Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shaved -

Rule #1 -
NEVER purchase razors from the dollar store.They will tear you up, for certain! I should have just forked over the skin off of my legs instead of the dollar when I bought them. It looked like there was a murder in my shower this morning. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

Today's leg day was perfect. Nothing of great significance to note, but the training was good, hard and effective, from thigh, to hamstring, to calf. I was pleased the with full look of my thighs and calves when we were finished.

Tuesday was a great chest night. Started with my new base - 250 x 8. Popped up 280 x 5, and 300 x 2. favorite part - a 425 static hold for 14 seconds. Think - BIG bench , BIGGER bench, BIGGEST bench. :)

Came in a little disinterested on Thursday, but knew we HAD to deadlift. Set #1 - yanked on 320 for 12....needless to say that pretty much took care of set #2 or any more after that. I was totally wiped out after that. I am still NOT a rep oriented kind of gal.

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