Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30

I officially fell apart - i hve been nursing what seems to be a left bicep tendon strain, and probably a bit of a tear. I haven't trained in a month! I'm going batty, but I have been busy focusing on the upcoming Delaware Power Classic (May 08) and some other non-training related issues. I have started training a Special Olympian for the DE Special Olympics in June.
Robert has participated for the past few years, and I think we can get him up to benching and deadlifting both with new PR's.

Last week I played announcer at the Pennsylvania State Boys' Powerlifting Championships.
It was a huge meet. I was very impressed with the athletes and thier enthusiasm. The meet was well expedited. They had 4 platforms of lifters all competing at once, so my guess is there were at least 100 lifters if not more. It was held at Glen Mills Schools in Glen Mills, PA - a gorgeous, rolling and lush campus dotted with beautiful old stone buildings.

NO - I am not giving up bodybuilding!!! Hah - how many people read that statement of me being currently "sick" of it and misconstrued that statement????
My plans have to change again due to the injury, but I'm not going anywhere. I will probably be sidelined for 3 - 4 more weeks. It sucks, but this is what happens when you know you need to back off, but don't.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am living in absentia....pardon my invisibility, but nothing is happening. I am on mandatory hiatus from training, due to severe overtraining, and strained biceps tendon, and God-awful leg pain that has returned not only in a vengenace, but double-fold. Boo! Boo-Hoo!!!

I am about sick of bodybuilding - I don't even want to go there, just leave it at that I am powerlifting this year. Period. Exclamation mark! I know I'll lose my national qualification if I don't compete this year, but who the heck cares. Not I. I'll get it back next year, no doubts, no worries.
One cannot excel at both of these sports simultaneously. Key word = excel. I love my strength. I want to be strong. I have powerful goals this year. Stay tuned.