Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard Be Gone

Here I sit during the second blizzard this week! Third snow storm in 2 and a half weeks.

Ok, you mid-westernerers and northerners tell us we Mid-Atlantic babies are whining, but it isnt just snow. These are actually full fledged "Nor'easters" coupled with snow. 60 mph gusts of wind - you'd be whining too. We aren't used to t here on the lovely Delmarva Peninsula. I think I got off with a mere 20" or so total. It's hard to tell I can't see out the window right now!!
Training - besides the gym being closed alot because of the weather, I had some personal issues keep me out of the gym for a week or so... however, typically I don't rest much from the gym unless it is forced rest, and by cracky this forced rest has done me good! My muscles look really big and full right now.
I still have abs at 171 - 172 !!! And veins in my arms and shoulder striations...My
strength has been up and down because of the time off and the drain of the personal issues, but I foresee it going in the right direction once again rapidly - UP!!!
We did dealdift the other night, that of which I really have done very little of lately. I did them off a 3" block, 370 for 5 - all resets. I have no clue what that would translate into off the floor. I really like pulling out of a deficit position. It feels good in the hamstrings and glutes. Today WOULD HAVE been chest day....grooooan. It's just turned into nap day. ZZZZZZZZ

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