Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last night was squat night. ~ didn't really feel like squatting, however I wasn't in the mood to do anything, so whether it be squatting or staying home and reading a novel - I think it was just a good ol' fashioned bored kind of mood. It was a nondescript kind of day that led up to training. GW was kind of in the same mood. We both rolled our eyes at the bar looming in the racks, before we said, "Let's get to it. "
I have explained before - squatting is difficult for me these days. The pain in my legs makes for a tortuous feeling. My form last night was probably spot on, better than most days, but the painful feeling of my outer quads about to pop and rip open curtailed any extra momentum that I had. I was also aware of a crookednes in my alignment ( time for an adjustment), but I'm so used to that -
315 x 8, and 365 x 2 (no wraps)...I HAD to stop before failure, which is quite different than wanting to stop before failure ( my usual cop out ). I had a very difficult time getting to sleep last night because it felt like someone had swung a sledgehammer and made a tremendously hard hit against both of my outer quads, especially the left one. I think the rest of my legs are sore today, too, but it is hard to get past the compartmentalization pain.
I actually used alot of inner thigh to power up last night. Usually I let the glutes take over, but because the size of my butt is so prevalent (!) I'm really trying to curtail that. I was very in control of things last night, technique wise, but the f***ing pain makes it a miserable experience.

What about the Iris Kyle dilemma at the Miss International... what message is it that the judges are sending to us? "No bumps!!! ? It takes away from the aesthetics?" Other things like ugly distracting tattos are ok, but no bumps... ??? Friggin' unsightly ripples in your breast augmentation is ok, but no bumps?
Or is it a message about using AAS... well, if that's the case, there are far more obvious signs of usage then bumps -Hello! Iris should have either won that show, or been placed where she deserved (as I wasn't there I don't know exactly where she should have placed, but she was in the first round of comparison callouts!)), or been given last place. Do we really understand 7th??? Can they logically explain 7th?
Always double standards...and the judges never speak up to account for anything, not this, not the scoring from contest to contest. Ever notice that "the scoresheet" is always a compiled scoresheet - has anyone ever seen a collection of individual scoresheets from the judges from any bodybuilding show - women OR men? Hmmmm????


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