Sunday, June 21, 2009

4 Weeks Out

This is the group of amazing athletes I was able to meet and watch whilst acting as judge at the Special Olympics of Delaware Powerlifting on June 13th. This was the second year I have taken part in SODE, and again I was very honored to be asked and able to partake in the activities. These guys gave us thier hearts as well as thier athletic talents. Well done ALL !!!!

OK, I'm cranky and I'm tired, but mostly from lack of sleep. If I could only get up and drink a glass of milk or eat a light carbohydrate laden snack I'm sure I could sleep a whole lot better. I admit, I am pure misery on feet these days.

There is nothing I crave so much as 6 straight hours of sleep. Nothing. Not a thing. Nope.

Less than 4 weeks to go and by this time I usually have a very decent base tan, but as the sun seems to have burnt out several months back I'm going to have to just step up the tanning bed frequency. The weather simply has sucked all year.

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Anonymous said...

WTG on judging the Special Olympics event!
You're looking great Kate keep up the good work.

Now what was that ? I was going to ask :P