Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 Nationals - counting down

It is Thursday before competition day - FINALLY!!!
I got the insane notion to drive down to Atlanta. It took me 2 days, but really, it wasn't a bad trip at all. There is just wayyyyyyyy too much stuff to bring if you want to do this properly. And if I'm going to do it, no half-assing around.
I must have brought 15 bags worth of "stuff" !

I have a gorgeous room here in Atlanta on one of the top floors with a view of the city to die for. I may not want to leave my room for a couple of days! Though it is beautifully sunny and warm outside...a short stroll may or may not be in order today.

I hear the heavyweight class for women's bodybuilding is under 10! That sux. I enjoy competition.

I'll leave you with a few progress pix from Monday, 5 days out from the show and check in after the show.

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