Sunday, December 28, 2008


I stand amazed.
Certainly we are all aware of my persistent leg tribulations, and my quest to alleviate the problems(s).

Therapy was proving to bring much relief for several weeks. Hope positive - until the past couple of weeks. The pain became a constant, and new pains awakened, such as in my knees where I have never felt it before. I was getting concerned that perhaps I was truly breaking, and coming to a point where I might have to face the end or at least serious modifications of my joys and passions.

Last night I was sitting on the couch thinking about the prevalent and constant pain in my leg. I realized that I needed to stretch and do my other therapies - it is and must be ongoing. I do one particular stretch where I often find it difficult to find just the right pull to my IT band. I was feeling tremendous discomfort and shifting to find just the right position, when "SNAP" - a most uncomfortable popping feeling and sound. It was so intense that I automatically cursed the pain that I thought was sure to follow. However, the most amazing feeling of relaxation proceeded to flow through my left leg. In no way do I believe that this is the end of the problem, but I sit here this morning relaxed as can be.

My goal to get 315 on my back and squat once again by the end of the year may be a lofty goal, as we only have a few days left in it, but damned if I don't have hope anew that yes, I will squat someday once again.

My new year resolution....I dont usually make any, but this year I will. I vow to include more olive oil in my diet. Anyone who knows me very well knows that I'd rather eat dirt than put more fats in my diet, but rather than have all of my hair fall out, among other physical maladies, I will consume.

Friday, December 26, 2008

December 26th

Apologies for being scarce again. It is December 26th, the day after Christmas, and I can't believe I'm saying thank God I got through it, it is over. I don't know where the spirit of Christmas was this year. I really looked hard for it. I have always been the gladsome Christmas elf spreading cheer and love and happiness etc. etc. I just couldn't seem to find it this go round.
Maybe I just wasn't ready this time. That leaves a cloud of guilt engulfing me, I shouldn't be like this. It really makes me sad. I did spend Christmas with family and friends, that is a blessing.
My son is 15 this year. Having him with me is really all the Christmas I need.

Much has happened recently, this entire year. I don't think I've mourned properly for any of my losses, or for that matter even revelled joyously enough in my gains. I need to stop and sit and just be, turn off the engines for a bit, be still, reflect, before I can gather up properly and soldier forth and have faith that 2009 will be fortuitous. So, before the new year comes, I'm slowing down - even if for a few mere moments, because I have to.

So anyway, what is it with this inflatable Christmas we have these days??? Those big tacky blow up figures in peoples' front yards? What is even worse is when they are are deflated, laying there in big plastic heaps, void of air. Merry Christmas, blow me up -

Enough Bah Humbug - hey?

Jody - I hope you are light and free now. "Silence is the loudest words you'll never say..." I miss you, Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

182 !!!!

I am up to 182 lbs... yikes! That's insane. I like it! :)

Back day - we did rack pulls from the knee. We hadn't done these in ages. I went up to 605 for 5. That's where I left off, good, no backsliding there. Then we used the T-Bar machine. It is an Icarian. I had never used this one before, and I will never use it again. It was awkward for me, very awkward. I also prefer a close grip on my t-bars, and this machine only has wide grip, so I'm crossing it off my options list.
Rope pull downs - my teres major feels back to normal now.

Biceps - good old barbell exchanges. This is the one movement I absolutely hate but love to do , because it WORKS!

Leg day I was solo. I planned on walking 225 out and doing one set of 10 squats. I did do these, and did them perfectly fine, but my legs have been totally f***d up for the past 4 days. I do not believe it is due soley to the squats, but definitely they had their negative effect. I have an idea in my head about something else that is proably affecting the tightness in my legs. I shall test the waters, so to speak, before I elaborate. I was making good progress with the therapy I had been doing, but, unfortunately, I had been neglectful for a few weeks due to all of the crazy stuff that has happened in my life during the past month +. I need to get back on track.

Did smith machine lunges, sissy squats (free-style), lying leg curls - I actually incorporated a set of 10 10 2 20's into these - OMG! Talk about insane intensity - I can still feel these. Then onto leg extensions and calves - I think donkeys on the machine and seated.

Yesterday's workout wasn't stellar, not terrible but absolutely no zone. I did my standard 230 x 10, 250 x 6, and actually pushed a 280 for almost 4, but there was no zone. The zone is part of the rush of the whole experience. Tried to do a static with 420, but I was laying on an adjustable bench, and my butt was lying upon the space where the bottom and back of the bench separate, so there was no stability there. But, of course, I am going to have to go with the no zone excuse here , too. I held it for a few seconds, but the rabies just wouldn't surface enough for me to own it.
GW strained a pec muscle - not too bad, I hope, but good thing he stopped when he did.
Then I finished with Nautilus declines, internal preses (or KATE presses as we call them for lack of a better name - hah!), reverse press-downs, kick-backs, Nautilus shoulder press and cable wide grip uprights.

I am now off to a festive root canal...sigh... novacaine face for the rest of the day.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


I think younz all know I recently started incorporating static holds into my bench night. Last night wasn't a stellar bench night, considering all the f***ing pain lately and all of the pain killers and now the antibiotics - wasn't too far off, but I didn't feel a groove at all. However, the plan was to do the 400 static, and so I had to do it. GW wouldn't let me back off of the extra 5 pounds. SO here is my first foray with 405, and let me tell you - It is HEAVY! And I loved it way too much. I'm still all warm and fuzzy.
I'm going to start incorporating lots of new stuff into the routine. I want bigger, heavier , more bone crushing weight than ever. Do or die time.
and today - back up to 178.6 lbs.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Words of advice - never, never under any circumstance get a toothache on a holiday weekend...
I'm still a miserable f*** This hit Wendnesday evening, no dentists open until Monday. Mine won't even be back until Tuesday. Why can't they all just get together in localized areas and appoint one dentist to be on call on certain days and weekends....geeeezzzz..
Anyhooo - Eating on Thanksgiving was indeed problematic . Of course I'd chew on the opposite side, but every now and then on the sore side I'd hit tooth against tooth, and pow! There would come the throbbing again. Worked the pain to my advantage however, on Friday. I stopped in at The Training Center to do back and biceps. I was so consumed with pain in the mouth that the pain in training my back was going to be cake. I have always been wary of overloading too high on barbell rows, but as I was in that particular pain induced zone already, I thought what the heck, slap that 300 on the bar. I did 8. HAH! 2 sets. ANd I had to do dumbell rows only because TTC has those dumbells up to 190's. :) :) :)
I still have alittle problem with the teres major with movements where I have to pull down, so obviously pulldowns were a no go.
Hammer Curls with 70's and cable concentration curls.

High School reunion on Friday evening! I forgot how truly wild and crazy I was in high school until we all started reminiscing...HAH! No, I'm not sharing !!! LOL... I do believe I am a whole lot more innocent these days than I was back in those days... LOL!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I am coming back around - seems like I say THAT phrase way too frequently. Life has its setbacks, for sure. Perseverance is vital. I feel pretty good, physically and mentally. I have had to make alot of decisions unexpectedly, but I feel quite comforatable with myself and the directions I aim to move forward in. Away with the show...

GW and I thoroughly trashed our legs Sunday, so well that mine are still screaming, and it is Wednesday. I tested myself with one set of squats with 135 for 10 reps. So far so good! I will try to add weight each time. I am hopeful, but there is still the chance that I may not ever be able to squat again, so hope is my best course. Lunges on the Smith Machine with a box are friggin' killers if you do them properly. We even went as far as high rep sets of 20.

Last night benches. I had been planning to bench on December 06 in a meet, and possibly deadlift, however with the way things have worked out in my life that is not to be. No sweat, there will be more in the future. I was back on track last night, however a little tight in the upper chest and shoulder tie ins. 230 x 10, 260 x 6, 280 x 3. Then static holds - I must have held the 370 for 20 seconds and would haveleft it at that, but felt that it was way too light so I then held a 390 for 10 seconds. Next time is the big 400 for sure...

:). When I get that big weight in my hands, I just get ridiculously giddy. I love it!

I have been a miserable f*** for the past 24 hours due to a throbbing lower left jaw. Of course, it is a holiday and I cant see the dentist today. If anyone has any home tootache remedies PLEASE share. Nothing is working that I can come up with. My dad will get out the cotton balls soaked in whiskey later on today, I'm sure. Whiskey is pretty much the base of the Baird first-aid box. Lol.
Today is Thanksgiving - have a happy, peaceful and blessed day.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


It has been a tough week and a half. I lost my friend and business partner, hence my "job" as well.
If you don't think that kind of stress takes its toll on you physically as well as mentally , think again. I am physically beyond exhausted and mentally drained. So, no gym news, as it has been more like going through the motions just to get through it. I missed a couple of days as well.

My massues commented last week that my right leg was so much more muscular and dense than my left leg. Of course, I had to immediately go home and measure. Sure as shooting, left leg is just a hair under 26", and the right leg is 26 1/4". Now I am self consious and standing with my left leg behind me all of the time! LOL.

My weight is down to 173. It has been hard to concentrate on eating.

So where do I go from here? Hopefully nowhere but upward.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Farewell my friend....

Farewell to my friend and business partner, Jody Hudson.

Jody, I hope you are finally in a place free of pain.
I miss you.
You taught me so much, in so many aspects of life, as you did so many others.
Peace my friend.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here I am

I agree - I've been scarce here lately. I think it is just that sometimes I want to fade away into the woodwork and go about things quietly... oh, I hear the chuckles with that statement, but it is true. However, here I am -

I strained my teres major the other night in the gym. It was more an indirect result of being out of whack from hovering over the computer so much lately. Computer arm, computer neck, computer wrist, computer shoulder... I knew I should have not only stretched everything out before commencing training, but should have seen the chiropractor that morning too. I had absolutely no problem deadlifting - was a little lackadaisacal, but did pull 410, so really no problems there.
Third set of cable rows I felt the pull. Stopped right away. Ended the session right there and then.
Legs were no problem Sunday, of course. Though it is kind of strange how doing Smith machine lunges on a box does not hurt me, as they are technically one legged squats.... but I can't squat????
I did go to the chiropractor Monday ( better late than never). Usually he hates when he has to push on my side to unlock the hips etc, because half the time I don't even move at all. This time, I was much looser, and things moved as they should. A MILESTONE!!! Gives me loads of hope.

GW and I stuck to machines for chest last night, and I focused on keeping any back out of the movements. I did not train shoulders or triceps, however, so as not to pull the pull. I abhor being damaged.

Thank goodness the election is finally over. No matter how anyone voted, we Americans all need to stand together and move forward with a positive state of mind. Times are tough for so many of us now. I am a real estate agent and my pockets are hurting these days. I can only pray that things get better soon....

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Benching : 240 x 10, 260 x 7, 270 x5, all paused...that all equals up to about a 315 - 320 one rep max.
Oooh, I'm all silly, warm and fuzzy now. PG is on the rise again. I'm also playing around with static holds at the end of the benching again, too. Incredibly perfect, it was.

I have been doing my therapy for my legs like a good girl. It is so time consuming. Friggin' painful at times too. I can't expound on what I am doing out of courtesy, but even after only a few days I think I feel some progress. I got up out of a kneeling position on the floor today rather effortlessly, and THAT is noteworthy. Time will tell -

Congratulations to Big Al Fortney and Andy Sedar, who both set raw deadlift records at the IPA meet in Leesport, PA last weekend. Al in the 308 class with a 675, and Andy in the 242's with a 625. Al was ripe for a 700, but he pulled his hamstring on the lift . Heal up quickly, big guy.
And dont send me any more pictures of the injury - LOL...looks nasty.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Perhaps the Answer -

I finally met someone who has the same "syndrome" that I have - the leg pain issues. I spoke with him for quite a length of time recently, and I am now on the beginning of a rehabilitative journey and I have high hopes of combating and beating this thing. GOAL = to squat once again. I will keep you advised. It is going to be a lot of time invested and a heck of alot of grueling therapy, but we do what we must do to acheive the results we so desire. J.R. has experienced the same type pf symptoms as I, but even more severe as it sounds. He actually went to the professionals to seek treatment and answers. Thank you J.R. My gratitude for your time, advice and opinions.

Dealifted last night. The bar we used has absolutely NO knurling on it, so the hardest part was keeping grip on it. I think my callouses are 4 times thicker today than they were at the start of training last night - LOL. Oh well, I suppose holding a real deadlift bar will be all that much easier come meet day - ???!!! Maybe I should use that decisive theory with my benching, too.

Only went up to 370 x 6 on deadlifts last night. I actually have a kind of "plan" this time, instead of winging it. Shrugs and cable rows and machine pullovers. Biceps - inward hammer curls (went up to 80's on the third set) and machine preachers. It was a very good session - yes. I didn't feel all that much pump, but we hit hard and pretty heavy, and THAT, my dears, is what I like!
I am sooo glad that Midway Fitness Center has the big whirpool. It is very therapuetic , not to mention relaxing. So I soak in it after almost every workout...aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have been negligent on posting here - so sorry. Bizzy money, but bizzy....

AS far as training, I'm just kind of sliding in to things since that miserable cold. Workouts have been good, but not stellar by any means. I have been training with some "fresh blood" (insert evil laughter here) lately, which always ignites a new spark of motivation in me. Cowboy Rob has been training with GW and I frequently, and Paul (no nick name yet) - was in for legs the other day.

Leg day was actually quite swole producing. I usually stick with the Nautilus Duo-squat due to the leg pain issues. Sissy squats - one of my all time favorites, and leg extensions...why, oh why were these ever invented??!!! And leg curls.
Chest day sucked, probably due to the crappy bar we were subjected to use. My plan is to take my personal Texas Power bar in next time.

I'm trying to incorporate some slllllllllooooooooowwww reps back into my training, and lots of pausing on whatever I can.

Hey, got to run - bizzyness is calling -

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Still trying to shake the last remnants of this wicked cold thing, but I can finally see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnell.
It makes training so hard when your nose is glued shut and you have to gasp for breath.

I trained legs on Saturday with GW, and last night chest, delts, and tris with "Cowboy Rob".
He knows we trained "easy" last night because I was off, but he CAN keep up. "twas fun Rob - new blood is always a pleasure to break in (insert evil laughter here).

Just for the heck of it I measured my legs about 2 weeks ago

25 3/4.
My weight is hanging around 177 + this week.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

First State Power Frenzy 2008

Mr. anonymous poster - the Nautilus Duo-Squat is an incredible piece of machinery. It is actually one machine that I can use that allows me to work around the pain in my legs. And using it unilaterally allows you to focus on one appendage at a time -always good. We did those full stack last week for 3 sets somewhere in the 15 reps range... I won't be trainng tonight, however.
:( The virus going around has got ahold of me - of course! I get EVERYTHING!!!! At least it waited until after the First State Power Frenzy to release full force on me.

The meet was INCREDIBLE! I DO hold the best meets! Not all my doing - it is because I have the absolutely BEST help. The Dynamo Club out of northeast MD, the Jersey Iron boys, various ANIMALS in the house (Andy Sedar, Boz, Phil, Hoomgar,Big Al) and Len Walker and George Wilson, my right hand men (left hand , too, for that matter)!!!! Rob Haas - you rock, thank you for ALL you did, Justine Dohring as administrative assistant., and Big Al Fortney - "you told me so!!!" HAH! Thanks for wrapping me, and doing 285 lbs. for 35 reps is just SICK SICK SICK!!!Hank Stoklosa for all of the high quality photographs. Big Tone - I don't ever want to have a meet without you there - helping or lifting. You are awesome ( and NOT really that MEAN - lol!!!)
And everyone else who came to help, spot, load, judge, lift, watch...THANK YOU!!!!!

I had a rough morning getting up to the meet - I woke up 45 minutes late - then something in my car exploded on the way up and the boys were covered in this strange white least my car wasn't on fire like I thought at first! It still runs - have to get that checked. So I was about an hour late, but things still ran perfectly and seems everyone had fun.

I actually managed to bench press - I wavered back and forth on that all the way up until time to roll. But I managed a friggin' easy as cake 280. I wasn't sure whether I wanted to go for the 300, or go for the 3 for 3. I had never achieved 3 for 3 in the bench at a meet before. I played it conservative and went 3 for 3. Get over one hump at a time, I say. I did go for the 300 on the fourth, but no steam left to lock that out. It is funny watching the clips of me finishing the lift then literally RUNNING back to the microphone.

I really just wanted to be able to hear myself say "Kate Baird, you are in the hole"...LOL!!

That's Big Al wrapping my wrists, even though you can't see his face! And Big Tone Barbaccio hitting a 750 bench. What a great time! No, I do NOT make but a pittance from these meets. I do it because I love it. I truly love it.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


This was supposed to be a continued saga, but, hah!, I forget what I did the other night, other than the benching. Standard 230 x 10 stuff. I apologize. If I wait more than a day or two, The details just fade away.

Sunday - and I'm STILL feeling damaged from leg day. Someday I will squat again, dammit....somehow, someway....My hips got all wacked out too, so when it came time to do back yesterday, I wasn't feeling much like pulling on anything. GW wanted to do rack pulls, haven't done those in a loooong time. Gw was having a bit of an off day, as well...We just kind of warmed up , kind of, then got to 585, which didn't want to sit in my hands. Thing just fell out of my hand after 2...nothing else to do but try it again. Now, I hate it when people gather around to watch me lift -spying from afar is not so bad, but when they come over and sit down to watch, like spectators, and I tell them I hate being watched but they don't leave, what am I going to do? Anyhooo. I pulled the thing for 3. It wasn't the right groove - my hips and legs were so tight. I just couldn't get that proper range of motion and groove....oooooh well. Then we dropped it to 495, but it was like my upper body was pulling up and my lower body was strainingin the opposite direction. lol.
It sucked - it didn't move. THAT's what is called spent.
Cable rows - 180 x 10 felt like a ton, then I mistakenly left the stack at 225 after GW. I got 10...placebo effect. Ha. So I guess leaving it at that weight was to be for set #3.
Nothing else exciting in this session - machine pulovers, DB shrugs, Hammer curls and Nautilus machine curls.

I'm kind of irate at the moment. The Steelers are playing the Eagles right now, but what do they televise here? Ravens... :( gdmfsob

Next Saturday is The First State Power Frenzy at The Training Center in New Castle DE. Hosted by none other than....well, you know who - e-mail me for info. The day looks to be a POWERFUL Frenzy!!!

Oh, "Mr. Anonymous comment poster" who suggests that the adductor and abductor machines need to be, no, no . Dude, it's not a thigh master - the machines both have their benefits. Break down and use those girly machines in the right way, and you too can build muscle with them.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To be continued....


Yes, that word is in my dictionary, just as 'swolt; is, and 'relax' isn't....
What did I do on back day the other day? Barbell rows. I believe a 225 x 15, then 275 for 2 sets of 6. For the life of me I can't remember what else GW and I did ...??? I remember we both dressed in grey and lime green. I should have taken pictures. That was creepy.
For biceps I remember we did the barbell drop exchange again, as we have been doing every other week for the past few months. It really is hard for me to admit that reps have been working to grow my arms past that 15 and a half inch sticking point... but reps are working...groannnn. I said it.

Younz all know I hate reps. (All you people from the Pittsburgh area know that 'younz' is a real word, too). OK - I have to admit that I measured my arms recently,even though I said I never would. 16"..and that is on a non-arm training day, so they weren't 'swolt' or (even 'swolled').

Leg day....The pain in the sides of my legs had been kind of quiet lately, luckily. That is most likely due to NO squatting, and lots of massagees and stretching (not enough, but still alot).
We are trying to find a good "big" growth movement here at Midway Fitness as an alternative to squats, since I am unable to squat. The Hammer Strength Leg Press really worked well, but we don't have one of those here like The Firm Fitness Center does ( notice I give props to those who are good to me?) . There is this machine, I guess it is called a Squat Machine (?) made by Parmount...I call it the Thing...I cannot even describe it briefly enough in words, but most people at the gym look at it and shy away. If they even venture to try it, they never come back to use it again...It is God awful brutally hard to use. However, if it weren't for the leg issues, I would use it. GW and I tried it, but it brought back the pain issues, so we'll have to find something else to torture ourselves with. Three sets WRECKED me.We did use the Hammer Strength Deadlift machine next. Good Stuff. I LOVE this machine. Then dumbell hamstring curls and adductors and abductors. Then standing calves on the Nautilus Multi-machine and seated. My legs are NOT happy... :(. Oh, I measured those too. 25 1/2" un-pumped. Still, because of their shape, they need to be BIGGER to look bigger...does that make sense???

Just for the record, I love the new Metallica CD. Alot of old die hard Metallica fans don't like it, I hear...I love it.

OK - I'm tired and I dislike long posts, so I'll continue on to tonight's session tomorrow...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Horsing Around

Interesting week for training, for sure.

I am sleeping well,but I keep waking up feeling as if I got little to no sleep at all. Methinks it is allergies, but what do I know?

GW had called and said he couldn't make it Tuesday eve to the gym. That had made me happy at first, as I was looking for an excuse to not have to go in to the gym, but then I couldn't deal with that thought, so I think I got dressed three times Tuesday eve before I finally dragged myself to the gym. It was rainy and humid, hence the air was super wet and thick as proverbial pea soup inside the gym. My brain was still at home lying on a pillow on the couch. My good ol' buddy Sean was there when I arrived working his legs on the leg press, so I joined him.
I wound up doing four sets, three of which were paused reps on the Hammer Strength leg press.
YIKES!!! I got my swole on after the very first set. It was noticeable, too, visually. (Again, let's talk At Large Nutrition RESULTS!)Then onto reverse dumbbell lunges. GW doesn't like lunges, so, as usual, I like to do things that he dislikes when I train without him. They were brutal, but I think pedal pushes in the air would have been brutal after the leg pressing! Lying leg curls - regular, then a drop set, then a super slow rep, then 3 sets of duck squats...oh, and seated calves and standing calves.
It always boggles me that I can have the most intense and effective workouts when I am soooo listless when I first walk in. It is now Friday and my legs are still WRECKED! I had a massage yesterday and the soreness is especially deep down in there. They are coming along, my quads, they are.

Last night we made our way back to Midway Fitness in Rehoboth Beach, DE to train. It kind of feels like returning home from being overseas or something - LOL.
I didn't expect much, since I was dragging around all day again, had an hour and a half deep tissue massage in the late morning, and my legs were still feeling as if they were lead pillars, but heck, I was going to be fine.
Actually, whilst warming up, the bar felt pretty heavy. When I got to 230 x 1, I thought that a set with 230 was going to be way too much for me... nope! I hit a terrific 230 x 10. Where DID that come from???!!! Perfect groove, perfect pauses, just perfect. I don't know, but let's run with it. 280 x 3...not bad, Miss Kate... so why not see if I can still hit a 300....
Yes, I can! GW decided to pull a couple of people in the room to check me out, which made me nervous because I certainly didn't want to have to "perform", and my friend Cowboy Rob was there.... But I did it, good job, 2 count pause, locked out and held for a few seconds.
I got all warm and fuzzy from that because I have been wondering for awhile now if I could ever get PowerGoddess to come back. She is back.
Nautilus decline presses,high cable crossovers, Nautilus shoulder presses, lateral flyes, cable press downs, and dips! Then into the majical whirlpool for a hot steamy soak before returning home.
Needless to say - chest, shoulders, and triceps are WRECKED today ! Coupled with my legs, I am pleasantly sore all over :)

Let me give a shout out to my friend and local Cowpoke Rob - (hah!!) I knew you would be in the gym when I saw and almost stepped in horse kickey outside of the gym in the parking lot before I walked, wait, maybe that wasn't horse kickey - I didn't see your horse.... Anyhoooo- good to finally meet you in person!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Rested : )

What magic a week of rest can produce! I won't say I feel inceredible beastly strong after a week's rest, but I do feel RESTED! Imagine that - an almost surreal feeling to me. Rested, and I do like it.
I know I swore off benching and deadlifting and all those big power movements for awhile, but I can't help myself. Those are the movements I love. So I lied - punish me!

So we benched Thursday eve, GW and I. It was a PERFECT groove. I don't get that sheer perfect feeling often, but it felt oh, so right. I was able to hold the pause for the 2 count on all my reps. 230 x 9, 250 x 5, 230 x 7... I'm not so wound up about the strength levels, which were ok, but the groove was, well, grrrooovy. Everything else felt good,too.
This morning we deadlifted. I felt the wrath of sinus pain and pressure all morning long, probably due to allergies, almost felt like a hangover, but I had a hankering to deadlift. Part of me was opposed to deads, GW certainly wasn't jumping up and down at the prospect of deads, but deadlift we did. My first set sucked because I picked the bar up crooked. But I commenced to two sets of 370 x 5. I could of pulled 6 on those sets, but I didn't want to over exert, though I'm not sure what I was saving myself for. I was just wimping out.

The rest of the session went well. Barbell shrugs, and T-bar machine rows, and Rope pull thingies (technical term) and damn it I forgot to do hip flexors! We did rope pulls for biceps then down the rack hammer curls, which proved to be quite an aerobic escapade. Doing biceps isn't supposed to be aerobic...

It was a very wet atmosphere in the gym today - Hannah is hovering above us right now, and when it is humid outside, unfortunately this gym feels twice as humid inside.

Yes, Tropical Storm Hannah is here right now. It is really raining out there and gusting winds about 60 -70 mph. I love walking in warm strong winds, so hopefully the rain will subside soon and I can get out there and exhilerate myself in the wind. Storms are dangerously beautiful, aren't they?
I ate a peanut butter sandwich today. I do eat peanut butter almost daily, but sans bread. I haven't had a PB sandwich in years - many years. It was yummy. I am not a jelly person.
I usually slather the pb on my MetRX Chocolate Crunch that is gourmet!

I am hanging about 172 -173.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

inactive REST duty

We are taking a week of rest from the gym. No injuries, just need to do that every now and then. One step backward - several steps forward.

Here is the Zacheroo I spoke of a few times . He left us to go back to school in Indiana. Hey Zach, we missed you the other night! Keep Lifting! I want to see you in the racing pool in London in 2012!

I am starting to feel FRENZIED!!! The 3rd annul First State Power Frenzy is now 4 weeks away. This one is definitely going to be a FRENZY! I promise you that! It is being held at The Training Center in New Castle, DE. You can find an entry on, or e-mail me for details. All signs indicate that there will be some big lifts at this event, and lots of is not even allowed to compete at my meets without having FUN! If you are a sourpuss - stay home. And if you can't tolerate fair judging - stay home. My judges, if not certified -and several are - including myself, are at least active competitive powerlifters and are very competent in judging fairly and correctly.

Congratulations to Lori Steele for winning her class at The North Americans last night. She is a little fireball, for sure!

I am hanging right around 172'ish - I gave up the Little Debbie cakes this time around. I am substituting Jello Pudding Snacks and frozen coconut fruit bars... I've lost my "sweet" tooth, and the Debbie Cakes are just too sweet for me any more. I have to figure away to add more calories into my diet without noticing, as eating is once again become a chore...BIG is the word this time.

My plan is to do a smaller show sometime early next year, and then onto the Masters.

And for certain people who actually have the balls to tell me my "work ethic" as a bodybuilder isn't up to snuff - I scoff. You know who you are...and if you truly believe that, then, and I will put this politely, you are wrong. The proof is always in the pudding, as they say, (not Jello Pudding - hah!) and instead of elaborating on your obviously uneducated statements...I'll just show you with results in a few months down the road.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Medius Maximus

I finally have to admit - I'm on the BIG side now. I weighed in at 172.8 yesterday. I had a photoshoot last Friday afternoon. I keep looking at those pictures saying "Holy Moly - is that big broad me???!!!" I still have veins poking through in my biceps and striated shoulders and triceps...YIKES! No six pack in the ab department, but HECK! Those stay covered up for the most part anyway - who cares!!! Well, OK, I care... but it is only temporary. I have a 2 pack!

If I can maintain my upper body right where it is through to next year, I'll be happy. My legs, however...They are not small - but it always comes down to the friggin' shape, a uniquely shaped gam, and they need to be extra big to WOW. Speaking of shape -

I was watching the Olympic track and field games last night. They were showing clips of sprinter
Tyson Gay, and I thought to myself - That is one BIG butt! His gluteus medius is H_U_G_E!!!! Then I thought to myself - I am shaped just like him! That's the same butt I have! I don't know why I brought that up, except to say that I do need to find a way to shave some of that gluteus medius off. To me, it is disproportionately HUGE!!! Might be a good thing I cannot squat!

The Hammer Strength Leg Press does indeed keep the stress on my thighs rather than my glutes. I had this "wonderful" idea that GW and I should do pause reps with that machine the other night. My legs are still sore from that escapade - i can't wait to do them again! If you have never used that machine - it starts you in the down position, the initial push off is the hardest part. You have all of the weight stress upon you when your legs are extended. Why in the world it was not designed with a lever ?????
But a couple of sets of those paused suckers will be sure to bloat anybody's legs!
Last night I winged through my chest, delts and tris by myself...all alone. That is when I take the time to do all of the exercises that GW absolutely hates and won't do. I'm really out of practice jumping the dumbells up from my thighs to my chest - LOL...well, not really funny. I just about killed myself last night in the process!

I know I keep touching on this subject, however, At Large Nutrition - RESULTS... the stuff is really good stuff. I mix up a drink and sip it throughout my workout. Every time I use it I get such an incredible swollen feeling. Me likes!!!

Alright - one teaser from last Friday:

I will give younz another teaser - next time I have my picture taken I'll look a little different...but I'm not saying why just yet!!! GIGGLE :)

Friday, August 15, 2008

And FURTHER more....

Those that know me well know that I hate TYPOS - spelling and grammatical typos - I abhor them! So, my last post I reread after posting and caught it - the word FARTHER should be FURTHER! I used to excel in English and I was a proofreader for a couple of years. Couple that with SPELLCHECK and there should NEVER be any typos in my postings, right????!!!

This week was mostly high reps with medium weight. Wednesday Zach and I trained without GW. We both showed up in a sluggish state. Zach and I decided to go for lots of reps really fast, so we plugged on through the workout on high speed. My shoulders and triceps felt like they were going to split open and send muscle fibers and blood splattering everywhere. They were swolt to the MAX!!! I can't remember exactly what we did, and not sure it matters.

Tonight, back and biceps night - GW and I did lots of reps again. My muscles have been feeling very "depleted" lately. I'm surprised that they got so pumped and full of blood again.
I have been drinking the AtLargeNutrition Results, and I have a suspicion that the stuff is actually Good Stuff!

I did stop taking vitamin supplements several weeks ago, because of my sensitivities to certain supplements and my insomnia, I thougt it might be best to "dry out" for awhile. I could tell, however, when I went to the dentist the other day for a check-up and cleaning, that when my gums bled so heavily from just a typical scraping that I was in need of some serious vitamin replenishment. I started taking some again yesterday in small doses.

Here is a picture of me after our workout tonight.

I hadn't measured any of my bodyparts in God knows how long, but I measured my biceps for the heck of it this evening. They looked as if they have grown in the past few weeks, and, by cracky, they have!!! They are, officially, now for the first time, larger than my calves! Not good - they have always been the same I have to bring the calves back up!
No, I am not going to state how big either measured. They are as big as they are.
I hate when people get caught up in measurements...however, they are pretty big! LOL!!! Heck, I weighed in at 171.2 at the gym tonight - I gained about 15 pounds in 4 weeks... YIKES!!!

Last Saturday I went to lunch with the "gals" at Kelly's Logan House in Wilmington, DE after the DE State bodybuilding pre-judging. Here we are- in order- figure competitor Nicole Fisher, Powerlifter Teri Mangini (front), bodybuilder Colleen Mahoney-Sgro, bodybuilder Justine Dohring, and ME(whetever I am) ...Colleen was on a diet for the Team U, but those other women, GAWDDD...can they EAT!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

August 10, 2008

This week has been a good week - the best part about it was the 5 straight nights in a row of sleep! Unfortunately, my streak ended as last night I had to resort to "magical aid", but seriously - the last time I had that much sleep was probably back in April...that's a long miserable time!

Sleep is my FAVORITE DRUG! Without it, I fall apart.

CONGRATULATIONS to my friends Andy Sedar and Michelle Schanz. They both competed for the first time at the DE STATE Bodybuilding competition yesterday.

Andy placed first in the Men's Novice HWT and Overall

and 2nd in the Men's Open contest HWT and 1st in the Men's DE State HWT

Michelle placed first in several categories in figure!

They both looked INCREDIBLE!!!

Hopefully we will be seeing both of them up on the posing dais again! I am soooo happy for both of them! Many of us have followed Andy's journey through his thread on the forum. (see "McFly's Journey") I have had the opportunity to train with Andy, and know how damned hard he trains, and how he puts EVERYTHING into each rep.

Michelle- it is hard to believe she has never competed before. She has the "X" factor to do very well in figure if she pursues it farther.

Power Goddess is starting to come back around to the gym - she showed up unexpectedly Wednesday on chest, delts, tris night. I almost didn't bench because of some aggravation up around my right clavicle area, but I did...I did 230 x 7 and thought that was good considering everything...

the next set I got into a groove and did 230 x 10. OK - well where did THAT come from??? Because I certainly didn't feel like gangbusters. Third set I did another 230 x 10!!! They were all certainly passable in any powerlifting meet.

Zach trained with GW and I again. He's fun to train with. He let us in on the fact that he is actually an Olympic caliber swimmer who almost made it to the Olympic trials this year, but he hurt his back several months ago and that put a damper on everything. Wow...poor guy. I know what it's like to pull my back out a week prior to a powerlifting meet, and not be able to compete, but then there is going to be many power meets to choose from over the course of several months, so you just suck it up and move on. The Olympics only come up once every four years. Well, Zach - keep up the weight training and it will only make you that much stronger,better, and faster for next time you have the opportunity to go for it!

Friday for some Godforsaken reason I decided that we should deadlift. I went for 320 x 12, and then 370 x form looks good to any trained eye, however, it's not my usual form - sluggish is the best way I can describe it. I am still trying to catch up to myself from sleep deprivation, but I do have hope now! I have to mention that the air in the gym is HEAVY - lead iron bags of rocks HEAVY. The air conditioning is on, but the humidity is still incredibly high. Breathing is difficult. I don't usually sweat very much, but these days in the gym I sweat rivers... it is hard.

I was up to 166.8 this morning. I've been eating alot, eating cleanly - but alot. My body is soaking up food like a sponge. I am laying it all out this time - BIG is the key word... watch Kate grow!

Rest in Peace Isaac Hayes -

Monday, August 04, 2008

Posted August 04 2008

I am still not sleeping everynight, more like every other night or so. Sleep deprivation has drained SO MUCH 'joie de vivre' out of me. I miss my self.
I found this moniker on a forum the other day ( - yes, that's a plug).
I thought it so appropriate to my state of mind and physical being these days that I wanted to share it:

I am broken, battered, beaten down. I am tired and near defeat. But I will wage the fight one more day, and one more after that.

Keep on keepin' on....

It's been a whole entire week and I haven't benched, deadlifted or squatted! How long can that last????I've kept my reps high(er) for the most part and I'm into savoring the feeling of the whole groove of each rep... I got an incredible 'swole on' Wednesday evening. Maybe that was partly due to the AT LARGE NUTRITION RESULTS (another plug) GW and Zach did benches, but I opted for incline dumbells. I only went up to 100's - that was pure sapped of strength levels rather than wanting to keep the reps higher - honestly they weren't all that high at 5. Those are 90's in the picture. I kept the other two sets at 90's x 8. We all did decline db's for 3 sets and I forget what the third movement was....?

Shoulders we did one armed lateral raises. I like using a kettlebell for these. This is still one of my all time favorite exercises, and I can go all day doing these if you let me...We did upright row-pull in thingies...(technical term). Those should have been done on back/trap day rather than chest/delt day...and I think my traps are STILL feeling the wrath of those. Holy heck!
Triceps we did dumbell skull crushers and I forget what else...that's what happens when you wait 5 days to blog. I obviously do not keep an 'official' workout log, other than this blog.

Saturday was one of the most humid days of the year. The gym was void of enough oxygen to go around...breathing was rather difficult even before we commenced training. Once we began our breathing was quite labored to say the least. It must have been the combination lack of air and valium hangover ,(my current sleep aid) for me but I felt very close to puking during much of the workout. (just thought I'd share that lovely thought with you). We started with Reverse grip barbell rows. I need to hit that lower lat area as much as I can . I'm concentrating on bringing out the lowest part of my lats. I don't think my upper back is lacking as much as my mid-back area. Did 225 x 15, 275 x 6, 225 x 13. After those - one armed cable rows from the bottom cable. I haven't done those in years. I usually do cable rows from the top . The bottom is a much more difficult movement, at least for me - I love this movement. Stiff armed pulldowns next. GW did regular db shrugs. I did more of a lat movement, where you actually try to do a lat spread while holding the dumbells.
The real reason for that was that my traps were still in agony from Wednesday!
Biceps - I still don't enjoy doing biceps, but I actually think they have added a smidgeon of thickness to them as of the late. We did incline kettlebell curls, and regular hammer curls.

I'm not eating enough. It is hard to stuff my face when it is so hot out. I keep reaching for cold fruit and popsicles, not exactly foods to beef up with. I'm hanging around 163.

I want to give a great big shout to my friend Andy Sedar who will be competing in his first show this coming weekend - The Delaware State. I haven't seen " McFly" in about 5 weeks or so, but I hear he is looking "spot on". I know the man has the drive, determination, and the heart it takes to do well in bodybuilding. He is also trained by the incredible Big Al Fortney. I hope to be able to make it up to see Andy kick some glute up on stage this weekend. GO ANDY!!!

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Back to eating, gaining size, getting to be a big Kate again - I am the wishy washy yes.?..well, no, not really. I'd stick to my decisions if the powers that be let me...but I have to follow the powers that be.

I have revealed that I look for "signs" in my life. Signs to show me direction, answer my questions, guide me - Sometimes they are very quiet, and I have to search high and low and sometimes I miss them. Sometimes they are loud and clear, and sometimes I want to do everything in my power to avoid the callings...and sometimes I am forced to stop dead in my tracks and just admit that this is what I must heed to, this is my calling, this is my purpose. I have been alerted in many ways recently, and I have been given several signs. I have been given one sign in particular that I shall relinquish myself to, and follow through and not look back - no questions, no doubts, no fears....

Monday was leg day. No squats, of course, :( :( :( And gosh by golly no leg extensions for me either as they aggravated my leg. I used the Hammer Strength leg press, which my head still hates but gosh, my legs absolutely love it.
And sissy squats - i was surprised I was able to do those, but very thankful as they are always one of my favorites. The first day I ever trained with weights I was shown the sissy squat. Maybe it's a sentimental love of the exerercise, but I honestly feel they work for me very well.

I promised my friend Justine Dohring that if she won her class at the Junior Nationals I would go out for a high fat milkshake with her . Well, she won the lightheavies - and very deservedly so.
She, as they say proverbially, 'brought it' to the stage in Chicago. Anyone that knows me even a little, knows I am very anal about eating anything high fat - it is like poison to me. But I broke down, I paid up and had the milkshake. And this is what happened to me


And here is dear Justine about to devour her rasberry and pistachio ice cream cone

and then she turned into a goat...what's up with that dairy farm ice cream?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Signs Signs Everywhere a Sign...

Last night we had someone join us for training. Zach - all 6'3' 195 lbs of him. GW and I didn't go real heavy, but we took Zach from a 200 max to a 280 in one workout. Good job, dude! A couple more workouts and a little more confidence and practice with technique and three plates will be going up easy as pie, guaranteed. Amazing how some people can never get quite that right arch in their bench, then this dude arches like the best of them right away. Maybe because there is so much of him to arch! lol -
It's always fun getting new ENTHUSIASTIC blood in the mix, because it amps me up, too.
GW was still a little worn out from Saturday, and, of course, I'm ALWAYS worn out these days, so we stayed with higher reps last night. I know, I know...Reps usually suck, but last night it was ok. I actually liked the feeling of being full of blood and pumped up...full even though I was down to a skinny lil' 156.8 yesterday morning!

Yes I got the "sign" I was looking for. I sure did. If you continue to read the blog, you will quickly realize in which direction I am headed. Things have been in front of my face for some time, but it is so hard sometimes to read things properly.Sure....I could be wrong about this again, but I don't think so, I truly don't think so....stay tuned!

Monday, July 21, 2008


Don't anybody talk to me and try to influence me - I have got to find a sign somewhere. Tea leaves, clouds, Magic 8 Ball...there has to be a sign somewhere that will show me what decision to make.
I asked God, but as of yet he hasn't shown me anything apparent enough to read, if he has shown me anything at all.... I truly believe in signs, you just have to know how to read them. Is there something I am missing right in front of me?
I went to the gym, and it came back and got me this evening- the leg pain. the left leg - I've been taking care of it doing what I think I should be doing, but it got me tonight in a very bad way. Last week I had no problem with the 370 squat. I knew I could have done two consecutive, but didn't, so this week I was going to do those 2. The 320's s went down and came back up perfectly. No problem. I went down with the 370 and the best way I can describe it is like the tension on something just before you are about to snap it in half...couple that with a hard pain, not sharp, not throbbing, but hard.
My right side wanted to push that bar up, but the left one - no fucking way. I was down, and if wasn't for GW, I wouldn't have come back up.
So I'm looking for the sign - I've either got to drop the weight to be able to pursue the squatting, or I'll retain the size and shape and even grow again, but squat no more....
Maybe I'll flip a coin in the morning...I don't know... I'm upset and very beside myself right now.

Signing off to go wallow -

Sunday, July 20, 2008

APA Linestate Open

GW - Congratulations! I am soooo proud of my training partner ! He was able to set a new DE state record in the raw Master's V 220 and Master's V Open 220 with a 500 deadlift. GW played it conservatively - he opened with 435 then I think he went to 480 then the 500. He opted to try the 535 on a fourth attempt (which would have been a World Record in his division and weight calss). His 500 was ridiculously easy looking. The 535 was coming up really good until about knee level, it slowed and even stalled a bit and then he dipped it jusy an inch or so before continuing up, however he did stick with it and locked it out. If he had taken that 535 on the third attempt it would have been good, of that I'm sure. But he did pull three picture perfect deadlifts...sans a belt, I might add. GW, stop being so stubborn break that friggin' lifting belt out of the trunk of your car puhhhhllease! We'll get you to 550 very soon! He also got Best Deadlifter by formula! GW GWilikers!!! You rock!

The meet was the APA Linestate Open in California MD. It is about a 3 hour drive from us, so it made for a long day, to and from, albeit a fun day. I sat in the judges chair all day long, for all three lifts. It was a good meet.....I don't know. I shouldn't drag stuff like this out in the open, maybe I should have been the head judge, but I opted not to be.

This part has been edited out, a decision by me and soley me. Even though I and many others may disagree with someone's opinions, I do apologize for being publicly discourteous. I should not be publicly airing certain tings. I will, however, leave the below comments standing for my own personal comic relief, and perhaps yours!

Anyhoo - it was a great meet, and there were several lifters that I know that were competing -
Len Walker(good to see him up on the platform even though he was a little off this day), David Poole, Chris Mitchem, Darren ?? , Good job all!!!!

And even with being in the judge's chair all day but not competing, yes, I had a heck of alot more fun than I would have primping all morning then hanging backstage for hours just to prance around on stage for a few seconds at the Masters NAtionals. It looks like the competition was FIERCE however, by the lineup and pix I've seen.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Frizzy Squats

I went to the gym alone last night, GW had work commitments. I was ok with that, as I felt a need for "deload", time to back off a little on the bench work. Nobody to give me the extra inspiration to push a little harder,... so, Heck, why am I so very sore today??/I am supposed to be refreshed and recovered! NOT! I played with the kettlebells. I love kettlebells. Just played like a kid. Actually I had the whole gym to myself for most of my workout. It was all spiritually kettlebell...

AND yes! I have been getting some sleep this week. Enough talking about it because i don't want the experience to fizzle out. No bad karma, please.

So legs day was Sunday - I have been thinking about squatting quite incessantly as of the late - like - how am I ever going to do it again with all of these "hurdles"...I am constantly analyzing, and find myself picking up the broomstick at odd moments throughout the day and throwing it upon my shoulders to practice squatting in different ways. I was going to get back under the bar and just walk it back just to keep acquainted with the bar, but my mind changed when I was under the bar. I had to HAD to try to see if my idea for squatting had any bearing and effect on my leg pain. Soooo - I squatted. Happy to report that my change up worked for the positive. Now, bear in mind, lack of sleep still had me void of energy reserves, though I know the strength is not gone - big strength is still waiting to burst back out, but the energy reserves...still hard getting through the day without working out... but I did 320 for 6 and 370 for one...and since I know there was two in me, and I wussed out on the last one as I usually do, I had to immediately go back and do 370 again. No knee wraps - going to leave those off as much as I can for awhile to come.
I brought my stance back to the way I used to squat = very, very narrow. Takes the emphasis OFF of the hips and outer thighs and puts it back on the front of the leg and alot of gluteus medius and hamstrings, of course. The front of my thighs are still crying tonight! Of course, the 10-10-2-20's that I threw in for "fun" on the leg extension machine might have something to do with the soreness too - Hah! Big Al and Andy will love to hear I did those! I also changed back into my Harley boots, with a heel, rather than the flat shoe. With the arch supports my weight is more evenly distributed and I'm pushing from my heels still, even with a heel on the shoe, and not falling forward.
Narrow squatting makes it harder to get past parallel, for me, but now when I do my squat, and when I think I'm far enough down, I say to myself, "not far enough", and go just a tad more, so if they aren't deep enough then my hair isn't frizzy.... ..

I see too many bodybuilders have "luck" at shows - good AND bad, so, I'm saying "May all the preparations you put into this show prove to be your best efforts yet and so shall ye be duly rewarded" to my friends competing at the Masters Nationals this weekend - Jack Osborne and Marlene Churchill-Wolverton are going to kick some glute! And Pam Franklin is looking incredible through photographic documentation, she's very underrated and I hope she gets looked at by the judges this year.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Rise up and Fly

Sleep is still evasive, but I did manage to get the doctor to prescribe me what I think works for me...actually I KNOW it works for me. Doctors don't like that - you telling them what you need, but I tried his suggestion and it didn't do much good but make me a drowsy zombie during the day. It got me to sleep, but didn't keep me there. I'd rather have a harder time getting to sleep but stay there once I'm there. Fragmented sleep is just as detrimental as no sleep at all. I did get to a really dangerous point for a while. I understand brainwashing.

Anyhoooo, in the midst of walking around in this zombie like condition, Power Goddess decided that she was going to make a couple of brief visits this week. Most notable - I deadlifted last night. I wasn't going to, especially since last week's session was so bad that I quit and didn't even bother finishing the workout. I didn't train Sunday either - what was the point of even trying in a critically useless state, potential for injury... I didn't even want to bring it up, but I only did 320 for 2 last week, and that was a struggle...crud, I was almost ready to submit to the notion that my peak was over, and the platform was no longer a viable goal. Might have had to go back to the notion of being purely a bodybuilder (perish that thought), because bodybuilders can get away with "working around" things, even with lighter weight.
But I was able to get some of that good stuff - sleep, and even though I'm not caught up yet - far from it, I managed a 320 for 10 - I honestly could have pulled a couple more but I decided I wasn't going to have more than a couple of good sets in me energywise, so I needed to save what I had(and you know I hate reps anyway). GW counted a 6 for me on the 370, I only counted 5, but of course I was zoned out someplace else, so maybe he was correct. I always like to take the lower number in question, much unlike other people, because I really don't want to think I'm better than what I am if there is a question. But hey - 370 for 5 or 6 is getting up there close to what was once my best.... then the 410 was laying there looking all evil and taunting me... Were the rabies running rampant enough in my system to do it????
Yeah! Power Goddess is back. Funny how for so long you listen to someone else tell you how to do something, and you don't trust your natural instinct enough to make that one little change.
I made one little change in my deadlift technique and it has made all of the difference in the world. Look for bigger numbers whenever I get this sleep thing entirely on a roll. I really should have listened to myself on this one a long, long LONG time ago. Sometimes people fill your head with garbage though, and you really don't know how to filter out the good from the bad, the right from the wrong. You get garbage in - you get garbage out.

Soooo - looks like some big changes in store for me in the coming few months. A major company wants to sponsor me and move me out to this wonderful warm and tropical location, of which I'm not really allowed to announce the details yet, but it looks like I can finally pull roots up here and move on.

Here is GW and his big ol' hamhocks poking out.
GW is looking good, and will be ready for a big pull next week in California (California, MD, that is...).

And here is you know who ...believe it or not, I actually look alot better than what that picture of me portrays. I've made a few changes in a few variables, again listening to my own instincts, and lo and behold, I am happy with the results - very happy. I'm still hanging anywhere from around 159 - 161 on a normal day. (Harder to MAINTAIN weight than I thought! My body keeps wanting to GROW!!)If I could have would have stuck it out - I'm telling you sure as shooting I would have done very well at the Masters....but, of course, we'll never realize that, because I didn't and I'm not. And I'm ok with that. I'm just not ok with the lack of progress in the powerlifting department.
But I will rise up, and I will fly - again I shall fly

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Weenies -

yes - I've been avoiding posting - again, because i don't have much that I want to talk about, training wise - still not back up to par... :(

sleep is still evasive...I know -WTF??? It has been a looooong time since I had a regular sleep pattern, and I am soooo tired of harping on it - but it is real, and it fucking hurts and its a drag and it suckssssssssssss, believe me... it has messed my entire being around - HOWEVER, there is hope - I got 6 straight hours of sleep last night, somehow, and I keep hoping....

So on back day last week, my left leg still was aggravated, we were supposed to rack pull, but no could do. GW's leg is still aggravated, too. We did barbell rows, always one of my favorite excersises, but not one we do often - and I still had a little aggravation in the leg whilst doing these.

I kept wanting to fall forward from lack of stabilization. Still managed two sets of 275 for six...

Legs, Sunday, we didn't do much but get the blood flowing, because we were still both crippled... :(
we went back to our old haunt, Midway Fitness, to use the Nautilus Duo-Squat, a most wonderful machine....not heavy, but I can certainly work around the spot on my legs that hurts me most. Used the whirlpool, which may be the one part of the gym that I miss the most. Did adductors, and abductors, standing leg curls, I did hip flexors at home.

Tonight - chest - not so bad...I didn't expect much due to the fact that I DID sleep, and I'm NOT used to it. Felt kind of TOO relaxed (damned if I do - damned if I don't....Damn it! :) )

I was at 157 lbs. I was kind of light, but I did manage 280 for 3...after a 230 x 7 and a 260 for 4 or 5.... then 3 sets of Incline Smith machines , 3 sets of "Kate presses"...haha...3sets each of everything else - Hammer shoulder, Lateral flyes, Skull crushers, reverse pushdowns, a few drops sets here and there - not bad at all. When we were done I felt like there were big ol' balloons in my shoulders and triceps, so goal achieved.

hey - look who was back in town :

I just love BIG weenies!!!!!!! :)

And here is another big weenie ....

from a photoshoot today -

Monday, June 23, 2008

Quad Killers

GW and I drove up to The Training Center to train legs with a few of the guys there. What a crew! Me, GW, Big Al Fortney, Andy Sedar, BJ, Tommy Wooster, Eric ?, Will Patrick and Carrie Simmons.
If we could train with that atmosphere hanging over us all of the time we'd be big ol' monsters!
Unfortunately... GW got a leg cramp and had to stop training quads after a few sets of leg presses. My fucking (I reserve my cursing for when I really need it) leg pain issue has returned!
It was slightly noticable when squatting last week, but yesterday, during set 3 of leg presses - I had to stop. This time I'm going to try continuous and aggressive massage therapy and stretching - I really do not want to get smaller, as I still believe that if I got smaller I can alleviate most of the problem, if not all of it...but even that may not be a guarantee - I like this size, a perfect and comfortable size for me. We'll see how it pans out. It is so fucking frustrating. I couldn't do the squat machine, and I was dying to try that.
I was able to do the leg presses with legs together and placed way down low on the carriage. That hits the bottom portion of the legs, mostly the medialis. It is the outer portion of my quad that has the pain. We also did 3 sets each of leg extensions they call them 10 10 2 20's -
you do 10 reps with a "teaser" weight, then increase the weight and do 10 more hard reps, then drop to a HEAVY weight for 2 reps with a 2 second static hold, and then a light weight for 20...and you are then very glad that you have a somewhat large crew training with you so you can rest up before making those quads scream again.
I was able to do my hamstrings ok, did two movements for them today - kneeling curls and seated curls, and some calves, and I did my hip flexor knee squats...I really like that for it very much simulates the exact hip thrust you should be using in a good squat, and a deadlift.

Yes, that was a good time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Throw me a Brick -

At least GW had a great night last night. He hit a PR of 510 deadlift, and he still had some steam to spare. He's going to hit an EASY 550 on July 19th, and possibly more.
Me - I just can't win. Once in awhile I get a full night's sleep, but not enough. Then, what I suppose is the bad karma kicks up when I am lucky enough to be slumbering as I should , like last night. 3:00 am. My son's friends decide to wrestle around on the floor. Hard banging and thumping - woke me up. Then I have to get up and go yell at them and then can't get back to sleep for hours.... always something. The construction crew next door did a drop off at 5:00 am the other morning, after it took me til 1:30 to get to sleep.... those kinds of things.

It is wearing me down, big time. Sometimes I'd like to just stop the world, as the saying goes, and jump off. Have someone throw a brick at my head just to knock me out for awhile....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Rabies in the House

Y'unz need some pictures for some visual color...BUT - I don't have any. I think I've gotten over the ham stage of my life...sorry. I'm in my camera shy phase...giggle...

Saturday was the Delaware Special Olympics. I was one of the judges for the Powerlifting. There were 13 lifters total, and they were all awesome! You could tell how hard they have all worked, and how much heart they put into it. What a special day for them (and me!).

So Sunday was squat day. I'm still not sleeping as well as I should be, but I did get enough sleep to be able to feel like myself again on Sunday morning. This is the first day since...since I have no friggin idea, really, that I can say that Kate is back. Still getting used to being under the bar, but I was in full come back mode. I was a rabid dog.

I did a set with 320, for 8, I think. Then I had 370, did one and it wasn't quite right, for whatever reason it felt oh, so wrong. I wondered briefly if I had imagined ever having pushed this weight - it was just so wrong. So I sucked it up with 370 again, and did 3 very,very good reps. I wish I had tried for a 4th, but 3 was fine for this day. Used the wraps for the 370's, and then no wraps for 320 for 7.
Then we did 2 sets of Good Mornings! I used to do these all of the time. I think we should start incorporating this movement more frequently into our routine.
3 sets of leg curls - last one drop set.
3 sets leg extensions second set added human tension on the last rep down, and for the last set a drop set.
3 sets each hack calves, and seated calves.

I finally got that "hips forward swing" thing into my squats on the way up.
I weighed all of about 158 on Sunday. I definitely feel best when I'm in the 160 range., not the 175 range. I feel better, so in my mind, I perform better.
Next week GW and I are journeying up to the Training Center to train legs with McFly and Big plan is to make those boys cry....stay tuned for that one!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I have had four nights of sleep in a row now - which is 2 more in a row than I have had in probably 5 weeks, no exaggerating. People keep giving me advice on how to relax and get to sleep. I appreciate the concerns, but believe me - I've tried it all before.
So I'm still in sub-par physical form, which means my strength levels are still sub-par. I'm still plugging along, yeah I am.
I really don't want to expound on sub-par performances soooooooo...I will say that last night was better than last week. Maybe that was due to the good feeling of actually being ALMOST rested.
250 x 4 on the bench is not much to brag about. However, we were able to get a good swole on!

I haven't had any remorse of changing my mind and not doing the Masters this year, until yesterday, when I was reviewing some previews on some competitors online...but it is not a lot of remorse, just a little. I suppose if my power training was going well I would still haved no remorse..?
Anyhooo - Pam Franklin looks ready for big battles this year, and I'm rooting for Marlene Wolverton, too. I wonder if Kate Cooper will show up this year, and at what weight?

I was going to try to hit the APA meet in California, MD that same day, July 19th, but, ALAS (woe is me!) I won't be ready for that...nuh-uh, no way. Someday it will all come back together, but I'm not hitting that stride yet. Sleep is not overrated.

I've been invited to judge at the DE Special Olympics Powerlifting meet this coming weekend. I am very excited about this. Having had a few competitors compete at some of my own meets that qualify as "Special Olympic Athletes" - their competitive spirit just all comes from the right place - the heart. If we could all learn to lift from the heart....

Monday, June 02, 2008

Wrap It Up

It doesn't seem like I'm ever in the mood to sit down and type out a few lines for this journal, now, does it? Shame on me - so many of life's "tests" coming at me every time I turn any which way, i can't shake my true thoughts loose enough to scribe.... however, here I am - zoned out, zoned up, in, through and between... what's that mean? It means only that I'm not on any kind of even keel these days.
Let's break down the training this past week, shall we???

Monday 5 p.m.- Benching was screwy. I don't really want to even talk about it.
All I'll say is I still suffer from placebo effect spotting.

Wednesday -5:00 p.m. - we did power rack pulls from about 4 inches below the bottom of the kneecap. I did 3 sets with 405. My first set I wasn't quite sure what the weight was going to feel like, I did 2 and a third but I was falling forward on the last rep. I got in my head now what the weight feels like, since it had been a while that I had this in my hands to pull, and NOT with a deadlift bar today either - lets do a real set - I tried 405 for two more sets, 5 and 6 reps respectively.
On a better day, more reps would be there. Not too bad.
We then commenced to dumbell rows with 150's (that's as high as we have in the gym).
I think it was 12-12-8??? Then 'W's (using the hihg cables pull the cables in with your lats - forming a "w" with your arms and body). 3 sets - couldn't tell you what weight - I don't remember and it is not important. Then shrugs with 150's - I'm not sure how many reps.
Biceps - Seated DB curls with 35's, then 40's, then 40's...don't remember reps. And Hammer preacher machine - 3 sets.

Saturday - 10 a.m. I'm still not used to squatting at 10 a.m. in the morning....Get used to it! I'm trying to keep our schedule mixed up so we don't get used to anything timewise, repwise, exercisewise. It was soooooooo humid in the gym this day. Typically I love humidity. I RARELY ever turn on the air conditioning, and it gets quite humid in southern Delaware. But it was stifling humid, and quite warm, too. Not much air circulation at all this day... (Get used to it, Kate!)
I got out my wraps, because I need to practice wrapping - and I SUCK at, being the Power Princess, I have let someone else wrap me for my whole powerlifting endeavor. I've never gotten as much as some people seem to out of wraps, but this day I said to GW that "I shouldn't be able to walk this easily!"(meaning that the wrap job basically sucked). HOWEVER - I've always said that the wraps let me know that my legs are there, to hold me up, and that's my prime reason for wrapping. I got my first set 320 for 7. Sooo, unless the heat and humidity were really wearing us thin - I didn't get a darned thing out of those wraps (even though they are APT's high quality Black Mambas - yes, that's a plug for my wonderful and kind sponsor). Next 2 sets - 340 for 4 and 5. So yes, I guess it is the humidity and heat....
Proceeded onto 3 sets of leg curls and 3 sets of leg extensions...then 3 sets of seated calves and 3 sets of hack calves. I'd remember the weight better if I posted in my journal on a more frequent basis. (I am trying - I swear!!!)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back in the Zone

Today is the day I have been yearning now for a long, long, looong time - I am back in "the zone"...for powerlifting.
It's not as simple as saying, ok - I'm no longer the bodybuilder I'll be a powerlifter.
I spent a year concentrating on bb, then I had 4 weeks + of contest prep - losing 17 pounds...yes, too much in such a short period of time. I had to let my body recoup. And to top that off, all the friggin' typical daily stress has been compounded lately. Without detail, being a Realtor is harder than normal these days for sooo many reasons. I also produced the power meet, even though I love doing that, there were stress factors there - certain unecessary hurdles but I did happen to jump overall. Then the worst part - I had a severe bout of insomnia for almost three weeks. I've slept for three nights in a row now without "aid", and I gather it will take a couple of more nights before I feel "corrected" again. Nothing is worse than sleep deprivation, and unfortunaately I have suffered way too much of it during the course of my life. It is debilitating.

I did deadlift the other night, and it went well, nothing to complain about. I was still hanging at 159 - 160
lbs. weight wise, and pulled a 315 for 10. Not my absolute best, but that WILL come back and more.
Today was squats - and I was in the zone. My strength was good, though my technique was/is a little rusty, or maybe I should say my steadiness under the bar is a little off. My depth is hitting better than ever. I did 315 x 7 and 335 x4 twice...still not getting the last rep in, as I typically don't, but I'm ok with that. And I have a great workout partner - GW - he keeps me motivated and he also lets me gloat or rant when I need to...Thanks, George!
The BEST news is: NO LEG PAIN TODAY!!!! I'm determined to stay around 160 for my high-end weight forevermore. I can't perform when i am bigger, and it hurts to boot. Besides, I don't feel comfortable bigger. I'm still eating relatively clean, and am still quite lean. I like this look and how I feel physically.

That's it in a nutshell - will be more detailed as time goes on. So good to be back in the swing of things... I just adore hoisting big iron around, really, I do.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sleepless in Delaware

No, I haven't been updating my journal much - there just hasn't been much training going on here.
I took this week off as a de-load week, and I have been suffering through insomnia this week. I swear I'd rather have the flu. I suffer through this horrible plague off and on, it's been an ongoing curse throughout all my life.
But I am hopeful to be able to start elaborating on my training once again next week.
The bodybuilding workouts weren't all that much fun to pick apart and talk about. It seems I have not had a good powerful training session in months -

My powerlifting meet, the APA Delaware Power Classic went off in style last weekend. There were about 25 lifters, all with high spirits and energy and great lifting! The crew that helped me out were invaluable - priceless - golden! And of course the crew at The Training Center - my eternal gratitude.
Again, I was blessed. I also have to thank my sponsors - APT Prowriststraps, Species Nutrition, At Large Nutrition, and House of Pain. I believe everyone had a blast - I sure did!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where is Kate????

OK- the longer I put this off the harder it here is my announcement. I've wrestled with this on and off for quite some time, but the past few weeks I just had to come to grips with this -

I am NOT doing the Masters Nationals this year. There are, in reality, several reasons, but let's just go with the most important one - my heart wasn't into it. My heart is on the lifting platform. I spent the last year focusing primarily on bodybuilding. I went 4 1/2 weeks into official contest prep mode, lost 17 pounds, ordered my suits, picked a song to pose to - but it just wasn't happening deep in my soul....
I made the final decision a week ago, but thought that I would be probably be changing my mind, (again) or at least feel regretful in some way. But no- I feel less so much less burdended. I feel I made the absolute right decision. I feel very HAPPY, almost ecstatic I made this decision. It is like finding an old friend you have missed for awhile because you had to go away. Powerlifting is a whole different mind set than bodybuilding. One I am more mentally suited for, and more physically suited for, indeed.

I do have some ground to make up for from following a different plan over the past year, but I'll get it back - I guarantee you. I am not considering this a waste of time. I have learned many things over the past year, mentally as well as physicaly. There have been some lows, but my spirit prevails and I squeeze out what I can to take a lesson out of everything to continue on to better things. Of course there were some highs, too!

I still have some whittling back down in size to do because of the Compartment Syndrome in my legs - it has lessened to a certain degree now that I weigh 160. The searing pain is gone, but as last night's squatting proved - there is still a major tightness, very uncomfortable, still soreness,running along my outer thighs. You may see me back in the 148's next year. Whatever the case - you will see me on the platform. And I believe I know when the next time will be already ----but I'll wait a few more weeks before announcing that.

Delaware Power Classic is this coming Saturday - I am so psyched up! It is going to be another great event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic group of people coming together to lift, to help spot/load, judge, everything looks just right for a good day at The Training Center to heave around some iron. Or, as my son Slater puts it, picking up heavy random bars with big circles on the end.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Real Cardio

I just bought a brand new piece of cardio equipment today - It's a Cub Cadet. That's correct - a lawnmower. REAL exercise... It always irks me to see people with 1/4 to 1/2 acre sized lawns get on a riding mower, especially after they've been to the gym to workout on the eliptical machine or treadmill. I enjoy cutting grass. My new "lawn" is pretty much the embarrassment of the neighborhood. All of the other lawns in my section of the neighborhood are landscaped very meticulously. Every one has gorgeous flowers blooming- I have weeds and dirt and sticks and a lot of dead leaves still. I did have two flowers.. right smack in the middle of my yard. But they are both dead now...
I mowed over my first snake today! Ooooo - I'm glad I saw it after it was dead, rather than whilst it was still alive and wriggling through my yard. I'm going to go ahead and leave it out to rot...oooo...I'm not touching it (lest ye didn't think I was very girlie - there ya go!).

No highlights in the training this week. Not enough food to fuel the machine. My workouts were labored and just getting through them took it ALL out of me. My strength has PLUMMETED!
I was down to 163.6 yesterday, soooo...against my prepper's guidelines, I am going to have to add some calories in to my diet. 13 pounds in less than 3 weeks is wayyy to much to lose so quickly. At this rate I'll be a middleweight by July 19th. I had a "normal" eating day yesterday. I told myself I could eat whatever I wanted, but when I get rolling on a diet, I have a hard time stepping off of it. So, I ate additional good foods, cuz I'm a good girl. Back to the diet today, though. Actually, it is not AGAINST his guidelines, I'm just not "conferring" with him before I do so. All for the better me on July 19th, you will see.

No pictures today. I will get them tomorrow.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

14 weeks out -

9 and a half pounds down - seeing the arm veins more and some leg separation, but I do feel small and watery today... I took two sets of progress pictures. The first ones I deleted. I had on a pair of gray shorts that may be seeing the trash can...I know I have a big round butt, but these shorts made it look as if I had one of those swedish exercise balls stuffed in them. I'm not really happy with the other ones either - the lighting today was very grey coming through the windows, but I didn't want the flash as the flash flattens it all out. I don't look significantly different from last week, and what changes I can see you can't see in these photos.

I'm having one of those days where I question what the Hell I think I'm doing, preparing for a bodybuilding contest. My body is sooo different from what the judges want...
And I'm doing that thing with my left arm again. I'm practicing front relaxed and the left arm just keeps sticking out higher and farther. I can't stand straight. I had that fixed so you almost couldn't notice I did that last year, now I'm crooked again! So don't be looking for any front relaxed or back relaxed poses from me for awhile.
Now, I have gotten into pretty good condition a couple of times without cardio, and I'm pretty sure I can again, but I told my prepper I'd not stray from his guidelines for me.
But, all it seems to do for me is make my hips and legs sore, hence my leg strength has plummeted and deadlifting the other day was simply pointless. I'm not trying to shirk it out of laziness, heck, it even helps me sleep better, but I simply cannot take 14 more weeks of this tired soreness in my legs, hips, and even lower back.
It will be a while before my website gets overhauled - probably a long, long while... there will be updates to Members Section and changes in the regular section from time to time, but apparently, though my website works, it wasn't done quite right and when my new webmaster tried to tutor me, even he was getting confused. He told me he really couldn't teach me how to work my website because it would just confuse me as you can't do it the way it is really supposed to be done.
APA Delaware Power Classic is in less than 4 weeks now - looks like it is definitely shaping up to be another good meet. I've got alot of really good people helping me out to put this meet on, and I am truly blessed to have their support!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Gagging on potatoes

I used to love cold baked potatoes, but i think that love died out long ago, as I am currently having a problem with this potato I am presently eating making its way down my throat. 14 more weeks of these... oh, joy!
However, I AM enjoying peeling the weight off. I owe the first week's big drop to the elimination of creatine.That stuff does make one watery and bloated. I feel much better and in a few pounds I'll probably be down to a "comfortable" weight.

Last night benching was PERFECT! GW and I were both dog-tired. He kept his weight low and went for reps, while I decided I only had so much energy to spare... instead of my first set with 245 or so, I jumped it up to 275 and decided that I would do them or I would not, all depending on how my energy levels panned out. They went perfectly, good groove, good speed, good rotation in the wrist, good pause, good everything. I did 4. So I upped it to 295 and got 2. All felt right. Took it to 225 for 12, tho' with a shorter pause. Perfect Perfect Perfect!
Everything else we did was more in the 8-12 rep range. I hate reps.

I'm only doing 20 minutes of cardio on the days that I do it, and it IS monotonous, but it does help me sleep better...I will give it that credit.

There are some other things going on in my life right now, but I'm mum on some things for a reason...when the time is right I'll share.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dropping -

168.4 = 8 pounds lighter... in one week! Most of that is off my waist, thank God...less bloat, I can see some abs and serratus etc. trying their best to poke through. Already it is time to take the belt in a notch - That feeling I like!

Yesterday was one of those days that I should not even have showed up at the gym. I knew it before I even got in my car, but old hard head drove there anyway. It was deadlift day and I wanted to see how these arch supports would benefit. As I stated, I should have listened to myself and stayed home. Oh, I managed a 405, but I guess i can now do that on a very off day.

Could only muster 365 x 3, and it was because I was stiff in the hips, lackadaisical in the drive...just not there. Yes, I gather that lack of fuel in the system has a lot to do with lack of drive.

It has been a couple of months + since I took a few days off, I guess it is time once again to do so. I walked up to the bar on my third set with 315 going to do some reps...but that was it, just walked up to the bar, stopped - quit. I didn't even try to pick it up.
Did a few very high reps sets of seated cable rows, and high reps seated dumbell curls, just to get the blood moving, and I was out of there. BLAHHH!
On the arch supports - yes, I can tell they will help tremendously with sitting back, but I'll have to wait for another day to measure the benefit.

Friday, April 04, 2008


The diet: 5 days down - many more to go!!! I used to eat this way, cleanly, way long before I became a bodybuilder, so snacking on egg whites and plain baked potatoes is nothing new for me. My waistline feels smaller and tighter and better already. Already I feel less like a linebacker, more delicate, and dainty... uh-huh...
By the way, I have the best training partner in the world! Not just because he is great to train with, but because he is a genuine and caring person - GW, you rock! The man comes in even when he can't train because he is not feeling well just to make sure I have someone to help me out ...that is, as they say, priceless...

Squatted on Monday. did 2 sets of squats, 315 x 6 and 335 x 6, with my new arch supports in tact. WOW!!!
I have always had trouble sitting back and pushing from the heel - No More! What a difference.
Now I can really squat the way you are supposed to squat! :) :) :) My weight is evenly distributed across my foot.I can get deeper much more easily and less awkwardly. Maybe I can actually learn to squat with "technique"...HAH! I could not do a third set, however.. friggin' leg pain. It feels like the sides of my legs are sprained...which confirms even more so the thoughts on my problem being compartmentalization. What is a sprain? Twisting and stretching of ligaments and other soft tissues... When I squat , I am involuntarily stretching soft tissue, fascia, that does not want to stretch. Kind of like a sprain... I can't find anything on the internet about relief of compartmentalization symptoms. The only remedies I know of are stopping (no way), surgery(I have heard a story or two -no way ), or when I am lighter in bodyweight the pain lessens. It is Friday and the pain is still quite prevalent - it will probably subside enough to squat again in two weeks, when I will aggravate it all over again and become half-crippled once more... woe is me.

Chest last night - I couldn't quite get into the "attack the bar" mode. So it was an "off" night in that respect. Still did 275 x 3 pauses benching. My left tricep push is getting stronger. That is usually where I fail. I believe the "static pressing" in the power rack is helping that along. GW decided to be my tyrannical trainer and made me do extended sets and such. Got me swole, he did!

~can't quite get into the cardio that I am supposed to be doing yet, because of the pain, though I am doing what I can. If I can't do real cardio, I at least walk, so I'm at least not being a slug. I am really set on being the best ever this time around in Pittsburgh.

I ordered my posing suits today from Sensational Designs, Rachel Ellis, who did my suits last year. She is very pleasant to work with. Going with a lavendar and a opposed to black and black like last year...picked one of my old posing songs and I'll just enhance the routine. That's the good side of never having had the chance of doing my routine yet - no one has seen any of them, so I don't need to come up with a new one! I plan on doing it this time...