Monday, March 16, 2009


I am the busiest person I know who doesnt make any anyone can work a standard 40 hour work week and get anything else done is beyond me...
Could be why I am a poor beggar girl these days.
I am about to embark on yet another career soon. Stay tuned on that. Time to prove how good I am as a sales pro.
Yes, yes, I said sales. Stay tuned for details.

So lessseeee... my leggies are coming along shape as well as size wise these days. However, they are what they are...They were built for power and strength, not beauty. Though some might see them as beautiful... As long as I stay on top of my therapy they feel good. If I slack off for even a couple of days the pain comes back to haunt me. So its the ballin' o' the periformis for me.

Was oh so tired every training day last week - still beat up from that danged traveling, I was. Incredible how much SITTING can tear me apart!!!! But holy hell, I was torn apart for a long period of time.

Wednesday benching was ok, not great, but ok - did two sets of 280 for 4, and a nice static with 410 for 20 seconds, but I was certain I could have done better had I not felt like I had been mistaken for a wet dish rag and and used to mop up the dirty floor. Love those statics. They really make your triceps feel like hamhocks.

My energy reserves were finally coming around Sunday, for legs. We had a killer workout. I do believe there was never a better leg apparatus created than a Nautilus Duo-Squat machine. Pair those with the gool old fashioned sissy squat, and you have some mighty big thighs about to burst into life.

Alas, there is to be no training this week... :)

But Kate, why not???


Happy Birthday Jody - wherever you are!!!!

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