Friday, June 05, 2009

6 and a Half Weeks to go

I was feeling like a basket case because I couldnt sleep for a couple of weeks (imagine THAT! ). But now I am rested and back to being ornery. I feel rather good now. I have changed my training so now I am only doing one big body part per workout, or one, maybe two smaller body parts.

Yes, that makes an incredible difference in energy recovery for now.

I am very pleased with my progress, and the best is yet to come!

Someone suggested I play "20 Questions with Kate" here.

Let's see if I can come up with 10 questions...

1.Favorite color - changes periodically. Right now I go for "energy colors" - yellow, orange, red.

2. Favorite food - frozen birthday cake - has to have plenty of icing.

3. What cd is in your car cd player right now? I believe it is the new Static - X - Cult of Static.

4. How do you like to relax - with a big ol' glass of wine...ok, 2 glasses....

5. Do you have any pets - no...but we are supposed to be getting a kitty cat tomorrow! :)

6. Favorite Muppet - Grover

7.What kind of car do you drive - 2006 Jeep Liberty.

8. Favorite sport - Powerlifting....duhhhh....(and Pro Bull Riding, of course )

9. Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla

10. favorite comedian - whatever happened to Chris Elliot ????

OK - that's enough. We don't want to get too personal with me.


mochamoe said... are a transformer... : )

Anonymous said...

You have to be in the first 3......way to go!