Sunday, July 12, 2009

6 days out

Yes - I have purposely been elusive.

We are winding down on the home stretch here. I think this entire process has been 20 weeks, and we are closing in on losing 37 pounds! Holy Bageless mornings !!!!

The only thing that has been hard in this process has been the lack of sleep. That is nothing new for me, as many of you know, but after 6 - 8 weeks without proper rest, anyone who has ever been sleep deprived can tell you - you will do just about ANYTHING to get sleep. And that would usually include getting up to eat something to help me sleep, but NOPE, haven't succumbed to that evil the entire time. At times I have wondered if I was going to make it - but I have, and I will. Perserverance!

Somehow I rested last night. I'm not sure how to act! It feels like I have been reborn! Aaaahhhh!!!

C'mon - admit it - that is one BEEFY BUTT !!!!

I'm almost all packed, and am anxious to go. I will be rooming with a figure competitor named Michele Thorington from Michigan. We have only started to get to know each other but I adore her already! I cannot wait to meet her in person. I hear she is looking ready to do some serious damge to the other women in her class. I know her fire and drive are right on point!! Go Michele!!

I haven't let out publicly who I have worked with for this prep, and I am still not going to. I will say this, however, he has been an EXTREME pleasure to work with, and I feel very blessed to have been given this opportunity not only to work with such a knowleadgeable, funny, intelligent soul, but he has become a dear friend to me. I treasure my friends.

Congratulations to Christopher Annino , who directed a film called The Picture Bowl, which will be shown at the 10th Anniversary Women & Girls Fund Film Festival at the Garde Arts Center in CT on August 06, at 7 pm. Chris, I am so proud of you ! You are the best!

I am going to go practice posing now while I have the energy and good spirits to do so.
See you in Pittsburgh!


Anonymous said...

looking totally awesome. best of luck!

Anonymous said...

well if I go up to Pittsburg I would like to meet you for a short video shot.


Anonymous said...

Um...yes, that IS one beefy butt! Thanks for the pics, but how do you expect me to concentrate for the rest of the day? ;)