Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dropping -

168.4 = 8 pounds lighter... in one week! Most of that is off my waist, thank God...less bloat, I can see some abs and serratus etc. trying their best to poke through. Already it is time to take the belt in a notch - That feeling I like!

Yesterday was one of those days that I should not even have showed up at the gym. I knew it before I even got in my car, but old hard head drove there anyway. It was deadlift day and I wanted to see how these arch supports would benefit. As I stated, I should have listened to myself and stayed home. Oh, I managed a 405, but I guess i can now do that on a very off day.

Could only muster 365 x 3, and it was because I was stiff in the hips, lackadaisical in the drive...just not there. Yes, I gather that lack of fuel in the system has a lot to do with lack of drive.

It has been a couple of months + since I took a few days off, I guess it is time once again to do so. I walked up to the bar on my third set with 315 going to do some reps...but that was it, just walked up to the bar, stopped - quit. I didn't even try to pick it up.
Did a few very high reps sets of seated cable rows, and high reps seated dumbell curls, just to get the blood moving, and I was out of there. BLAHHH!
On the arch supports - yes, I can tell they will help tremendously with sitting back, but I'll have to wait for another day to measure the benefit.

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