Thursday, March 31, 2011


I posted a little dig a couple of weeks ago about a monolift coming to Midway Fitness. Actually, the story goes that the little jerk who works there heard that MY monolift was sitting in an abandonded gym locked up. The contents of this gym may or may not go up for sherriff's sale,that's another story, but he decided he was going to go and get my monolift and bring it to Midway Fitness. Perhaps he should be briefed on what "stealing" is.... My monolift is happily sitting at Ironsport Gym in Glenolden PA, for the use of the general lifting public. It will be in full force of use next weekend, April 09, for the APA Ironsport Power Classic. This is going to be my biggest event yet. We will be live streaming the meet at

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Mark Heath said...

what exactly is a monolith?