Saturday, November 29, 2008


Words of advice - never, never under any circumstance get a toothache on a holiday weekend...
I'm still a miserable f*** This hit Wendnesday evening, no dentists open until Monday. Mine won't even be back until Tuesday. Why can't they all just get together in localized areas and appoint one dentist to be on call on certain days and weekends....geeeezzzz..
Anyhooo - Eating on Thanksgiving was indeed problematic . Of course I'd chew on the opposite side, but every now and then on the sore side I'd hit tooth against tooth, and pow! There would come the throbbing again. Worked the pain to my advantage however, on Friday. I stopped in at The Training Center to do back and biceps. I was so consumed with pain in the mouth that the pain in training my back was going to be cake. I have always been wary of overloading too high on barbell rows, but as I was in that particular pain induced zone already, I thought what the heck, slap that 300 on the bar. I did 8. HAH! 2 sets. ANd I had to do dumbell rows only because TTC has those dumbells up to 190's. :) :) :)
I still have alittle problem with the teres major with movements where I have to pull down, so obviously pulldowns were a no go.
Hammer Curls with 70's and cable concentration curls.

High School reunion on Friday evening! I forgot how truly wild and crazy I was in high school until we all started reminiscing...HAH! No, I'm not sharing !!! LOL... I do believe I am a whole lot more innocent these days than I was back in those days... LOL!

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