Wednesday, April 29, 2009

11 and a half weeks

This blog is getting boring - same old thing, pictures of Kate in her black skivvies.
And speaking of those pictures of me in my skivvies, here they are!
Progress is noticeable, but as we are coming in on the 11 week mark, we are going to be making some changes so things will be happening quicker and details will start popping. It feels so good to have a waistline again. Monday when these photos were taken I was still hanging around 172 ish - but this morning, Wednesday, I'm at 170 ish... Ish!!!
My left arm is a bit strained, so the left bicep isnt flexing as well as it usually is. I wish people would stop asking me how big my arms are...does it friggin' MATTER what they measure? Fat people have large measurements too...
I am soooTIRED!!!! I keep saying that, but it is so true. I really, really don't think I ever physically recovered from that bus trip from Hell. Can't stop to recover now, though I am taking a rest week this week. I usually do take a rest week, or at least a few days off every 8 weeks or so. If I didn't, I would be dead.... I have to start training lighter and less intensely for the rest of these 11 weeks or I will surely die....I just can't seem to get HEAVY off of my mind.

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