Thursday, December 04, 2008


I think younz all know I recently started incorporating static holds into my bench night. Last night wasn't a stellar bench night, considering all the f***ing pain lately and all of the pain killers and now the antibiotics - wasn't too far off, but I didn't feel a groove at all. However, the plan was to do the 400 static, and so I had to do it. GW wouldn't let me back off of the extra 5 pounds. SO here is my first foray with 405, and let me tell you - It is HEAVY! And I loved it way too much. I'm still all warm and fuzzy.
I'm going to start incorporating lots of new stuff into the routine. I want bigger, heavier , more bone crushing weight than ever. Do or die time.
and today - back up to 178.6 lbs.


Anonymous said...

+ 5 for the collars???

Anonymous said...

Good job, but I can tell you are holding (supporting) the wight with the shoulders. The trick with big weight is to arch more, dig in with the lats and legs, and use the arms as simple support mechanisms. The load path of the bar should end up in the large muscles of the back, stabilized by the leg drive. Bet you can hold a lot more than 405!!! Lift big Kate, and tell George I said Hi! Tom Lewis