Saturday, March 22, 2008


I can't believe I am still apologizing for my site being down, but it is what it is. ~ Hope to have it back up maybe next week (????). After it finally gets running again, it is getting a major overhaul, but that might take some time, since I will be the one doing the work on it. This whole project has been a mess, and as I have had many personal inquiries, I must reiterate -please bear with me! Thanks -

My legs, woe are my legs! If you haven't experienced anything like this, it is so hard to explain...just be sure to know that it is painful. They are still sore from Monday's leg session.
They were screaming during my deadlifting yesterday. I've been doing a little bit of plyometric jumping, not alot, just a bit, and definitely it has hindered my abilities. But I persevere... deadlifts went ok, not great, but ok. 365 x 6. But considering I have had to change my starting pull off of the ground, as I no longer have the room to begin by stomping up to the bar...that and my legs really didn't want to co-operate in the movement. It almost feels like they are tearing when the quads get working...

I am excited to begin my diet for the Masters in the very near future, if only for the fact that I will be losing weight, and the pain in my legs subsides when I am lighter.... I'm tired of this forever full belly, too. I want that nice, tight wasitline back! It's been a bit less protrusive (is that a word?) because I have been stabilizing my weight and not gaining lately. Hanging at 174 - 175. I have some pretty good leg definition and I even saw the big ol' vein in my bicep sticking out yesterday, so I feel I am at a pretty good starting point for the diet.
I feel bad, though, when the guy that I train with sometimes borrows my belt and is able to wear it on the same hole as me... and he isn't skinny by any means. ok, so I'll say all of the thickness is in my lower back.... yeah, that's it...

I am excited to be working with my new contest "prepper". I will announce who I am working with once things get rolling. Just believe that he is someone with experience and I have seen some of his work, and I have major faith that he will be able to bring me in spot on.

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