Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Delaware Power Classic 2010

DELAWARE POWER CLASSIC 2010 took place this past weekend. I can honestly say it was the best one yet! OSX Fitness in Newport DE and proprietor Steve Oldham welcomed us with open arms. The venue is perfect for a powerlifting meet, as both sides of the building have oversized garage doors that open. The weather was perfect! The crowd was huge. We had 43 lifters, and many big lifts. It was alot of work on my part, but I wouldn't trade putting these meets together for anything! Results can be found here:

Pictures and videos can be found here:

Hank Stoklosa - how do we ever thank you for all of your work taking the pix and video??!!!

Dynamo Club Powerlifting- I love you guys! Thank you also to Kathy Fields, Derek Hill, Len Walker, Julie Trincia, 4G's Catering, Steve Pulcinella and Iron Sport Gym, Rob Haas and Sussex Fence, the list goes on, and especially THANK YOU to Steve Oldham of OSX Fitness - !!! Can't wait til November 13 for the next meet - same place - be there!!!

I now own a monolift, yes I do...but instead of housing it in my garage to rust, I have sent it up to IronSport Gym in Glenolden PA. I want it to be used, and I know there aren't any other monolifts in the area. So if you are a Powerlifter in the DE, PA, NJ, MD area and want to train on a monolift - IronSport Gym now has one!!!


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