Wednesday, December 10, 2008

182 !!!!

I am up to 182 lbs... yikes! That's insane. I like it! :)

Back day - we did rack pulls from the knee. We hadn't done these in ages. I went up to 605 for 5. That's where I left off, good, no backsliding there. Then we used the T-Bar machine. It is an Icarian. I had never used this one before, and I will never use it again. It was awkward for me, very awkward. I also prefer a close grip on my t-bars, and this machine only has wide grip, so I'm crossing it off my options list.
Rope pull downs - my teres major feels back to normal now.

Biceps - good old barbell exchanges. This is the one movement I absolutely hate but love to do , because it WORKS!

Leg day I was solo. I planned on walking 225 out and doing one set of 10 squats. I did do these, and did them perfectly fine, but my legs have been totally f***d up for the past 4 days. I do not believe it is due soley to the squats, but definitely they had their negative effect. I have an idea in my head about something else that is proably affecting the tightness in my legs. I shall test the waters, so to speak, before I elaborate. I was making good progress with the therapy I had been doing, but, unfortunately, I had been neglectful for a few weeks due to all of the crazy stuff that has happened in my life during the past month +. I need to get back on track.

Did smith machine lunges, sissy squats (free-style), lying leg curls - I actually incorporated a set of 10 10 2 20's into these - OMG! Talk about insane intensity - I can still feel these. Then onto leg extensions and calves - I think donkeys on the machine and seated.

Yesterday's workout wasn't stellar, not terrible but absolutely no zone. I did my standard 230 x 10, 250 x 6, and actually pushed a 280 for almost 4, but there was no zone. The zone is part of the rush of the whole experience. Tried to do a static with 420, but I was laying on an adjustable bench, and my butt was lying upon the space where the bottom and back of the bench separate, so there was no stability there. But, of course, I am going to have to go with the no zone excuse here , too. I held it for a few seconds, but the rabies just wouldn't surface enough for me to own it.
GW strained a pec muscle - not too bad, I hope, but good thing he stopped when he did.
Then I finished with Nautilus declines, internal preses (or KATE presses as we call them for lack of a better name - hah!), reverse press-downs, kick-backs, Nautilus shoulder press and cable wide grip uprights.

I am now off to a festive root canal...sigh... novacaine face for the rest of the day.

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