Monday, June 16, 2008

Rabies in the House

Y'unz need some pictures for some visual color...BUT - I don't have any. I think I've gotten over the ham stage of my life...sorry. I'm in my camera shy phase...giggle...

Saturday was the Delaware Special Olympics. I was one of the judges for the Powerlifting. There were 13 lifters total, and they were all awesome! You could tell how hard they have all worked, and how much heart they put into it. What a special day for them (and me!).

So Sunday was squat day. I'm still not sleeping as well as I should be, but I did get enough sleep to be able to feel like myself again on Sunday morning. This is the first day since...since I have no friggin idea, really, that I can say that Kate is back. Still getting used to being under the bar, but I was in full come back mode. I was a rabid dog.

I did a set with 320, for 8, I think. Then I had 370, did one and it wasn't quite right, for whatever reason it felt oh, so wrong. I wondered briefly if I had imagined ever having pushed this weight - it was just so wrong. So I sucked it up with 370 again, and did 3 very,very good reps. I wish I had tried for a 4th, but 3 was fine for this day. Used the wraps for the 370's, and then no wraps for 320 for 7.
Then we did 2 sets of Good Mornings! I used to do these all of the time. I think we should start incorporating this movement more frequently into our routine.
3 sets of leg curls - last one drop set.
3 sets leg extensions second set added human tension on the last rep down, and for the last set a drop set.
3 sets each hack calves, and seated calves.

I finally got that "hips forward swing" thing into my squats on the way up.
I weighed all of about 158 on Sunday. I definitely feel best when I'm in the 160 range., not the 175 range. I feel better, so in my mind, I perform better.
Next week GW and I are journeying up to the Training Center to train legs with McFly and Big plan is to make those boys cry....stay tuned for that one!

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