Sunday, December 27, 2009

Enter Stranger

I will tell you what happens. It is that I miss a few postings, and it gets so overwhelming when I think of all of the things I need to catch up on. Then I postpone my blog for "just one more day". 2 months later, here I am.
I will just begin fresh again, and not worry about the old news. Maybe some of it will work its way into my blog here and there.

It is so exciting to be able to squat again! I am still working on learning a new technique, but as of last week I think I finally nailed what works for me. Still climbing back up in the weight, but dedinitely I am getting there. I am still using sleeves only for reminder of leg and knee positioning. Every time I try wraps these days it becomes a disaster. Somehow I will need to reincorporate knee wraps, but for now is without.
One of the adjustments I have to be aware of is keeping the bar positioned in the proper place on my back. I keep wanting to sneak it up higher, which will throw me out of alignment and place the stress on my back ,throw me forward, and disallow the depth I am striving for.

That is a 370 x 3 .
I have been training recently with my friend Rob Haas, who is proving to be a great training partner!

So Happy Holidays.

I was just sitting here thinking that last year I made resolutions for the first time in many years. They didn't workout very well. I am contemplating trying one for this coming year or not.... I haven't decided yet.