Wednesday, April 15, 2009

13 and a half -

13 and a half weeks to go. Time to start posting progress pictures. Here I am in my skivvies. I weighed in at 172 even yesterday morning. And yes, I know that my gluteus
are, well, quite large. Or is that gluteuses???
I have really been concentrating on NOT bringing my gluteus medius into leg movements, but it is still growing...that is for sure.

My knee is holding up well! My IT band has not been noticeable all week!! What do I complain about today???? lol - NOTHING!!!! Well, I can whine about how my strength is plummeting, because of the diet, but the diet is actually going quite well. I am not hungry at any given time of the day. In fact, I still have trouble eating all that I am required to eat. Lord knows how I was able to compete in a full power meet 6 weeks out from the 2006 Nationals. That was nuts. How did I do that, I wonder... how did my strength hold up? What was I running on back then - I want some of that back - lol....
It had been a few weeks since I had a really good leg session, but Saturday left my legs screaming and very sore for several days. Aaaaahhhh... I am so tempted to run under the freaking squat bar because my legs feel so good, but I must hold back, I must resist temptation.
I have alot going on in my life right now - good things. I am happy.


Anonymous said...

13 weeks is a long time, You'll look amazing right now....just keep the updates coming.


Unknown said...

Hi Katie!!

I just wanted to say hello and it was such a pleasure meeting you, competing along side of you too!! What an honor for me!!!

I hope you are eating something very yummy right now. I have been on a little binge for three days LOL ~

Please take care and no more injuries! :) Hope to see you next year hon!

Hugs & Peace ~
Catarina Wyatt