Thursday, October 01, 2009


I am always playing catch up here -

I was away at Tank's last week. I did manage to squat up at the Breakfast Club again in New London CT on Sunday. I was feeling extremely tight in the hips and legs from all the driving I did on the trip up and the next day driving us to and fro. I didn't expect much of a workout , but I did manage an EASY 395, could have and should have done 2 reps, and I squatted again without wraps. I'm actually liking the no wrapping. Let's see how far I can get without them....

Tank got to shoot in a commercial that will air during the Superbowl! It's a NutriSystem commercial with Dan Marino and Lawrence taylor and some other notable football players in it.

I did an interview with lst week. It bores the heck out of me, but if you are interested, the link is . It is about an hour long. Louis Velasquez is a really groovy guy - that word. Why does no one use that word any more???

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