Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dancing and Bending

I just returned from a magical, mystical week in Mystic CT. I went to visit my Tank :)

Here we are at our first foray into ballroom dancing...it is confirmed - I am a klutz! But what a blast we had!

We danced at the Fred Astaire Studio in Mystic.
What a wonderfully warm group of people and oh, how they can dance! Above is Vadim, one of the owners. He and his dance partner gave Tank and I a special private dance performance. It was like magic watching them glide across the dancefloor. They did a Viennesse Waltz that was simply lovely. They will be competing in a week or two - I wish them much luck, they already have the talent!

The other picture, of course is Tank - that is about the only way I can get "light on my feet", lol...

Tank took me to a place they called the Breakfast Club in New London, CT at the home of a fellow named Joe Mugavino. Joe and a group of fellows and gals do not only strongman training there, but also do some specializing in grip strength training. This was most fascinating ! I got all warm and fuzzy watching Joe Retkowski do some nail bending. Joe took what they call a "red nail" 5/16 ", and bent the darned thing like it was a straw. I was extremely impressed. Now I have this hankering to bend things.....

Check that bent nail out!

Above is Tank playing with an Atlas Stone.

I am EASING back into training, so as to avoid injuries and setbacks. It will take several weeks to come back to my normal strength levels, but it is necessary to hold back.

I'm still ripped, but I'm not trying to be. I'm eating all kinds of food, indulging in things I dont usually even consider shoving into my mouth. I honestly think that my body was so depleted that it is soaking whatever it can up to nourish itself, leaving nothing as waste, nor fat. I'm sure sooner or later I'll be plump again.