Monday, June 23, 2008

Quad Killers

GW and I drove up to The Training Center to train legs with a few of the guys there. What a crew! Me, GW, Big Al Fortney, Andy Sedar, BJ, Tommy Wooster, Eric ?, Will Patrick and Carrie Simmons.
If we could train with that atmosphere hanging over us all of the time we'd be big ol' monsters!
Unfortunately... GW got a leg cramp and had to stop training quads after a few sets of leg presses. My fucking (I reserve my cursing for when I really need it) leg pain issue has returned!
It was slightly noticable when squatting last week, but yesterday, during set 3 of leg presses - I had to stop. This time I'm going to try continuous and aggressive massage therapy and stretching - I really do not want to get smaller, as I still believe that if I got smaller I can alleviate most of the problem, if not all of it...but even that may not be a guarantee - I like this size, a perfect and comfortable size for me. We'll see how it pans out. It is so fucking frustrating. I couldn't do the squat machine, and I was dying to try that.
I was able to do the leg presses with legs together and placed way down low on the carriage. That hits the bottom portion of the legs, mostly the medialis. It is the outer portion of my quad that has the pain. We also did 3 sets each of leg extensions they call them 10 10 2 20's -
you do 10 reps with a "teaser" weight, then increase the weight and do 10 more hard reps, then drop to a HEAVY weight for 2 reps with a 2 second static hold, and then a light weight for 20...and you are then very glad that you have a somewhat large crew training with you so you can rest up before making those quads scream again.
I was able to do my hamstrings ok, did two movements for them today - kneeling curls and seated curls, and some calves, and I did my hip flexor knee squats...I really like that for it very much simulates the exact hip thrust you should be using in a good squat, and a deadlift.

Yes, that was a good time.


Anonymous said...

When do I get to experience some of this power? VK

Anonymous said...

Been waiting on that for a while now.. VK

JC said...

hey kate, sounds like an incredible work out!

Kate Baird said...

VK - gee...let me gues...

JC - you know it was!