Monday, May 04, 2009

Kate in black undies...AGAIN!!!!

Oh look - more pictures of Kate in black underwear... These pictures don't look much different from last week's, though there are significant changes. The lighting is different, and makes everything flatter. Really, I'm better!!! Lol - 'twas a rainy day and had to use stronger flash. 10 and a half weeks to go.
Saturday I journeyed up to Wilmington to attend the Animal Barbell Club gathering at a new gymnasium - OSX Fitness. Steve, the owner (Uncle Fester) was most gracious and the facility is great. It is always a pleasure to hang out in a room with a bunch of big, strong and very sweaty men...oh, I mean Animals.... is it possible that Big Al Fortney can look even bigger...???
Looking forward to this Saturday - the 4th annual Delaware Power Classic. It is always a good time, but this one is shaping up to be a killer! I'm doing all the last minute details, and am very amped up - fill yah in on the results in the next posting.

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Isabelle Selena Turell said...

Thank you for sharing your progress with us Kate. I am looking forward to watching your transformation. I am loving the black undies pics :)

talk to you soon