Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday August 31

I am suffering from low blood pressure today....just a little experiment going the wrong way. I'll eat some salt, I'll live, but what a horrible feeling.
Weight = 153 -154. Time to maintain the weight for a bit. It is hard to transition back to eating after I get into diet mode. I like that machine like feeling of being regimented.
Still strong - Last night B put me to the test. First set of benches was 275 for four. No problem. Next up for me - 325...FLAWLESS!!! That's double body weight plus. Touch and go, sure, but heck, it was flawless. Somewhere between getting super frustrated with trying to find the right technique, losing the groove totally, finding it again, and hypnotherapy (yes, I am a believer) I reinvented my bench press back to where the groove wants to be naturally. It works.
GOAL SET = September 30, competition somewhere between 275 and 300. At 148...raw (of course).
Sometimes I get so sick of bodybuilding. I look at pictures on tv and online and in the magazines...I get bored. I do it because I'm good at it...because all in all, I think I have an appealling physique to both hardcore bodybuilders and to mainstream people. If the NPC is truly looking for what they I am. How ready for the Nationals am I? We will see...I don't know, but I'm stepping up and stepping out...

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