Saturday, May 24, 2008

Back in the Zone

Today is the day I have been yearning now for a long, long, looong time - I am back in "the zone"...for powerlifting.
It's not as simple as saying, ok - I'm no longer the bodybuilder I'll be a powerlifter.
I spent a year concentrating on bb, then I had 4 weeks + of contest prep - losing 17 pounds...yes, too much in such a short period of time. I had to let my body recoup. And to top that off, all the friggin' typical daily stress has been compounded lately. Without detail, being a Realtor is harder than normal these days for sooo many reasons. I also produced the power meet, even though I love doing that, there were stress factors there - certain unecessary hurdles but I did happen to jump overall. Then the worst part - I had a severe bout of insomnia for almost three weeks. I've slept for three nights in a row now without "aid", and I gather it will take a couple of more nights before I feel "corrected" again. Nothing is worse than sleep deprivation, and unfortunaately I have suffered way too much of it during the course of my life. It is debilitating.

I did deadlift the other night, and it went well, nothing to complain about. I was still hanging at 159 - 160
lbs. weight wise, and pulled a 315 for 10. Not my absolute best, but that WILL come back and more.
Today was squats - and I was in the zone. My strength was good, though my technique was/is a little rusty, or maybe I should say my steadiness under the bar is a little off. My depth is hitting better than ever. I did 315 x 7 and 335 x4 twice...still not getting the last rep in, as I typically don't, but I'm ok with that. And I have a great workout partner - GW - he keeps me motivated and he also lets me gloat or rant when I need to...Thanks, George!
The BEST news is: NO LEG PAIN TODAY!!!! I'm determined to stay around 160 for my high-end weight forevermore. I can't perform when i am bigger, and it hurts to boot. Besides, I don't feel comfortable bigger. I'm still eating relatively clean, and am still quite lean. I like this look and how I feel physically.

That's it in a nutshell - will be more detailed as time goes on. So good to be back in the swing of things... I just adore hoisting big iron around, really, I do.


Anonymous said...

alright! the goddess of power is back!

Kate Baird said...

Thanks dude -
I'M TRYING!!!!!!