Monday, October 09, 2006

Last week my total was 1040, raw - of course!-weighed in at 147.25... :( :( :( :( - 'nuff said about that!

Less than five weeks to the Nationals..what in the world am I doing?!!!
Anyhoo- Tom Nine, highly renowned woman's physique photographer actually drove up here from VA Beach to shoot ME yesterday...Spent 5 hours with him on Cape Henlopen Beach, Lewes Beach and then to Gold's Gym...flexing all day in a majorly dehydrated lean state is HARD! I really do feel more physically exhausted today and beat up than the day after any of my powerlifting meets...then I pulled out my lower right lat today and can barely move without spewing out some choice expleted deletives... I'm laying back on the ol' heating pad right now, this SUX!!! I must be doing something right, though - Tom suggested we get together in Miami!
I am HONORED...I felt kind of goofy, as I always do, flexing and posing - it's the part I least like about this "sport" called bodybuilding. I just like to train and lift heavy weights, and yes I like looking really good and in shape.

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