Wednesday, December 29, 2010

End of 2010

It is the end of a trying year, for sure.
First of all, I must have deleted one of my previous posts by mistake, it has disappeared.

Rick Phillips -
July 20, 1960 - November 23, 2010.
I miss you. I love you.
I will see you on the other side, at sunset.

Ok me - trying to get my strength on. Seems to be taking MUCH longer to bounce back this time. I did do dome squats 350 x 3 the other day. Feels like the oomph is in the legs, but not quite in the core and back. I'm still sore as all heck. It is Wednesday and we trained gams on Sunday....geeeezzzzz.

Held the weight on the benches down to 230 last night. Only did sets of 6.
Followed by weighted dips ( love them) and medicine ball plyo- push ups. Those things simultaneously suck and rock at the same time.
Corner presses for shoulders, close grip benches, and then push-downs.

GW has come back to join Rob and myself in the gym. We are the 3 musclateers again!!!

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Jim said...

230 on the bench? Sounds like kids play for you. So what do you do to turn yourself back on the upswing?