Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deadlifting at IronSport Gym

Went up to IronSport Gym to train deads with Steve Pulcinella the other day. First time I ever trained with resistance bands, save for a few box squats in the past.

I must say, I liked them, and felt the carry over immediately. I can't remember what color they were - maybe blue???

I couldn't tell you what he did, but I did 3 sets of 315 with bands, then 3 singles -
365, 385, then 405.
Then did 3 sets of bentover barbell rows -
3 sets of pullovers, 90 lb dumbell.

If I don't overdo it,as I have a habit of, I project my strength to come back sometime within the next few months.Walking arounf looking like death on a stick for a few months takes its toll, and that it hath done to me.

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