Friday, June 26, 2009

3 weeks out

I am talking to a new webmaster and hope to have a new website sometime within the coming months. I know my old site has run its course, and never has worked properly with the like of Firefox and some other browsers. Bear with me.

Here is my new little girl - Cap'n Jazz. She's about 10 weeks old.
She's just a lil' sweetie, she is.

I want to get some things straight here - I am not "chasing" anybody at this competition.
I'm worried only about me. Period. And you know what - I'm not even "worried" about me.
I'm going in looking the way I want to, the way I think I look best. And I WILL be prepared to show my best package, the Kate package. I've still got 3 weeks of work to do, but I'm doing it.
I promise.

I have no idea what I'm looking at here - it was still early in the a.m. I think my eyes hadn't rolled back out of thier sockets yet. : )

Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Weeks Out

This is the group of amazing athletes I was able to meet and watch whilst acting as judge at the Special Olympics of Delaware Powerlifting on June 13th. This was the second year I have taken part in SODE, and again I was very honored to be asked and able to partake in the activities. These guys gave us thier hearts as well as thier athletic talents. Well done ALL !!!!

OK, I'm cranky and I'm tired, but mostly from lack of sleep. If I could only get up and drink a glass of milk or eat a light carbohydrate laden snack I'm sure I could sleep a whole lot better. I admit, I am pure misery on feet these days.

There is nothing I crave so much as 6 straight hours of sleep. Nothing. Not a thing. Nope.

Less than 4 weeks to go and by this time I usually have a very decent base tan, but as the sun seems to have burnt out several months back I'm going to have to just step up the tanning bed frequency. The weather simply has sucked all year.

Friday, June 12, 2009

5 weeks

I had a photoshoot with David Koster of Portraits In The Sand the other day. We went up to Gordon's Pond State Beach, here on the north end of Rehoboth Beach in lovely slower lower Delaware. It was around 5:30 pm, and a beautiful, magical, mystical fog rolled in just in time for the photo session. How can you ever plan for something like that to happen??

David is an amazingly talented photographer, and a super nice guy!

Here are my weekly black undies pictures at 5 and a half weeks out -

Check out the striations starting to come in on the lower lats

:) :) :)

So you liked playing 20 questions with Kate?

I'll give you 10 more to mull over -

1. Favorite flower - I think that dandelions get a bad rap. I also love purple irises.

2. Favorite smell - that would be the smell of wet concrete after a rain shower.... lilacs smell pretty good too.

3. One physical trait that you would change if you could - like I'm going to point that out to the public ???!!! If you don't notice it, good!!!

4. Where did you go on your first date ? 7th grade dance.

5. Sunrise or sunset - I am rarely up for the event, but each sunrise gives the promise of new hope and the opportunity to create anew.

6. Favorite season - summer - hot and humid, yessss!!!!

7. Favorite artist - I have two: Maxfield Parish, and Abraxas Hudson.

8. Favorite place to shop - Salvation Army.

9. Who you miss the most - Wendy, my childhood best friend - it is MY fault for not staying in touch like I should, and Jody , my business partner and friend, who taught me more useful and important things in life than I ever realized whilst here on earth.

10. How do you start your day - every day before I get out of bed, I try to think of 3 things that I am grateful for. Those things can be anything, but knowing that there is something to be grateful for helps start the day on a positive note. Then I make a beeline to the coffeemaker.

Friday, June 05, 2009

6 and a Half Weeks to go

I was feeling like a basket case because I couldnt sleep for a couple of weeks (imagine THAT! ). But now I am rested and back to being ornery. I feel rather good now. I have changed my training so now I am only doing one big body part per workout, or one, maybe two smaller body parts.

Yes, that makes an incredible difference in energy recovery for now.

I am very pleased with my progress, and the best is yet to come!

Someone suggested I play "20 Questions with Kate" here.

Let's see if I can come up with 10 questions...

1.Favorite color - changes periodically. Right now I go for "energy colors" - yellow, orange, red.

2. Favorite food - frozen birthday cake - has to have plenty of icing.

3. What cd is in your car cd player right now? I believe it is the new Static - X - Cult of Static.

4. How do you like to relax - with a big ol' glass of wine...ok, 2 glasses....

5. Do you have any pets - no...but we are supposed to be getting a kitty cat tomorrow! :)

6. Favorite Muppet - Grover

7.What kind of car do you drive - 2006 Jeep Liberty.

8. Favorite sport - Powerlifting....duhhhh....(and Pro Bull Riding, of course )

9. Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla

10. favorite comedian - whatever happened to Chris Elliot ????

OK - that's enough. We don't want to get too personal with me.