Thursday, February 05, 2009

Power Goddess has returned

I don't know exactly what is going on, but what is going on is good, very good!

I still have major head congestion, and the rib is still sore, but Power Goddess has returned in spite of all that and she is hankerin' to move some weight around.

Tuesday night, bench night. I had relegated myself to the fact that it might be a night of very poor performance, but YIKES!!!! I finally pushed out my dozen reps with 230 - all paused of course!! The 280 x 4, and then the picture perfect 300. I contemplated hitting a second rep on that 300, but racked it instead. The first one was so pretty and perfect I didn't want to ruin the memory of it. Who the heck cares what else we did - the benching was orgasmic and that's all I want to remember!

Tonight - deadlifts. The congestion was really muddling me up, but I pulled pretty darned well.

410 x 3. And on a bar with absolutely no knurling left on it to boot. I thought we would have a video but I had the darned video camera set on still camera mode. So here is the pic of rep #1 -

(nice face). By the way, in case any one wonders, I deadlift conventional style. Again, who cares what else we did - the deadlifting was all that mattered!

I am quite positive that all of the therapy I have been doing for my legs and hips and the magnetic therapy is what is bringing Power Goddess back around. Everything feels loose and RECOVERED.
I was down to 182 lbs. today,but that gives me good feeling about being able to compete in the 181 class without much effort to make weight!...
Hmmmm...does that statement mean what you think it does??? Stay tuned!

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