Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I know - MIA again, I have been. It gets difficult for me to get excited about posting and elaborating on my training when my training isn't exciting me. I have been so slow to recover from the Masters prep - I sure did throw myself through the wringer for that. I have felt my strength brewing and twitching within - but I just haven't been able to get to it! Usually I go in , do one set, and I am tuckered out...
I deadlifted 320 x 10 the other night. I felt more reps in me, but it was just like, man, I'm done, and that was that.
Stupidly I squatted again on Sunday. I know better than to squat so soon after deadlifting, but I am just so darned excited to be able to do it again! I put 320 on my back and I could feel my hips scream NO!!! at me. But I sucked it up and did 8, then 370 for 3, which is no better than last week, but I will consider the overhelming soreness in my hips. That was all I could do.
Switch gears to tonight! Oh, I feel regenerated all of a sudden. I give credit mostly to my mp3 player, and the loud metal playing in my ear helping me to amp up. Our gym plays this awful not even disco music, and you cant gear yourself up to lift big iron with that playing. Soomeone said tomight that it makes him want to go home and lay his clothes out on the
Anyhoo, the loud head banging music gave me the groove, and I used it. Benches- 260 x 7, and then an EASY 300 x 1, though I wanted to do another but GW didnt know so he pulled the bar back to help me rack it. Yes indeed, I am almost back!
I found my strength again!!! I need to be careful to keep it.

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