Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Where is Kate????

OK- the longer I put this off the harder it gets...so here is my announcement. I've wrestled with this on and off for quite some time, but the past few weeks I just had to come to grips with this -

I am NOT doing the Masters Nationals this year. There are, in reality, several reasons, but let's just go with the most important one - my heart wasn't into it. My heart is on the lifting platform. I spent the last year focusing primarily on bodybuilding. I went 4 1/2 weeks into official contest prep mode, lost 17 pounds, ordered my suits, picked a song to pose to - but it just wasn't happening deep in my soul....
I made the final decision a week ago, but thought that I would be probably be changing my mind, (again) or at least feel regretful in some way. But no- I feel less so much less burdended. I feel I made the absolute right decision. I feel very HAPPY, almost ecstatic I made this decision. It is like finding an old friend you have missed for awhile because you had to go away. Powerlifting is a whole different mind set than bodybuilding. One I am more mentally suited for, and more physically suited for, indeed.

I do have some ground to make up for from following a different plan over the past year, but I'll get it back - I guarantee you. I am not considering this a waste of time. I have learned many things over the past year, mentally as well as physicaly. There have been some lows, but my spirit prevails and I squeeze out what I can to take a lesson out of everything to continue on to better things. Of course there were some highs, too!

I still have some whittling back down in size to do because of the Compartment Syndrome in my legs - it has lessened to a certain degree now that I weigh 160. The searing pain is gone, but as last night's squatting proved - there is still a major tightness, very uncomfortable, still soreness,running along my outer thighs. You may see me back in the 148's next year. Whatever the case - you will see me on the platform. And I believe I know when the next time will be already ----but I'll wait a few more weeks before announcing that.

Delaware Power Classic is this coming Saturday - I am so psyched up! It is going to be another great event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic group of people coming together to lift, to help spot/load, judge, everything looks just right for a good day at The Training Center to heave around some iron. Or, as my son Slater puts it, picking up heavy random bars with big circles on the end.

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