!!! Not because I haven't been including lots of food or my Little Debbie Cakes, because they have once again become a daily staple, but my body is just plain ol' rebelling against wanting to gain weight... I'm still doing a bit less volume all around in my training. We did rack pulls the other night - I'm not really into them. I betcha, however, that in the long run they will benefit me, but even with close to 600 lbs, they just don't provide me with that overall exhilerating, body thrashed feeling I get from deadlifts. My weak spot on the dead is off the floor, not mid-point. We'll be doing these every other week to see waht happens. Deadlifting every week is counter productive for me. GW will benefit from the rack pulls, especially, as his weak link in the dead is the mid-point. My upper abs did get very sore from the rack pulls. My hips were saved alot of grief, however, and hopefully will be fresh on Monday for squatting!

The pics are of GW, Beth Beitzel and I pulverizing our legs on my last training session the Sunday before the Masters.
The Duo Squat machine is just a heck of an incredible piece of machinery. I relied on those when I could no longer push through regular squats. The sissy squat "machine" - to me, not really like a sissy squat, more like an altered front squat.
Good stuff, but manual sissys still rule - funny that they would even make a machine to try to simulate a sissy - one of the few excercises you can do any time, anywhere without a piece of equipment...????
We've all been trying to encourage Beth to compete - she's got all of the tools necessary - looks, physique, personality. She jumps in to work out with us from time to time, and she's also got alot of strength she either doesn't know she has, or is hiding....not sure which. She would be a force in figure, fitness, or bodybuilding....maybe someday, Beth??????
OK, every time I post, I'm going to try to thank one person whose influence has made my foray into bodybuilding and powerlifting the grand experience it has been and hopefully will continue to be for some time to come...
Mark Collins. My old beau during the time I was going to the Art Institute of Philadelpia, and was the first person to ever take the time to show me and explain to me what weight training was all about. I haven't seen nor spoken to him in 20+ years, but he got the ball rolling for me in the basement of a friend's row house in South Philadelphia with a set of plastic filled weights and a cheap bar. Thanks Mark.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I was bouncing back to health and spriteliness on Friday, then got a rebound of whateveritwas on Saturday and Sunday. It was so bad, that I finally decided that a Dr's visit was in order yesterday morning. Of course, I was on the upswing again by the time I got to the Dr's office. But that is ok, it just feels good to finally (almost) feel good again! LOL!!!
ahhhh, squats..........SQUATS!!! First session back to squatting since mid-June, and gosh, did it feel good- it was just this side of orgasmic!!! I was a little rusty, but not too bad - I was just breaking in a new stance a few months back when I had to abandon them because of bodybuilding contest prep. Yes, I HAD to, I just simply couldn't push through them any longer due to overtraining, lack of steam,etc. I would have to say, that having been in the depleted state for so long, then coming in off of a two week flu stint, I can't complain about my performance at all.
B trained with GW and I...I had almost forgotten what a sick pup he is when he trains.
315 for 8 pretty much took everything out of me as far as endurance on my first set. 365 for 2 wasn't hard at all, I felt the strength was there, my legs called out for more, but lo' and behold - no steam to push further. I need to get the "wherewithall" back in gear.
Next week, I'll be back in the 405 mode, yeah yeah yeah... I'm frothing at the mouth. Even if I'm not in the mode next week I'm going to do 405 anyway. We also did smith machine back lunges on a box - I really don't have any polite words for those...

My goal is to get at least that 450 that eluded me on the platform last year a couple of times, and to hopefully get a 475... bodybuilding contest prep definitely cuts into one's strength gains, I despise that side effect...I am ultimately after the 500 (belt and knee wraps only, of course). I need to nail down a commitment for a meet to compete at in the coming months, so stay tuned on that decision.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm finally on the upswing again - slowly, but finally. I was spent after the show, then that stomach flu kicked my butt. I did my two weeks mandatory rest, not as hard as I imagined because I had no choice with being sick. Going to the gym to train was NOT in the forefront of my mind. I haven't jumped back in entirely full force yet, I will be kind to myself so I don't relapse into the burn out stage.
It feels good to be refreshed, not just physically but mentally as well.
I am finally up in weight - one whole pound since weigh-ins!! Hey, you try gaining weight with a stomach flu! I am up to 151...
I did train Wednesday. It went as expected, I think I even still had a fever that morning. Powerlifting mode = bench pressing. I was able to pick off 225 x 6, yes all paused, but that's nothing for me to rave about as you know. But that's ok, realizing I need to ease back into it. I did less sets and reps for the entire session, to keep myself from overtraining.
Last night it was back to DEADLIFTS!!! Yay! It has been over two months since I pulled from the floor. I certainly was not expecting much, but I did better than I expected, especially after a couple of very stressful workdays. I expected a 315 x 5 tops, in my ragged low weight state.
I managed 315 x 10, so I did put 365 on the bar and pulled 4. It was a sucky bar with no knurling on it. It felt good to put another hole in my pants and make my leg bleed again! My ABS are what are incredibly sore this morning - hence, why I never directly work them, boys and girls. Less overall volume, again, need to back off for a week or two.
Now that I am not contest dieting, I decided to go for the ultimate post workout recovery drink - a Slurpee! Actually, it was a WaWa Icee, same thing. Hot weather is Slurpee weather, and this was my first all year. Good stuff!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Flu

We figured out why I was having some problems drying out for the Masters - I was in the beginning stages of this horrible stomach flu that is now kicking my butt!!! Oh my God, do I feel retched. We were passing the tight fluttery stomach and constipation off to nerves and stress, but no, it was and is definitely the stomach flu. I guess if I'm going to get sick it's best to get it when I am on mandatory rest duty anyway. This will make sure that I do rest and stay out of the gym. Good thing I was able to stave off the major wrath of it until now, and good thing I didn't plan to go on to the USA, where I hear Michelle Neill is kicking butt - go girl!!!
Powerlifting USA- July edition. Thanks Scott Taylor, APA president, for saying such nice things about me. The picture on page 83 is me making a very sour face for having missed my benches - I only got my opening lifts that day. 'twas not a good day for me that day on the platform. I had big plans, but it wasnot to be that day. Plus, I would never wear a blue belt with a purple singlet!!!! The lever on my belt broke moments before the meet began, and I had to borrow my friends belt, who was lifting that day, but it was one hole size too large.
Also the write up on page 88 on the APF Delaware Power Classic (my meet) looks great! I am so proud of the evolution of that meet.
The 2006 Women's Top 20 lists are posted in the July issue, also. In the 165 class I made 13th highest squat, 15th highest Total, just missed making the bench and dead lists by 4 and 5 pounds respectively.
In the 148's I tied 11th in the squat, 9th in the bench, 14th in the dead and 9th Total.
But remember boys and girls, I'm on the lists mixed in with geared lifters, some wearing up to 5 layers of canvas, whilst I performed my lifts raw - I don't see where any raw lifters are placed ahead of any of my lifts, they are all geared lifts, except Julie Scanlon's 275 raw bench. To be fair, they did omit her raw NERB Total, probably just by mistake of 425 sq, 305 bench, and 420 dead. Julie Scanlon is awesome, and I'll give her credit anytime, after all she is one of the best, a very nice lady, and one of my favorite female powerlifters.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Awards Ceremony

Here is the ceremony presentation for the 2007 NPC Masters Nationals Tom Nine Screwed Award, presented to me by photographers Gene X and James Cook!
It's never felt so good to be screwed!!! :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

After the Show Crash and Burn

I knew as soon as I stopped moving I would be hurting, and I am. I'm still in the "running on empty" stage. I'd kill myself doing back to back shows as some of the women are going straight into the USA. I am physically fried...of course, I was moving into that state for quite awhile before the show. I am now feeling the physical wrath of moving so fast for so long.

OK, the was a well run event, and it is a great venue to have an event such as that.
My opinion on the placings....hmmm...yes, there were a few "WTF" placings in the show, and obviously in my division. I just simply can't elaborate because I don't feel it is right for me to say what might be construed as mean or humiliating things about people in a public forum such as this. Pictures can be found on and . If you go to GeneX Magazine, you can read that I actually did receive an unofficial award, presened to me by some of the photographers - The first "Tom Nine Screwed Award". Most of us will always think that we should have placed higher in a competition (unless, of course, we win). I went in with the attitude knowing that the judges would probably ignore me like they usually do, so I was able to focus on other things, such as having a good time. However, it feels really good to know that I was appreciated by the photographers, the fans, other competitors. I have been told by many that 3-5 was realistic, and even a few 2nds, but I won't try to give myself too much in the way of undeserved glory. I regard the photographers' opinions pretty highly, as they go to all of the big shows and work with most of the top women. To have the honor of the TNS award I accept with my head held up very high and proud. However, I will gladly pass it along to someone else next time!!!!

My dear friend Jack Osborne only made it to tenth in the Men's Over 40 Heavyweights. But it was great to see Jack set foot up onstage again! He had some health problems over the past couple of years (almost died twice!). It was even a very last minute decision for him to compete. I hope he focuses on training for the show again next year, because he can be a major force to contend with in the line up! It was great to spend a little time with he and his wife, Chrissy. They own the Training Center in New Castle, Delaware.
I've spoken to quite a few who thought Laurie Larson should have placed higher, too.
I really like her. On Sunday she had road atlas veins poking through all over her legs. If she can bring the Sunday look she had to the Saturday show next time,
You would think it would have been really easy to find a good steak around the Pittsburgh area, but it took three restaurant tries before I found one, and then it was just OK. But during the restaurant hopping we were able to bump into Marlene Churchill-Wolverton and her husband, Freddy. They sat down with B and I and we really enjoyed spending some time with them. I really like her look, and was happy to see her place in the top 5.
I enjoyed working with all of the photographers - Bill Jentz, John Napfliotis, James Cook, Gene X, Tom Nine, Annie Rivvieccio, and Dan Ray. I especially liked Dan Ray's creativity. They all bring something to the table, and they all added an element of enjoyment to my trip.
Of course, I wouldn't be doing any of this if it weren't for B - Broderick Chavez, the Evil Genius.
He has had me step onstage every show he has prepped me for in exactly the shape we predetermine. (too bad we can't predetermine the judges actions). He encourages me, helps me - he got his weekend workout following me around during all of the photoshoots with all of my bags and apparatus- has helped my confidence grow to where I actually believe in myself.
Thank you, Evil Genius -
Time to hang up the posing suit until next year. I will be in powerlifter mode again starting next week.

Monday, July 23, 2007

2007 Masters Nationals weekend

I arrived back home about two hours ago, and heck, am I literally drained down to zero battery power! I started at about 700 mph at the beginning of last week getting ready for the trip, escalated up to around 1500 mph when we arrived in Pittsburgh, and just kept amping up from there!

We had a BLAST! Pittsburgh is even better now than I remember it when I lived and went to school there back in 1981.

Anyhooooo - I have alot to say and tell, but I am literally depleted, worn out, drained, exhausted... I'll get to a longer post perhaps tomorrow.
I just wanted to congratulate Debbie Bramwell one more time on her well deserved accomplishment in winning her pro card. I told her directly, and I truly believe no one will be a better positive representative for the sport of bodybuilding than she. She is just a true gem of a person, and she would be a shining star in anything she choses to do, not just bodybuilding.

My first national contest was the 2005 USA, and I just happened to be placed in line and on stage next to Debbie. I had only been training for a year and a half total, and many times the thought of "what the Hell am I thinking being here on stage with these seasoned competitors?"crossed my mind, but Debbie was a big factor in making me feel more relaxed and made the experience for me so much more positive. I saw her do the same thing for a sweet pretty figure girl doing her first show this weekend. What a heart!
Then there is Debbie's physique! I was honored to be the one to oil her up for pre-judging, and YES! those glutes are as hard as they look! She puts her heart and soul into the sport. I wish her well in every future competiton she does, and I also wish her well in everything else she does!
A beautiful lady - inside and out!
Oh - me, I placed 7th out of 12 competitors... I'm really not sure if the judges just ignore me, or I actually confuse them. I'll elaborate in the next post.
ALSO - I hope Michelle Neill gets her due at the USA next weekend. She was in tremendous shape...I looked at her, looked at Debbie, and decided I wasn't even going to do my own comparisons. I only got to talk to Michelle a couple of times briefly, but she seems to be such a genuinely sweet, nice and extremely pretty lady - and my God, what conditioning! Knock em' dead next week, Michelle!

Friday, July 20, 2007


I have but a few moments to spare this morning before I go into whirlwind mode once again. I've been whirling all week, wow, so many things to do to prep for a bodybuilding show!

My friend Lisa Scott (Lisa Lindsay to many ) came over the night before I left and finished up some terrific outfits for my photoshoots! Thank you forever, Lisa - so talented and creative.

It was a lovely drive to get here. Takes about 6 hours through very scenic countryside.
We arrived in Pittsburgh about 3:30 and had to leave the hotel at 4:30 to go to weigh-ins.

Weigh-ins rans smoothly and quickly, thank goodness. I spent some time talking with Debbie Baker from Dallas, who seems like a wonderful and very genuine lady!

I hear the awesome Jack Osborne is competing!!!! I did not see him last night, however. Jack is a dear friend, however I have never seen him compete. He has had some health problems in the past few yesr, but I hear he is in A1 shape for this show. I can't wait to see him!

Debbie Bramwell looks incredible, as she usually does!

I weighed in at 150 - 2-3 pounds less than originally anticipated. B thinks I'll be stepping onstage around 154.

Took some photos yesterday - here is a group of girls, I don't even know where they are from.
They all came running out of Hard Rock Cafe to get their picture taken with me! They were so cute!

I was wishing I was as hard as this woman!

OK, gotta getta move on!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Posing Practice

Pictures from posing practice this morning. My routine - I'm pretty happy with it. I said in a prior post that I wasn't creative, but that's not necessarily true. However,I can be a clumsy oaf, so I have to tone down any movement that might give me a chance to trip over my own feet....really.

My hair is looking its most muscular self these days, dontcha think? Yes it's my own real ball of fur atop my head.

My left arm always wants to stick out further and higher than my right. I think that comes from years of the hip and spine being misaligned....either that or I'm just friggin' crooked. Now all you people who will be at the Masters will be looking at my arm to see if it is sticking out crooked or not.
I hope it is not, but it probably will be

11 weeks is a long time.
But only 1 week to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2007


I had to go back on my diet again yesterday - I was eating ALOT at the beginning of the week.
I thought I'd post a few progress pics that weren't of the standard norm!

Taken 2 weeks and 2 days out from the Masters - one of my more prominant bodyparts!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Some thoughts on my physique...

I had a good time running around stark naked in the woods with two men the other day!! Here is Kevin Fleming shooting me. It was on the verge of a downpour all afternoon, however we were able to escape the wrath of the storms, which were pretty wicked in surrounding areas. I had to spray a host of bug spray to keep the 'skeeters and horseflies off of me! The aroma of OFF mixed with ProTan is definitely not a sweet one.

The low diffuse lighting lent itself to the mood...we got alot of FANTASTIC images, and I can't wait to post some of them in my Members Section! Very artsy, and very naked! :)

We went into the studio the next morning, and shot some more.
Here is my two cents worth about my physique - when I don't flex, yes, there is muscle, but I do not wear it in a "muscular" fashion...sometimes it is not until I flex where some people actually realize that I have as much muscel. My physique is structured so that I could probably weigh in at 200 pounds and still not look as "muscular" as some women at 150. It is a curvy, athletic, feminine physique. Probably one of the more "marketable" physiques. However, onstage, I think that the judges will once again "miss" me, because of that fact. I can flex and hold my own, but they do their very first initial assessments from the quarter turns, and I'm not sure I look muscular enough. My arms are smaller in proportion to my torso than most national level female bodybuilders, not that I think that is bad, I think it looks more proportionate and more "feminine", but it is not what the judges are used to seeing, or liking. Heck, all dieted down right now unpumped they measure 15 and a half! My abs are of a different breed than most - they aren't the big, overdeveloped turtle shell looking abs that the judges are used to seeing and rewarding. Of course, I like mine, and I'm not changing them. It makes my waist look smaller. Then they'll look at my back and probably say it is "overdeveloped"...HAH!!! My legs have size to them, but because of the "athletic" shape to them, they don't appear as big as some legs, but they are.

To sum this up - I doubt that the judges will ever place me high. So be it. If I could change it, and heck, we all know that I could change it if I really, really wanted to, but I won't. Because, after all, I am female, I am a woman, and I think I have a perfect blend of what I perceive women's bodybuilding to be. But my opinion doesn't count on stage.

Monday, July 09, 2007

I trained legs on a Sunday, yesterday, due to the fact that I have a photoshoot on Tuesday, and we are doing a "run through" prior to the show, for the shoot, and training them yesterday was the only solution, unless I didn't do them at all...that was not an option!
These pics were shot immediately after training legs, so I was not as sharp as prior to, and I was pretty much on the verge of falling over, having used up all of my energy reserves, mind you!!

The Nautilus Duo Squat is currently my favorite leg movement. We are still doing pre-exaustion because I'm still weak as a kitten (purrrrrr).
Tuesday I have a photo shoot with two photographers at the same time!!! One of them being the world famous Kevin Fleming. He has won numerous awards worldwide, covers of Newsweek, National Geographic, etc., people pay multiple thousands of dollars for his work, so having the opportunity to spend several hours having him shoot lil' ol me is an honor!
Yes, a "run through". I will be tightening up and hardening up considerably these next two weeks. I have to eat a ton of food these next few days - I was 150 yesterday, that being my lowest as I still expect to weigh in around 152-153. I am halfway tempted to break out the Little Debbies, but I will save those until after the show. I did buy myself a box of Zebra Cakes to take with me - they are packed already (the only thing that is thus far!!!)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

2 weeks

Let's get it over with!!!! :) Yes, I'm ready - I'm lean enough, now it is just the finer details to be worked out.

I really don't feel like I'm training unless I am training at heavy weight maxes, but I guess my training is still effective, because my traps are very sore today., and I couldn't give you a clue as to why they are so sore, except maybe that there isn't enough recovery food being ingested.

I did eat "normally" a couple of days this week, but my "normal" eating is always so clean it would make you sick. I'm hanging in the 151 +/- range, and will most likely increase a few pounds in the next coming weeks if our plan pans out properly, and I would certainly bet the bank that it will.

The Evil Genius actually froths at the mouth as he sits and calculates and analyzes and maps out my plan. He's extreme, but hey, I am at this stage of the game because of him. I always say - I'm the carpenter, but he is the architect. I just follow blue prints well.

Because you asked for them - I did find a couple of blade throwing pictures. They are obviously a few years old, because - look how skinny I am!!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence Day

Good thing I am on a diet, or I might be complaining that I was sitting here all alone with nary a place to go for the holiday - no BBQ's, no Happy Hours...actually, my downstairs neighbors have a garage that they have turned into a Tiki Bar - they have the grill for bbq fired up, they always have an open invitation for all of the neighbors. It's open, and they are serving! It's way cool.
I may go to the movies. There are loads of fireworks around here, but heck - the crowds!!! I live in a resort, and summer holidays are atrocious! Perhaps a scary movie at the theater is in order...I haven't been to a scary movie in ages. Alone, of course... :( :( :( I should go to the one theater that doesn't serve popcorn, because if I smell the popcorn, it is all over!!!
Actually, I am at my lean point today, I do believe, so I'm eating regular today. I have to carefully consider getting any leaner than this, as that will take away from the roundness and fullness that I have worked so hard these past 6 months to create. I am already feeling stick-like, and I think that staying the course at this point, and just manipulating the water out of my system is the way to go for me to step on stage. I don't feel big and muscular at all. I feel very curvy, and feminine, and ok, I admit, quite sexy...(did I say that?) ooohhhh...

My strength is still down, but that's ok, as long as I can acknowledge that it is from lack of fuel and this long drawn out diet that seems like it is never going to end...I've been on it forever, or so it seems....

Sometimes I get asked what else I do for fun... not that there is much time for other activities, but sometimes I do get out and go target shooting with my busines partner / friend Jody, who is THE firearms expert and enthusiast. I have a 9mm (German Makarov) and a 45 (Bersa sub compact). Me thinks its time for some target practice. I'm a pretty darned good shot, if I do say so myself. I also like to practice throwing knives, but I pretty much suck at that. I have a small compilation of knives and swords, the focus mostly on interesting switchblades. Big shiny blades mesmerize me...HAH! I don't have any very recent pictures of me shooting, but here are two from about three years ago -