Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sleepless in Delaware

No, I haven't been updating my journal much - there just hasn't been much training going on here.
I took this week off as a de-load week, and I have been suffering through insomnia this week. I swear I'd rather have the flu. I suffer through this horrible plague off and on, it's been an ongoing curse throughout all my life.
But I am hopeful to be able to start elaborating on my training once again next week.
The bodybuilding workouts weren't all that much fun to pick apart and talk about. It seems I have not had a good powerful training session in months -

My powerlifting meet, the APA Delaware Power Classic went off in style last weekend. There were about 25 lifters, all with high spirits and energy and great lifting! The crew that helped me out were invaluable - priceless - golden! And of course the crew at The Training Center - my eternal gratitude.
Again, I was blessed. I also have to thank my sponsors - APT Prowriststraps, Species Nutrition, At Large Nutrition, and House of Pain. I believe everyone had a blast - I sure did!


Anonymous said...

long time no are you Kate?

Kate Baird said...

JC - read my journal, you'll find out how I am! :)
Miss you - don't be a stranger.