Sunday, April 13, 2008

14 weeks out -

9 and a half pounds down - seeing the arm veins more and some leg separation, but I do feel small and watery today... I took two sets of progress pictures. The first ones I deleted. I had on a pair of gray shorts that may be seeing the trash can...I know I have a big round butt, but these shorts made it look as if I had one of those swedish exercise balls stuffed in them. I'm not really happy with the other ones either - the lighting today was very grey coming through the windows, but I didn't want the flash as the flash flattens it all out. I don't look significantly different from last week, and what changes I can see you can't see in these photos.

I'm having one of those days where I question what the Hell I think I'm doing, preparing for a bodybuilding contest. My body is sooo different from what the judges want...
And I'm doing that thing with my left arm again. I'm practicing front relaxed and the left arm just keeps sticking out higher and farther. I can't stand straight. I had that fixed so you almost couldn't notice I did that last year, now I'm crooked again! So don't be looking for any front relaxed or back relaxed poses from me for awhile.
Now, I have gotten into pretty good condition a couple of times without cardio, and I'm pretty sure I can again, but I told my prepper I'd not stray from his guidelines for me.
But, all it seems to do for me is make my hips and legs sore, hence my leg strength has plummeted and deadlifting the other day was simply pointless. I'm not trying to shirk it out of laziness, heck, it even helps me sleep better, but I simply cannot take 14 more weeks of this tired soreness in my legs, hips, and even lower back.
It will be a while before my website gets overhauled - probably a long, long while... there will be updates to Members Section and changes in the regular section from time to time, but apparently, though my website works, it wasn't done quite right and when my new webmaster tried to tutor me, even he was getting confused. He told me he really couldn't teach me how to work my website because it would just confuse me as you can't do it the way it is really supposed to be done.
APA Delaware Power Classic is in less than 4 weeks now - looks like it is definitely shaping up to be another good meet. I've got alot of really good people helping me out to put this meet on, and I am truly blessed to have their support!

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