Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Feet!!! :)

I'm not sure how to start this, except by saying that yesterday was a very important day, which will probably result in major life alterations! It probably won't sound very exciting, but believe me you - it is to me.

I get on here and whine alot about my ailments, one of which, if you read my blog from time to time, you may remember some whining about this. My longest term ailment is my foot pain. I can remember the first time it actually came to my attention, over 20 years ago. No, the lifting isn't the cause of my foot ailments, but surely it has to it aggravates it. The pain comes and goes, so it is one of those things that I have kept telling myself will surely go away if I just keep wearing flat shoes with good padding under the balls of my feet. I almost never wear a heeled shoe, unless it is a wedding, or a photo shoot, or some special event. A couple of months ago I was out showing property to clients and my feet hurt so bad, I took the boots that I had on off, apologized to my clients for having to wear stocking feet for the rest of the day, and when i came home I threw the boots out- nice leather ankle high boots, heel was only about 2 inches, they probably cost me about $60 - $70.

Anyhoo - lately the pain has come on, and not subsided. It has only been getting more prevalent. Almost debilitating at times. It got to the point the other day that I could no longer ignore taking action. It actually got so bad that I was in fear of not being able to walk around much less lift. It was either go to a foot doctor, or go get some arch supports,try them and hope for the best, which is what the foot doctor would wind up telling me to do anyway, I'm sure.

Hail to GOOD FEET!!! Good Feet specializes in custom arch supports and orthopedic products.

I spent about an hour and a half with Ed at the store, being fitted for the arch supports, and learning alot more than I knew about the mechanics of a foot. Words almost elude me. I have heard stories of people walking in the store and breaking down in joyous tears once they put the supports in their shoes because they felt renewed, out of pain, and could look forward to living life without the shear pain they had been living in - foot pain, back pain, hip pain etc... I slipped those bad boys in my shoes, walked around the store, and so help me I felt like I was walking in a miracle - I almost cried myself, but I didn't till I got home. It is amazing that just a hunk of plastic (albeit expensive plastic!) under your foot can make such a dramatic change immediately!

What my problem is is my highly exaggerated arch. (see photo attached herein) Ed's words were that I am" very well endowed" in the arch department. I have always
referred to my feet as being "high-heeled feet".
Anyhooo...just thinking - less foot pain and perhaps, just perhaps could have an effect on my leg pain and surely an effect on my spine and hip alignment.
Can you tell I am happy and excited???

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